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  1. There's also gonna be theme park-related announcements, which have me almost as excited as the film stuff heh.
  2. This actually wrapped shooting in May 2017. I wouldn't expect much.
  3. I imagine they're waiting until the next D23 for Beauty and the Beast stuff since 2021 is the original movie's 30th anniversary. Like you know around the holidays that year ABC's gonna carve out a three night block with the animated movie the first night, the live-action remake on the second, and a live musical on the third.
  4. Horror/comedy hybrids have historically always struggled at the box office unless they are full-on comedies ala Ghostbusters or Zombieland. Not sure why anyone would've expected this to buck the trend, especially coming from a studio (Fox Searchlight, both before Disney and after Disney) that doesn't specialize in this kind of movie. Looking forward to it though! Seems like a blast.
  5. There will definitely be some surprise announcements. Wouldn't be D23 if there weren't some Disney bombshells being dropped. Excited for them though!
  6. He needs another Dan in Real Life/Crazy Stupid Love kind of project tbh. Feels like ever since his Oscar nom for Foxcatcher he's been trying to solidify himself as a Very Serious Prestige Actor and it hasn't really worked out.
  7. Must be the day for trailers for buzzy new shows. Definitely looks like this will be competing in the Drama categories.
  8. @Avatree It's Ryan Murphy in campy mode. Gotta just go with the flow.
  9. This looks like the most Ryan Murphy thing ever lmfao. I (and @captainwondyful) will definitely watch though. Also had no idea Gwyneth was playing Ben Platt's mom on this. Time flies.
  10. Blinded by the Light is the latest Sundance acquisition that failed to take off. Still surprises me that studios are willing to spend so much on movies there that aren't obvious potential awards contenders but I guess it's all about claiming streaming rights these days.
  11. With summer coming to a close Saturdays are starting to go back to seeing normal increases as weekday business shrinks.
  12. Replicas and The Sun is Also a Star are the only 2,000+ theater releases to have a worse opening this year. Poor Cate.
  13. Tarantino did that a decade ago and there was zero outrage whatsoever. In fact, his movie ended up quite celebrated. Also, Universal was planning on pulling The Hunt well before Trump tweeted about it according to recent articles. They were taking down the posters for it on their lot the day after those shootings.
  14. People who are pro-Hitler/Nazis (the fact there are such people who actually exist is horrifying enough) don't seem like the kind of people who watch movies at all anyway.
  15. I saw Good Boys today in a theater that was actually mostly full and the audience was completely into it (lots of laughter during the funniest bits, etc.). I can see it holding onto the #1 spot until IT Chapter Two opens.
  16. A The Farewell A- Avengers: Endgame Booksmart Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood Toy Story 4 B+ Gloria Bell Good Boys How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Long Shot Rocketman Spider-Man: Far From Home B Aladdin Captain Marvel Isn't It Romantic  The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part Ma Midsommar Shazam! Triple Frontier Us B- Crawl Dumbo Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Five Feet Apart What Men Want Yesterday C+ Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile Glass The Lion King The Upside C Escape Room  Godzilla: King of the Monsters C- Dark Phoenix Little Velvet Buzzsaw D+ Men in Black: International D Serenity
  17. An often hilarious comedy in the Superbad vein that's also very sweet despite the vulgarity on display. Most of the biggest laughs come from the naïve nature of the protagonists, but it also has accurate observations about childhood friendships and how the world seems different when viewed through the eyes of adolescence. Great performances from its main trio: Jacob Tremblay adds another very solid performance while Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon are revelations, and I completely bought the friendship between these three. This would make for a very fitting double feature with Booksmart (both movies even feature Molly Gordon in a supporting role), 2019's other highly enjoyable update on Superbad that also stands among the better comedies in recent years. B+
  18. WB also just picked up a Springsteen documentary so they're probably just happy to be in business with The Boss. As for Tremblay, I wouldn't worry. Hollywood Reporter just released a thing covering 30 actors under 18 currently making names for themselves in the industry ( https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/young-hollywood-2019-top-30-stars-under-age-18-1231169 ) and he sounds like he's interested in sticking around and eventually branching out into other areas (writing, directing, etc.) when he gets older.
  19. 5 new releases plus it dropped most of the theaters where it wasn't making much to begin with. Shouldn't come as a shock to anyone it's playing much better in metropolitan areas than it is everywhere else.
  20. I have to imagine this whole Bruce Lee controversy among other things has only boosted interest. Not surprised it's holding on so well when it's generating so much discussion (which will also be key in it sticking around as a major awards player).
  21. Good Boys should leg it out to $65-70M. Nice to see a summer that seemed to have more flops/disappointments than usual coming to a close with a mini-surprise. Otherwise, oof. 47 Meters Down 2 did alright but Angry Birds 2 is the latest animated sequel implosion (seems to be tough to be an animated sequel unless you're Disney) while Blinded by the Light (unfortunately) and Bernadette are the blips they were expected to be. Holdovers looking at acceptable drops for the most part. With two barren weeks (including a 4-day holiday) coming up we're bound to see some really nice holds.
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