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  1. miketheavenger

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    2nd trend: #1: Der Junge...: 325k (-28%) #2: Aquaman: 150k (-50%) #3: Robin Hood: 130k #4: BR: 100k (-4%)
  2. miketheavenger

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    3rd trend: #1: Der Junge...: 420k #2: Aquaman: 275k #3: Mary Poppins: 200k #4: 100 DInge: 155k #5: The Grinch: 150k #6: Bumblebee: 125k #7/8: Fantastic Beasts 2/Feuerwehrmann Sam 3: 115k #9: Bohemian Rhapsody: 100k #10: Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss: 85k
  3. I may be a bit late on this, but Happy New Year everybody! Hopefully you'll have a great one.
  4. miketheavenger

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    This might even be in the contention for the number 1 movie of the year. It's still way too early to say that for sure, but WOM seems quite positive and these types of films often have great legs.
  5. Pikachu is definitely gonna be a huge hit and it should be absolutely enormous overseas, but domestically, it's not even guaranteed to be in the top five for the year IMO (even though it is likely).
  6. @WrathOfHan and @CoolEric I enjoy reading your predicts, but what about Chaos Walking on March 1? I'm guessing it's gonna move because we haven't seen anything for it yet, but has it been officially moved yet?
  7. No idea if I'm too early or too late for this because of time zones, but Merry Christmas everybody. May you have a great and cherished time with your loved ones, somthing that unfortunately often comes short in our lifestyles nowadays.
  8. miketheavenger

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    2nd trend: Aquaman: 400k Grinch: 310k MPR: 210k 100 Dinge: 160k Bumblebee: 150k FB2: 140k
  9. Don't wanna sound like a douche, but I'm not surprised by Mary Poppins' numbers. I just never really felt the hype. I did think it was gonna do well, but not 300m+ like a lot of people were predicting.
  10. miketheavenger

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    Hopefully, but it's hard to be optimistic right now. There's no Football tournament next year, but we might get another really hot summer. But if that becomes more normal it might not affect cinemas as much anymore.
  11. Thanks @Brainbug. That doesn't make much sense to me, but it doesn't really matter considering this rerelease is making next to nothing.
  12. miketheavenger

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    2nd trend: #1: The Grinch: 300k #2: FB2/100 Dinge: 160k #3: Mortal Engines: 100k (ouch) #4: Bohemian Rhapsody: 75k #5: Tabaluga: 70k #6: Spider-Verse: 60k (lol) So the new openers are basically DOA.
  13. Does anybody whether the numbers for Once Upon a Deadpool will be counted separately or will they be added to Deadpool 2's total? Not that it'll make much of a difference one way or the other, but I'm just curious.
  14. miketheavenger

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    This is the worldwide list: 10. It - Chapter Two:$630M (293/337) 9. Captain Marvel: $650M (250/400) 8. Pets 2: $700M (280/420) 7. Spider-Man: $850M (320/530) 6. Jumanji 3: $866M (361/505) 5. Detective Pikachu: $965M (270/695) 4. Star Wars: Episode IX: $1.06B (515/545) 3. Frozen 2: $1.15B (410/740) 2. The Lion King: $1.6B (655/945) 1. Avengers: Endgame: $2.1B (700/1400) In other words, Disney wins.
  15. miketheavenger

    BO Germany/Austria: HTTYD3 wins weekend

    Amazing for Grinch and good for the other movies, too. November and December will make up at least a little bit for an overall atrocious year at the german box office.

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