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  1. Ya'll got jokes. Everyone in here agrees people should put personal feelings aside when judging Cruise the actor yet asking a critic to do the same is madness on my part apparently, my bad.
  2. Again disagree, there are plenty of fun movies that are a blast to watch that reviewers blast because of their quality. This is a reversal of that situation, you don't blast the film that's quality because of a an actor involved.
  3. judging a movie based on merit and not personal feelings about the actor involved?
  4. with my referrer outfit on and a numbered scorecard by my side.
  5. Have to disagree, It's no different than being a judge at the Olympics or a referee at the world cup. You put personal feelings aside and judge without biases, that's the job
  6. His blurb make it seem like his problem is cruise and not the movie. Shouldn't review movies professionally if you can't put personal feelings aside
  7. People like this shouldn't be allowed to review movies. Clearly doesn't care about the quality of the movie so much as using his platform to try to bring it down.
  8. someone posted one of the reviews on /r/movies and the mods removed it within 20 minutes. fuck that sub really likes to control what does or doesn't get attention.
  9. and 5/10 from keith Ehrlich LOL https://www.slantmagazine.com/film/review/mission-impossible-fallout. Course first review up on metacritic is mixed/negative.
  10. Anyone know how presales for this compare to say The Mummy or Skyscraper?
  11. HesAPooka

    Mission Impossible: Fallout over 75M OW

    In, with great reviews there is and a big press tour there is plenty of time to get this past 75m.
  12. Not that it's sold a lot but according to that site the Fallout numbers have more than doubled in the last hour since reactions rolled in.
  13. I'm probably going to end up looking silly but based on these reactions and many critics saying it easily tops Rogue Nation I'm thinking 95+ RT score.

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