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  1. Don't think any IMAX showing has been less than like 90% full. Crazy stuff. I think the film will definitely set IMAX records around the world.
  2. Yes, I was at the one! I was the first one in line and in the theatre too (I'm nuts). It was a fantastic atmosphere, probably my favourite movie-going experience.
  3. None that I know of. I've seen twice now at the Queen St IMAX and reception from the audience was fantastic. There was clapping when the movie started, cheering during the film (which is really rare here), and lots of positive talk (that I could hear) during the credits and after.
  4. Probably because it didn’t catch the older demographic as his other films. And doesn’t have a NZ centric story. Edit: I believe you might not be serious...
  5. 8pm showing at my local Event Cinemas was full. Hopefully a strong hold.
  6. Great that it's doing well. Interesting to see how it holds this well, probably won't be a good as Taika's other films but WoM is strong (well, in my circle). I'm going to go see it again for sure!
  7. Aye, I was at that showing as well. I'm thinking this will hold quite well, especially IMAX, not certain about standard 2D.
  8. Well being on Netflix it allows it to be darker and more serious than the movies or AoS, which suits Daredevil.
  9. Confirmed! Read the last two posts from his tumblr (both creator's posts): http://bryankonietzko.tumblr.com/
  10. Great film, not perfect or as good as the graphic novel but Snyder does a fine job bringing it the screen. A-
  11. Watched the finale..just wow. Sad that the series over but loved it all the way through.
  12. In the last two weeks: GotG 3D, LOTR Trilogy Extended Edition, The Dark Knight Trilogy.
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