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  1. It´s sad to see how David Heyman seems not to care about that Crimes of Grindelwald killed the interest about the series.. if they not make big changes, it will decrease more and more..
  2. Changes for number 4 Will probably be too late. Sad, really sad.
  3. Call him NOWWW http://www.mugglenet.com/2019/01/alfonso-cuaron-talks-directing-and-why-hed-love-to-do-another-harry-potter-film/
  4. They don´t confirm anything about Yates but I´m sure it´s him
  5. The only thing that is done is the script .. and they have time to change. It's time .. Yates must get out now
  6. Please Warner, make an oficial announcement of the director It´s time
  7. That rumors about Joss Whedon.. he is not awesome but I really wanted it to be true.. This series need another visions. I´m a HUGE Potter fan but I´m really tired of Yates´ vision. If he is confirmed, I´ll loose all my interest about the series, that´s sad =[
  8. Yeah, this series needed that. But Yates will probably be the director for the last 3 movies. That SUCKS
  9. I really hope that Really, to save this franchise, they need a big change
  10. They should do that But it seems Yates has signed for number 3
  11. Why didn't Warner make an official anouncement if Flopates will direct the next one ?
  12. This week it did about 77.5% of what FB1 did on its fourth week OS-China If Crimes could somehow make 80% of what the first one did OS -china in the rest of its run, then we could have 500M Don't think it is much probable.. Believe in 485-490M
  13. Oh, I don´t think they will change anything now.. I´m talking about how things will go after FB3.. really, after that reception, and if they don´t make changes, there is a chance the thrid movie goes really bad (maybe 400s). So, they can´t just ignore everything. The thing here is not "oh, it´s not Yates fault".. that´s not important, Yates is a mediocre director, there are LOTS of other directors that would do something really better. If they don´t change, I don´t know if we´ll see the end of this series

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