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  1. I've enjoyed all of Berg and Wahlberg's movies together and hope they make more, but what are the odds the studio lets them make another one? If you include this one then their last 3 have been massive money losers.
  2. https://pilotonline.com/news/military/local/article_23811e14-a53a-11e8-a333-73aec78d8ae9.html "Top Gun" sequel filming aboard Norfolk-based aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln
  3. 750ish seems to be where its heading. Maybe more or less depending on China.
  4. HesAPooka

    Monday's Numbers

    you didnt get banned from 4 cruise threads before the movies released for discussing "numbers" lol.
  5. HesAPooka

    Monday's Numbers

    bullshit, you've been banned from every Cruise movie thread for trolling and Fallout was no different. Everything was concerning and disappointment for you about this movie.
  6. If it was a few posts I'd 100% agree, but it's been contant in every Fallout thread for the last year basically. They've been banned from the last 4 Cruise movie threads for trolling lol.
  7. your trolling is disappointing at this point. every post about this movie has been concerning and disappointing for months now. just move on already.
  8. Good opening in France, but was expecting more.
  9. Somehow every time a Tom Cruise movie comes out there's an article that comes out that says it wont make money or it will make very little money when other movies with similar budgets get hailed as hits when they cost the same as make as much, strange.
  10. Rogue Nation grossed 41m in SK. Can Fallout top that?
  11. HesAPooka

    Romania Box Office

    I didn't mean to make it sound like I was putting the city down. I loved it there...except Sunday's lol. I haven't been back since I left and I really miss it
  12. HesAPooka

    Romania Box Office

    Lived in Timisoara for a few years playing soccer for Poli. This was in Early 2000's so maybe it's different now but back then most things would shut down very early on Sunday's leaving very little to do so I'd just go to the cinema.

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