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  1. Yes Just saw it It's the same review twice. Everything is really odd
  2. It´s not the reviewers who add the reviews.. I asked Paul Verhoeven because I was curious.. I asked if his review would be added in rotten.. he said "I hope so!"
  3. Oh my God Well, something that I hate in Cursed Child is Voldemort having a daughter besides that, not that bad I mean, I find Cursed Child bad as a script, but the only twist I hate is that
  4. Here it is 57% ( I´m in Brazil) don´t know if the location means something
  5. Someone who saw the BIG TWIST.. don´t want to know about it, but could someone tell me if it is interisting? Some people love it, others hate...
  6. I can really like this movie.. but I didn´t want David Yates again.. his seventh movie, please! We need another ideas and visions
  7. It seems the guy from Inverse is not in Rotten.. Eric Francisco So I think it´s just one more rotten
  8. Sincerely? While I´m upset because of the reviews, those critics definitely don´t bother me.. It would bother if they were complaining about the climax, the pace, the story.. but being overstuffed is not a bad thing.. I actually like difficult plots.
  9. Yeah, I know.. it´s not probable.. don´t think a big increase will happen just have hope to be low 60s
  10. but I´m pretty sure it won´t happen any incredible increase for Crimes of Grindelwald.. but maybe 62-65%, I still have hope hahaha but I know that there are also big chances to be rotten
  11. I´ve seen it.. of the first 14 reviews, 5 were negative = 65% but indeed at 35 reviews, it was at 83% probably I saw it some seconds before you (that 65%)
  12. Really? For what I remembered, the first time I saw it was like 7 rotten, 13 fresh, something like that but I might be wrong
  13. I remember one : Rogue One With 20 reviews, it was in the 60´s, then it went up and finished with 80+ BUT in that case, the reviews were revealed so fast (like all Star Wars movies), that in a few minutes, we had more 30 reviews and it started to go higher.. there was no panic

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