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  1. I had never heard that mutation of the original rumor before. The Internet really is one giant game of telephone.
  2. She’s not playing a 10-year-old. She’s supposed to be starting high school. I agree with everything else you said, though.
  3. Are you only referring to IMAX 3D shows? Because I see plenty of IMAX 2D showings at my local IMAX theaters (AMC Metreon and Regal Hacienda Crossings, plus the LieMAX at AMC Bay Street) on Fandango and those are premium-priced too. Do the theaters you mentioned have IMAX 2D showings too? And is there really that much a price difference between IMAX 2D and IMAX 3D? I’m checking and all my local theaters only charge $1 more for IMAX 3D than IMAX 2D. 3D is on the wane in North America, and IMAX specifically said a couple years ago that they were re-emphasizing 2D due to customer and theater feedback. This isn’t incredibly surprising to me (what is surprising is that Endgame had so many IMAX 3D showings in comparison).
  4. Well, Nolan’s right on schedule for another time-and/or-reality-bending movie. Inception was in 2010, and Memento was in 2000.
  5. I don’t have a definitive, numbered list, so I will unfortunately have to pass. I had just wanted to share some of the ones I enjoy.
  6. Ewan did a good job, even if he was handicapped by the directing. SLJ made do with what he had, and I commend him for being allowed/able to play against type even if the result is dull. Christopher Lee as Count Dooku could be the biggest disappointment, IMO. He acts like he’s sleepwalking, a complete 180 from the performance Peter Jackson was able to get out of him as Saruman. This has to be Lucas’ fault, you can’t put it down to age when he had just knocked it out of the park for another director. (Of course, he then proceeded to be just as lethargic as Saruman in the Hobbit movies, but he was older and in poorer health and only a couple years from death so I’ll give it a pass.)
  7. Yes 3000. So glad Disney admitted they made a mistake and hired him back. I am willing to wait as long as it takes for Gunn to deliver GOTG3. Pivoting back to Eternals, my point is that the current appeal of the various characters Marvel has adapted is often (nay, mostly) down to things introduced in the movies themselves. It can be the actor/actress/portrayal of the character. It can be the filmmaker’s idiosyncrasies and what they bring to the movie. It’s never just the source material in and of itself. That’s one of the things Feige and his creative team understand, and that’s why I would trust Marvel Studios to successfully turn lead into gold at this point. They’re on the level of pre-2011 Pixar (fingers crossed there’s not a Cars 2 moment in their future any time soon).
  8. That last part was entirely invented by James Gunn. The thing you consider to make them stand out was introduced in the movie. For a fair comparison, you have to compare Eternals with GOTG’s standing pre-movie. I get your Percy Jackson comparison, I get that they’re not aliens, but as far as pre-movie awareness they are on relatively equal footing.
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