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  1. Actually I would like to know why this movie was made - why couldn't they come up with a new action movie featuring women instead of relying on the same stale TV show /movies? I think many people are too young to realize that Charlie's Angels was a hit on TV strictly because of the beauty of the actresses & plenty of T&A - it's just a fact. And those movies were horrible - so far-fetched I was never able to enjoy them. Nobody asked for this movie so she should be asking herself why she was so clueless as to what the public actually wants to watch.
  2. Pitt was very good in OUATIH - he had great presence - I think that is what you all are talking about. I would like to give some credit to Tarantino - all those actors were outstanding & I believe Quentin brought out the best in them & is also a master at casting. Unlike you guys I couldn't keep my eyes off Leo & his over-the-hill mid-life crisis emotional breakdown - maybe because I am older than most of you & could relate to that aspect - I thought he was truly outstanding & I was surprised at how many times he made me laugh - would love to see him in a comedy along the
  3. So this is all Rebecca Ferguson's fault? What about Ewan McGregor the actual star of the movie? I wouldn't pay to see it because of him. He drove me crazy watching the Fargo series with his abysmal American accent - I thought he was the weakest link in that show plus he doesn't have the greatest box office when he is the lead actor.
  4. You might not like her - hell I don't care for that type of music but I think most music nowadays is pure shit but you cannot say she has no talent to fall back on - the girl writes her own songs for cripes sake & obviously a huge fan base likes the songs she writes. And is this like when everyone said nobody was going to her concerts & she wound up with the highest grossing tour that year?
  5. Don't forget money - it's always about the money - British actors come cheaper - Toby Stephens admitted it when asked why so many British actors were being hired. And don't act like all American actors are trained in the Method - that is not true but nice of you to call it "garbage" - seems like it didn't hurt Daniel Day-Lewis's acting career one bit - 3 Oscars & 4 Baftas - not too shabby. And theater acting & movie acting are two very different forms of acting - Richard Burton was astounded at how good Liz Taylor was after viewing the dailies while making Cleopatra when it looked to
  6. LOL - My husband watches that every time it comes on - he just loves it. I like Sam Elliot in his little ponytail😉
  7. This will be fun - great year for me - had my first child in July of '89 & he is probably older than many on this board. Here are some of my faves: Parenthood -probably my fave of that year Say Anything Field of Dreams - still tear up watching this beautiful movie Heathers The 'Burbs - I just love this crazy movie When Harry Met Sally Steel Magnolias Sex, Lies & Videotape - an Indie that everyone was talking about Sea of Love - Al Pacino & Ellen Barkin thriller - word of mouth was great on this one Crimes & Misdemeanor
  8. Honestly I really didn't notice in this movie because back then so many people were barefoot & I remember all of us driving around with our feet out the window in the summer but yes my daughter noticed it.
  9. Just go back from the show & I gotta say I loved it!! The whole vibe was fantastic - really captured that era in time - my Dad had that Cadillac but in blue & I can still remember driving around with the windows down & the radio blasting. Leo & Brad were fantastic & Margot was wonderful as Sharon - so sweet & lovable with her wonderful life all ahead of her. Leo had me laughing so much - really loved his performance. Growing up in the 70s we were all fascinated with Helter Skelter - the book & the miniseries & oh how I wish this ending would have been the re
  10. You do mean "the affair" right? She has never made the huge box office except with Brad because of "the affair" & Maleficent which is Disney - so overrated she is. I guess she is the reason By The Sea was a huge bomb since she wrote it, directed it & starred in it, right?
  11. Oh it's awful but luckily I spent the day in the pool so that was nice - I'm not good in this heat & humidity - I warn everyone - I'm grouchy leave me be😉
  12. How could anyone honestly be disappointed with this number? It's fantastic for this franchise!
  13. It truly was & how much screen time did Godzilla actually have? I want lots of Godzilla if that is the name of the damn movie!
  14. I consider that movie to be an ensemble so I don't consider her the "headliner". The last movie she headlined grossed $20 million so you should be happy that this one will be much more successful than Proud Mary.
  15. Why are you mentioning me? I have nothing to do with this thread - I don't know anything about this movie nor care to see it.
  16. Not Bette Midler.😉 She's a fantastic musical artist & a fantastic actress & she can dance!
  17. Why is it surprising Americans showed up to see this? Americans love Queen - I grew up with them & the guys I hung with knew he was gay & didn't care - it was Freddie - he was phenomenal. Just saw it this afternoon - everyone with me enjoyed it. Rami was fantastic.
  18. Funny how everyone's opinions are different - went with 6 people today & we all loved it. And coming from someone who watched Live Aid as it was happening I was astounded at Rami - just perfection. Glad it was no Star is Born - you couldn't pay me to watch Bradley Cooper - I'll settle for the Judy Garland or Barbara Streisand versions.
  19. Had the 45 - me & my best friend loved that song!
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