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  1. When will box office mojo update the Godzilla numbers? It has been stuck in 507 since like three weeks ago.
  2. How much is Godzilla expected to earn in its run? $30-$40 million?
  3. Either that or the other two films barely dropped. Let's just hope Godzilla does better in the weekend.
  4. Is that a good number for Godzilla?
  5. The 90s Godzilla films actually had decent attendance (they averaged around 3-4 admissions per film). It was after the 98 Godzilla that the japanese godzilla films started to fail at the box office especially Final Wars.
  6. Any estimates of how much Godzilla is going to gross?
  7. I live in Puerto Rico and seeing the amount of people that are going to watch this film here, that's going to take a while.
  8. Goodbye Maleficent and Godzilla, TF4 is going to destroy every movie in its path.
  9. The Star Wars prequels are enjoyable films. I prefer Star Trek:Into Darkness over Star Trek(2009).
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