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  1. Mainly sounds like they're taking out the unflattering depictions of indigenous people, which was inevitable. They also took the bride auction scene out of Pirates of the Caribbean during the height of the #MeToo movement a couple of years back.
  2. The monster action looks wild, at least. Hopefully the human parts won't be "fast forward button to the good stuff" worthy.
  3. Top 10 chart: 1.) The Marksman (Open) 2,018 theaters (+43)/3-day: $2.03M (-35%)/Total: $6.09M/Wk 2 2.) Croods: A New Age (Uni) 1,876 theaters (+21), 3-day: $1.82M (-9%)/Total: $41.8M/Wk 9 3.) Wonder Woman 1984 (WB) 2,013 theaters (-87)/$1.6M (-38%)/Total: $37.7M/Wk 5 4.) Monster Hunter (Sony) 1,661 theaters (-33) 3-day: $820K (-25%)/Total $10.1M/Wk 6 5.) News of the World (Uni) 1,874 theaters (-79), 3-day: $810 (-19%)/Total: $9.6M/Wk 5 6.) Fatale (Lionsgate) 1,130 theaters (-45), 3-day: $415K (-12%)/Total: $5.2M/Wk 6 7.) Promising Young Woman (Focus) 1,236 theaters (-97), 3-day: $400K (-10%)/ Total: $3.97M/Wk 5 8.) Our Friend (Gravitas) 543 theaters/3-day: $250K/Wk 1 9.) The War With Grandpa (101) 507 theaters (+85), 3-day: $164K (+1%)/Total: $19.4M/Wk 16 10.) Pinocchio (RSA) 602 screens (-58) 3-day $122,6K (-22%)/Total: $1.5M/Wk 5 ‘The Marksman’ Holds No. 1 At Box Office As Studios Pull Q1 Movies – Deadline
  4. Well, she has played the character in 4 movies in less than 5 years now. The quality of the movies themselves vary but still. The MCU has become so big at this point that none of the movies can exist in a vacuum anymore. The reason the trilogy franchise has seemed to become a thing of the past is because everyone's been trying to create their own universe to little success (the DCEU appears to have moved away after trying to take a short cut to success didn't work out and Universal's Dark Universe collapsed after one bomb - even Disney's attempts at milking every last ounce out of Star Wars at the multiplex ended when a movie nobody ever asked for flopped). Potential comeback for this decade, maybe.
  5. It'll be cut short by the regular home releases/rentals coming out in a few weeks and direct competition from Tom & Jerry but this has definitely become the true box office winner of the pandemic era. They'll probably end up making a third one under the assumption that this would've made triple (or more) the total it's headed for in normal times.
  6. FWIW in other entertainment news musicians are starting to cancel their 2021 tours (which of course were originally going to be in 2020) so it's not just the movie industry that's trying to navigate the uncharted waters of the pandemic era. Halsey Cancels Postponed Tour, Says 'I Wish Things Were Different' - Variety
  7. Even so, studios won't take the chance of spending money to market their big blockbusters until the results actually show signs of major improvement (and there's a set date as to when NY/LA theaters will be opening again). And if that happens by early May, it won't be enough time to promote a movie to be released that month (even if said movie was one that was right about to come out before the world collapsed like A Quiet Place was). 4th of July weekend sounds about right for the first tentpole back, optimistically speaking.
  8. We've been hitting 4,000+ daily deaths in recent weeks. As long as the case numbers are that high (and keep going higher) and not going down dramatically, one can't blame studios for getting cold feet about the movie marketplace these next few months.
  9. This. With the big movie states still shut down with no concrete date for reopening there's no hope trying to mount an expensive marketing campaign for anything. Makes sense that the only movies coming out the next two months are ones that have already announced to be doing hybrid releases.
  10. Everything they moved today was supposed to be released in March or April (except simultaneous theater/streaming releases Nomadland and Raya). They're gonna wait another month or two before making any final decisions about what to do with their summer titles.
  11. Delayed yet again, this time to August 20, 2021. Disney Pushes Release Dates For ‘The King’s Man’, ‘Bob’s Burgers’ & ‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ – Deadline
  12. Raya is a simultaneous Disney+ Premier Access title for early March so its box office run has already been written off. Said in the No Time to Die thread that everyone is just taking the "better safe than sorry" route at this point by going as far into the future as they can since it's impossible to market a movie in the current climate of states closed and high daily numbers for cases/deaths so depending on how things are looking by the time April/May get here we might see movies get pushed up if things start to show major signs of improvement.
  13. This always looked like it was a better fit for January than it was for prime summer or fall dates so this new date suits it well. Expect they'll eventually move it up a week for the 4-day holiday weekend.
  14. At this point everyone is taking the "better safe than sorry" approach and hoping that things will have greatly improved by the fall (and can move up if it happens sooner). After this and the Sony delays yesterday Universal will likely announce new dates for Fast 9 and Minions today. Expect Paramount to announce a new date for A Quiet Place as well.
  15. Unless it pivots to a simultaneous home release, Top Gun 2 will likely end up moving to Mission: Impossible's November 19 date (while that heads off 2022) so there likely won't be any spy franchise overlap.
  16. Same date as Morbius so wonder where that's moving to now. That and Venom 2 are the only movies that weren't pushed back in the Sony delay onslaught just now I think.
  17. Moves to April 2. ‘No Time To Die’ Moves To October; Universal To Open ‘Nobody’ Over Easter – Deadline
  18. Well, the spring box office is pretty much gone two years in a row now outside of movies that will be doing simultaneous releases. I'm guessing Wright was adamant this get a theatrical release first over a "theaters for a few weeks followed by PVOD" run.
  19. And now April is starting to fall apart. It probably won't be until early March until we start seeing May release date delays depending on how things look by then.
  20. This feud will last about as long as Soderbergh's "retirement" did if not less. He'll be back with them after making his next movie elsewhere (hopefully his next movie will also see him returning to making something like Memento or The Prestige again).
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