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  1. I don't love DH1 For me .. 1- PoA 2- DH2 3- GoF 4- HBP 5- CoS 6- SS 7- DH1 8- OotP
  2. I know some of you read the leaks .. Can someone tell me if this film has a big battle in its third act?
  3. I'm not mad at viewer anon because I wanted to read those leaks.. But I'm sure he tought he would make much more noise.. I mean, I'm starting to think Rowling will not even know about that
  4. I don´t like some choices about the plot (especially that thing about Aurelius that I don´t want to spoil)... but it does not seem a bad movie, I think it´s gonna be a good movie
  5. No But if the reactions from the screening were not good, I just had the hope they had more content they didn't include in it, and that maybe this would be a sign the movie could be better than what was screened So, when I knew there was a second screening that had Rio, I had even more hope on that.. but we won't have Rio, so the "second screening" was a lie
  6. That's good I know the reactions were a disaster, but at least it seems better than FB2
  7. Hey Viewer, could you tell me if that is true? It seems reliable to me...
  8. I mean, I still had hope they were showing different content.. And maybe that was a sign the movie would not be thad bad But yeah, it Will You told us people said it was a Crimes of Grindelwald 2.0... oh mine
  9. In fact, some people said there was another screening with Rio, not that first.. But yeah, we won't have Rio and the movie will suck.. All my hopes are now gone
  10. I forgot to use the spoiler tag before, OMG... But now I´ll use it.. the guy on Reddit gave some information about the movie..
  11. Does anyone have any information about Rio de Janeiro? Will we have scenes there?
  12. It seems you have more information about The movie.. you said something about Rio.. so, we really won't have Brazil?
  13. Honestly, I strongly believe this will be the best FB movie .. but I think people will watch the movie prepared to hate it, so the reception won’t be really good
  14. But it´s weird anyone else talked about that screening.. I believe Animagos (the Brazilian account), but it´s possible their source is lying
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