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  1. When I saw Minions, it honestly felt like it could have been a movie-length pilot for a Minions TV show. You know, like the ones that used to kick off the old Disney Afternoon shows.
  2. Please be improved. Please be improved. Please be improved. The premise intrigued me, I don’t want this to be another biopic that I get less interested the more I hear/see about it (looking at you, Tolkien).
  3. Bingo. It would have been textbook Streisand Effect. That’s part of why people remember the Spider-Man teaser with the World Trade Center so much.
  4. If it’s not GWTW (i.e., if the commonly accepted lifetime admissions figure for GWTW is too high) then it would be Star Wars (the first one, aka A New Hope). But that’s a big “if” - we’ll never know for sure. That’s domestic only, though. As far as worldwide, we have no way of adjusting properly or getting all the information, but my gut tells me it’s probably Titanic.
  5. The Phantom Menace did not disappoint me as much as others. I have a friend who was disappointed on first viewing, but I saw it 4 times in the theater and only later did it sink in that it was a mess. The ironic thing is that Episode I may be the best-looking of the prequels. It was shot on film, it used actual sets, and it had the most miniature work of the three.
  6. @I Am, where in the Bay Area did you see it in Dolby Cinema? I saw it at AMC Bay Street 16 and the video/audio both blew me away. The bass shook the seats, I almost wondered if there were D-Box-style rumble things in the seats or something.
  7. I will always remember being in that theater with a bunch of other kids, all crying at Ash’s “death” scene. (My memory may have embellished this, but I’m certain some of us kids were crying.)
  8. We haven’t seen very many mid-sized successes these days, so maybe some people have forgotten what they look like.
  9. With James Gunn back in the fold and the previous statements (pre-firing) about how Gunn was going to help take the MCU further into the cosmic, I sure hope future films get more out-there. And there’s even some space stuff they can take from the X-Men franchise, which Fox was always afraid to use. I’m thinking the Shi’ar, the Starjammers, and all the cool space stuff that was adapted in the 90s cartoon. Even if they don’t use that stuff in the Marvel Studios iteration of X-Men (which they should, all the more to differentiate it), they can seed it into their other movies. (Also, speaking of X-Men, if we don’t get the Savage Land in the MCU I will be very disappointed.)
  10. To me, Thanos is not sympathetic or an “anti-hero.” What he is, though, is a villain who clearly believes himself the hero of his own story and acts it. That is really hard to do well. Think of the MCU’s weaker villains, like Malekith or Ronan, and how easy it is to write this kind of stuff badly. For example, I don’t know if we’re supposed to believe that what he thinks is love for Gamora truly is. We would not consider killing our adopted daughter against her will to be an act of love. People who complain about Gamora’s death say we’re supposed to sympathize with Thanos, but I never get that impression watching the movie. The impression I get is that his ethics are utterly warped, but he at least has them in his own mind.
  11. That is exactly what I would have said, and possibly what was on the mind of the GIF creator. That said, we already know what Michael Bay’s Titanic would look like. It’s called Pearl Harbor.
  12. Yeah, it’s definitely got that 80s “family” film edge to it.
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