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  1. With Gemini Man and now this flopping hard, how much longer until Paramount gets bought by another company (hopefully not Disney this time)?
  2. 3rd trend: #1: It 2: 600k #2: Lion King: 155k #3: OuaTiH: 150k #4: Toy Story 4: 105k #5: Good Boys: 95k #6: Angel Has Fallen: 75k
  3. 3rd trend has Hollywood a little lower, but the other movies a bit higher: #1: OuaTiH: 190k #2: Lion King: 125k #3: Good Boys: 102,5k #4: Hobbs & Shaw: 80k #5: Toy Story 4: 80k
  4. I wonder how much of Django's success had to do with Christoph Waltz. He came off his Oscar for Inglourious Basterds and of course won another one for Django. He probably added more interest than some people think. Hollywood should be fine mostly because of Leonardo DiCaprio. Wolf of Wall Street and The Revenant did really well here, so the guy is clearly a big draw.
  5. 3rd trend has the top two a little lower: #1: Lion King: 525k #2: Hobbs & Shaw: 450k incl. previews #3: Leberkäsjunkie: 210k #4: Pets 2: 110k #5: Benjamin Blümchen: 90k
  6. 3rd trend: Lion King: 600k Pets 2: 115k Spider-Man: 100k Yesterday: 55k Die Drei !!!: 45k
  7. 3rd trend is much better for the top movies: #1 Spider-Man: 450k incl. previews #2: Pets 2: 260k (nice increase) #3: Annabelle 3: 120k #4: Aladdin: 57,5k #5: Drei Schritte zu Dir: 55k #6: Traumfabrik: 40k #7: John Wick 3: 25k
  8. I think we can say that since everybody in the industry seemed to think TS4 would open to $140m+, this opening weekend is an underperformance. However, that doesn't mean that the movie is a flop or a disappointment because that $140m is just one random mark that these people set for this movie to be a success for them when in reality opening with $120m will also make it a big success. Do you actually think Disney is gonna be disappointed with this start? Of course, they would've loved for TS4 to crush records, they always want every movie to make as much as it possibly can. But they also
  9. I really like the first two Shrek films, but they can't compare to the majority of Pixar's work or some other Dreamworks films (like HTTYD for example). That being said, IMO Shrek is still quite relevant today and I actually think a great Shrek 5 could do Incredibles 2 numbers with a big nostalgia boost.
  10. I feel like if TS4 really opens to $200m, it has a strong chance of ending up No. 2 for the year domestically because that would lock 600m and make 650m+ very likely. And I'm still not convinced that Lion King, Frozen 2 or Star Wars will be able to get to that mark (Lion King probably will).
  11. 2nd trend: #1: Aladdin: 275k (still excellent) #2: John Wick 3: 185k (it increased from the first trend) #3: Godzilla 2: 150k #4: Rocketman: 145k #5: Pokemon: 105k
  12. That's not saying much considering how atrocious last year was. But yes, it's at least a little positive sign.
  13. 2nd trend now has Aladdin and John Wick at 375k each, so a Little lower than before, but still pretty good. Also Pikachu stays the same and Endgame increases slightly.
  14. So Aladdin is probably going to do Solo numbers for the Weekend, but should have much better legs. At this point I would be surprised if it ends up below 250m DOM.
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