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  1. You might not like her - hell I don't care for that type of music but I think most music nowadays is pure shit but you cannot say she has no talent to fall back on - the girl writes her own songs for cripes sake & obviously a huge fan base likes the songs she writes. And is this like when everyone said nobody was going to her concerts & she wound up with the highest grossing tour that year?
  2. Don't forget money - it's always about the money - British actors come cheaper - Toby Stephens admitted it when asked why so many British actors were being hired. And don't act like all American actors are trained in the Method - that is not true but nice of you to call it "garbage" - seems like it didn't hurt Daniel Day-Lewis's acting career one bit - 3 Oscars & 4 Baftas - not too shabby. And theater acting & movie acting are two very different forms of acting - Richard Burton was astounded at how good Liz Taylor was after viewing the dailies while making Cleopatra when it looked to him like she wasn't doing much at all - she had that "it" factor - charisma - whatever you want to call it that jumps out on the screen & she knew that less is more on screen - theater actors are used to big gestures. You just need to look at any list of the best actors & American actors are all over it so stop with the condescension & denigration - it's uncalled for.
  3. LOL - My husband watches that every time it comes on - he just loves it. I like Sam Elliot in his little ponytail😉
  4. This will be fun - great year for me - had my first child in July of '89 & he is probably older than many on this board. Here are some of my faves: Parenthood -probably my fave of that year Say Anything Field of Dreams - still tear up watching this beautiful movie Heathers The 'Burbs - I just love this crazy movie When Harry Met Sally Steel Magnolias Sex, Lies & Videotape - an Indie that everyone was talking about Sea of Love - Al Pacino & Ellen Barkin thriller - word of mouth was great on this one Crimes & Misdemeanors - one of my fave Woody movies Let It Ride - I love this movie & all the crazy gambling characters - Dreyfuss is fantastic The Abyss - watch it all the time - Ed Harris - need I say more? Immediate Family - Glenn Close & Mary Stuart Masterson - I found it touching Drugstore Cowboy - loved Matt Dillon since I was 16 - he is fantastic in this Major League - great baseball comedy
  5. Honestly I really didn't notice in this movie because back then so many people were barefoot & I remember all of us driving around with our feet out the window in the summer but yes my daughter noticed it.
  6. Just go back from the show & I gotta say I loved it!! The whole vibe was fantastic - really captured that era in time - my Dad had that Cadillac but in blue & I can still remember driving around with the windows down & the radio blasting. Leo & Brad were fantastic & Margot was wonderful as Sharon - so sweet & lovable with her wonderful life all ahead of her. Leo had me laughing so much - really loved his performance. Growing up in the 70s we were all fascinated with Helter Skelter - the book & the miniseries & oh how I wish this ending would have been the reality - me & my sister were quite emotional at the ending. An A for me - I hope to see nominations for this.
  7. You do mean "the affair" right? She has never made the huge box office except with Brad because of "the affair" & Maleficent which is Disney - so overrated she is. I guess she is the reason By The Sea was a huge bomb since she wrote it, directed it & starred in it, right?
  8. Oh it's awful but luckily I spent the day in the pool so that was nice - I'm not good in this heat & humidity - I warn everyone - I'm grouchy leave me be😉
  9. How could anyone honestly be disappointed with this number? It's fantastic for this franchise!
  10. It truly was & how much screen time did Godzilla actually have? I want lots of Godzilla if that is the name of the damn movie!
  11. People know what inflation is - it affects their money.
  12. I consider that movie to be an ensemble so I don't consider her the "headliner". The last movie she headlined grossed $20 million so you should be happy that this one will be much more successful than Proud Mary.
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