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  1. I'm not a superhero movie fan so this movie is no way geared towards me but this movie looks so generic for the genre that it should just be called Superhero Origin The Movie
  2. Finally got around to watching this. For me it better than okay but not good enough to call it good on a first time view. That being said I don't think I'd ever watch it again, was depressing as fuck and the payoff wasn't worth sitting through 2 hours of awkward and depression.
  3. He outright avoided any questions about the movie and didn't once say a positive word about it. Baby Drive and Chernobyl and some other really good movies he really pumped up before release and now he's done the same with Maverick a few times.
  4. He's spoken really highly about the movie a few times on twitter now. Every time he does that with a movie it usually ends up being really good.
  5. Trailers spoil the whole plot and people complain. Trailer doesn't spoil the plot and people complain. Never change internet.
  6. Listened to a podcast with Tom Cruise's old stuntman from the 90's and he said that he heard they didn't even bother getting costumes for Cruise's stuntman in Maverick cause Cruise was just going to do everything himself.
  7. Haven't read any of the replies on here so I don't know how others feel but I really enjoyed this. The action sequences were really awesome. There were a few things I could nitpick at but overall it was a really fun theatrical experience.
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