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  1. Sorry for the question, probably you already talked about that, but I didn’t read much here when does the embargo lift?
  2. This week it did about 77.5% of what FB1 did on its fourth week OS-China If Crimes could somehow make 80% of what the first one did OS -china in the rest of its run, then we could have 500M Don't think it is much probable.. Believe in 485-490M
  3. Don´t think FB1 was the problem. It was very well received (for me, it was a surprise). FB2 opened very well overseas (yes, includind China). But legs are not good, because of the WoM. I also think it could go much higher domestic if it had a better score on rotten tomatoes. Maybe it could do 750M WW if it was well received. But if they don´t change the diretor and hire another writer to help her, this series will be in big trouble. We can´t just say "Oh, if was Rowling´s fault, not Yates".. ok, it can be true, but Yates is a medíocre director, if they want to recover the public attention, they need to do BIG changes.
  4. This weekend, if we exclude China, the movie did almost 80% of the amount FB1 did OS-China. If it does 50% of the amount FB1 did OS-China after its third weekend and nothing more in China, it will do about 460M . I believe it can do at least 480M, and 500M is not impossible if it retains 75-80% from now on
  5. Depp is a dumb, Amber is also a dumb (yes, she did the same Depp did for her with another one). Rowling did nothing to Amber. There are LOTS OF PEOPLE involved with the movies, and we can´t say the movies deserve to flop just because of the presence of Depp and Amber. But yes, Rowling/ Yates didn´t do a very good movie, so we can understand the underperformance. Let´s wait for Aquaman. And I don´t understand why someone hates Depp so much and wishes a flop for the movie, but at the same time praises Batman vs Superman, that has Ben Affleck.
  6. Don´t know if I understood wrong, but it seems that the drop from last Friday is better than FB1 and Justice League. And if the movie behaves as FB1, it will do 13,5M, isn´t it?
  7. Well.. 170M US 60M China 420M OS-China 650M maybe? Not bad, but we need changes or the series will be in trouble after FB3
  8. Do you guys think the movie could reach 180M? I think at least 170M it will do, right? But 180M, what do you think?
  9. Guys, I think the 1,8M is included in the Thursday´s number, 9.1M So, if OD is 27,5M, Friday was 18,4M
  10. Not good as we tought before, but yesterday it looked like it was going to do less than 50M total 65M would be great now
  11. didn´t see Venom.. but the others for me... SM1 > SM2 > Homecoming > Amazing spider man 2 > Amazing spider man 1 > SM3
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