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  1. Last weekend was also Easter weekend which likely inflated the numbers a bit so all things considered this drop doesn't seem so bad.
  2. Also both Prince Philip and DMX passing away today is rough. RIP to both. 2021 is already making me exhausted between losing so many people and all of the career fallouts and it's only April 9.
  3. Peter Rabbit just moved to June 18 so that solves one problem heh. Although Peter Rabbit is now going up against the now D+-bound Luca so we'll see if that works out for them.
  4. Yeah, July 2 was right between Fast 9 and Black Widow. No way were they staying there, even for the possible 4th of July boost.
  5. Lots of new dates from Paramount: 'Top Gun: Maverick,' 'Mission: Impossible 7' and More Delayed - Variety
  6. So Eternals, Ghostbusters, and this over the course of three weeks. Maybe Sony will send Ghostbusters to 2022 since Halloween is packed and that way the pay TV rights for it will be with Netflix.
  7. Hotel Transylvania 4 moved up to July. Packed month for family fare now between that, Peter Rabbit 2, Space Jam 2, and Jungle Cruise over the span of 5 weeks, unless they know an announcement that one of the others is either moving or shifting release plans is imminent.
  8. McDormand has never been big on the campaign spotlight compared to others tbh. She's just such an amazing talent that her work speaks for itself, and really only shows up at these awards shows to support her colleagues and their work.
  9. I mean, he still called HBO Max "the worst streaming service" and is apparently looking to make his next movie at another studio (lmao sure) but he was likely just salty Tenet (which was clearly the wrong movie for the industry to place their bets on being their One True Savior in the first place) tanked.
  10. April is gonna be a wasteland outside of GVK and Mortal Kombat. Almost surprised they aren't making the one week Scott Pilgrim vs. the World re-release at the end of the month a fully wide release as opposed to the AMC Dolby Cinema exclusive it is.
  11. None of the properties Hollywood attempted making the next Twilight or Hunger Games (both of which also managed to appeal to audiences that never read the books) ever had the buzz or fan bases as those titles did even on the page, and while some managed to catch some attention like The Maze Runner (which were cheap enough that they didn't need to make massive amounts of money to be profitable) and, at least initially, Divergent (whose last movie flopped so badly that the story was left unfinished - and, according to an interview with her, nearly drove Woodley to quit acting until Big Little Lies came along), the rest were all certified flops, and so studios gave up.
  12. Marcia Gay Harden in Pollock, 20 years ago.
  13. Not really, SAG loves movies that are super duper ensemble-y. American Hustle and Hidden Figures are recent winners that went home empty-handed on Oscar night. The individual winners from last night are likely going to match up at the Oscars at this point. The four acting categories all going to POC feels fitting in a year where stories of racist violence have been everywhere in the news.
  14. This is currently sandwiched between Venom 2 and Bond so there is a 0% chance of it staying where it is. Wouldn't be at all surprised if it ends up going to 2022 and that way it gets out of the HBO Max deal.
  15. I don't know whether to laugh or sigh at the fact they gave the individual awards to non-Caucasians only for arguably the whitest movie up for the award to take Ensemble. The Actor categories are locked in now although they've felt that way for a while. SAG clearly loves Davis based on history and it would be odd for Ma Rainey to win double acting awards without a Best Picture nom, but she would be making history as the first black actress to win two Oscars if she did (and she would certainly be deserving of the title given what an undeniable talent she is).
  16. Winners: Ensemble: Chicago 7 Actor: Boseman Actress: Davis Supporting Actor: Kalyuua Supporting Actress: Yuh-Jung SAG Awards 2021 Winners List - Variety
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