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  1. 2nd trend has Bohemian Rhapsody even higher at 325k (-19%) and A Simple Favor at 150k. All of the other films stay the same.
  2. miketheavenger

    Weekend Thread ~ The Grinch 67m+ per DHD

    except Nutcracker
  3. 3rd trend is almost exactly the same as the 2nd trend except for Halloween, which is now even higher at 260k.
  4. It's obviously still way too early to really tell how BoRhap's legs are going to be, but after these first numbers @WrathOfHan's Club doesn't seem quite as crazy anymore. Still don't think it's going to happen, but if it does, this will have to be one of the best calls anybody has made on this forum in a while.
  5. Even if Halloween falls just short of the October record, this is still an incredible opening for an R-rated slasher film. This month is on fire, but we'll see how November and December will hold up. Last year those two months were huge.
  6. The 2nd trend has almost no changes except Der Vorname and ASIB a little higher.
  7. Looks like Halloween is going to have the massive opening that we expected for the past few weeks/months. Even though this movie obviously has a unique set of circumstances going for it, this is still yet another horror film crushing it at the box office. IMO Horror and CBMs are easily the most profitable genres right now.
  8. 3rd trend has a few changes: #1: Venom: 210k #2: Incredibles 2: 190k #3: ASIB: 115k #4: Klassentreffen: 90k #5: Smallfoot: 90k #6: Ballon: 75k
  9. Just got back from Venom and I have to agree with the majority here that it was quite fun. Not a great movie, but entertaining enough that I'm looking forward to a sequel. Happy to see it doing so well, though I imagine Sony is gonna learn all the wrong lessons from this (making too many other villain-based films, possibly throwing Venom in as many of those as possible). Just make Venom 2 first and then look for some other potential movies.
  10. I wonder if Sony's other Marvel movies will also be successes, if they will actually not renew the deal with Disney once the current contract is up. I don't think that's going to happen and it would be a horrendously stupid move, but this is Sony we're talking about.
  11. It's going to be interesting which of the two films is going to have the higher total gross in the end. My Money is on ASIB, but who knows? If Venom makes 200m+, it could win that fight as well.
  12. 2nd trend has no big changes: #1: Venom: 450k #2: Incredibles 2: 250k #3: ASIB: 150k #4: Klassentreffen: 110k #5: Ballon: 90k
  13. Those are good points. I only thought about the comparatively low budget and didn't factor in the potentially bad reception. It remains to be seen whether audiences will agree with critics on this one, though judging from early reactions it seems like they will.
  14. Considering Venom only cost $100m to make, I'm sure Sony would be happy if it reaches $300m worldwide which should be possible.
  15. Unfortunately, it won't quite pass Frozen. I really wonder btw, if Incredibles 2 couldn't beat Frozen WW, which Animation will? Toy Story 4 I think will decrease from the third because no one was asking for it. Frozen 2 will likely also make less due to the first being such a phenomenon. I guess ultimately it's gonna be another film that no one is gonna see coming like it was the case with Frozen.

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