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  1. How could anyone honestly be disappointed with this number? It's fantastic for this franchise!
  2. It truly was & how much screen time did Godzilla actually have? I want lots of Godzilla if that is the name of the damn movie!
  3. People know what inflation is - it affects their money.
  4. I consider that movie to be an ensemble so I don't consider her the "headliner". The last movie she headlined grossed $20 million so you should be happy that this one will be much more successful than Proud Mary.
  5. Why are you mentioning me? I have nothing to do with this thread - I don't know anything about this movie nor care to see it.
  6. I'm going with Instant Family for the win.
  7. Not Bette Midler.😉 She's a fantastic musical artist & a fantastic actress & she can dance!
  8. Why is it surprising Americans showed up to see this? Americans love Queen - I grew up with them & the guys I hung with knew he was gay & didn't care - it was Freddie - he was phenomenal. Just saw it this afternoon - everyone with me enjoyed it. Rami was fantastic.
  9. Funny how everyone's opinions are different - went with 6 people today & we all loved it. And coming from someone who watched Live Aid as it was happening I was astounded at Rami - just perfection. Glad it was no Star is Born - you couldn't pay me to watch Bradley Cooper - I'll settle for the Judy Garland or Barbara Streisand versions.
  10. Had the 45 - me & my best friend loved that song!
  11. I'm stunned too - I thought it was a fantastic thriller & very true to the book. And such a phenomenal cast - how anybody could be bored by this movie is beyond me.
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