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  1. This week it did about 77.5% of what FB1 did on its fourth week OS-China If Crimes could somehow make 80% of what the first one did OS -china in the rest of its run, then we could have 500M Don't think it is much probable.. Believe in 485-490M
  2. Don´t think FB1 was the problem. It was very well received (for me, it was a surprise). FB2 opened very well overseas (yes, includind China). But legs are not good, because of the WoM. I also think it could go much higher domestic if it had a better score on rotten tomatoes. Maybe it could do 750M WW if it was well received. But if they don´t change the diretor and hire another writer to help her, this series will be in big trouble. We can´t just say "Oh, if was Rowling´s fault, not Yates".. ok, it can be true, but Yates is a medíocre director, if they want to recover the public attention, they need to do BIG changes.
  3. This weekend, if we exclude China, the movie did almost 80% of the amount FB1 did OS-China. If it does 50% of the amount FB1 did OS-China after its third weekend and nothing more in China, it will do about 460M . I believe it can do at least 480M, and 500M is not impossible if it retains 75-80% from now on
  4. Depp is a dumb, Amber is also a dumb (yes, she did the same Depp did for her with another one). Rowling did nothing to Amber. There are LOTS OF PEOPLE involved with the movies, and we can´t say the movies deserve to flop just because of the presence of Depp and Amber. But yes, Rowling/ Yates didn´t do a very good movie, so we can understand the underperformance. Let´s wait for Aquaman. And I don´t understand why someone hates Depp so much and wishes a flop for the movie, but at the same time praises Batman vs Superman, that has Ben Affleck.
  5. Don´t know if I understood wrong, but it seems that the drop from last Friday is better than FB1 and Justice League. And if the movie behaves as FB1, it will do 13,5M, isn´t it?
  6. I think it will depend on China if it does, let´s say, 200M +, I think it can.. but I´m thinking something like.. 250M dom 350M OS- China China: ?
  7. Well.. 170M US 60M China 420M OS-China 650M maybe? Not bad, but we need changes or the series will be in trouble after FB3
  8. Do you guys think the movie could reach 180M? I think at least 170M it will do, right? But 180M, what do you think?
  9. What do you think FB will do? It could do less than 60M?
  10. Guys, I think the 1,8M is included in the Thursday´s number, 9.1M So, if OD is 27,5M, Friday was 18,4M
  11. Not good as we tought before, but yesterday it looked like it was going to do less than 50M total 65M would be great now
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