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  1. RED SPARROW | 03.02.18 | Fox | Jennifer Lawrence

    Neither these movies were hits because of him, his first test was M7, and he failed. And, no, dude, JLaw is the Taylor Swift of cinema. A powerful and talented woman, that has prestige and respect from people in industry, has a legion of fans, makes tons of money, and owns the industry. Goodbye.
  2. RED SPARROW | 03.02.18 | Fox | Jennifer Lawrence

    Are you fucking stupid? Those comparisons makes NO SENSE. Aronofsky may be popular in internet, but the GP has no idea who the hell he is, plus, his only hit was Black Swan (Noah was a hit because of the brand behind it, not because of him), why the hell are you even comparing an universally acclaimed movie like Black Swan, released in the heart of the Awards season (where it scored several nominations) with a polarizing movie like MOTHER! released in the shadow of a HUGE hit like IT, and without the same support from critics? You have no idea how OS markets works, MOTHER! grossed $5m there in the past week, these markets will (at worst) bring another $5m, plus, it still has SK & several small markets to open. Pratt is a bigger draw than her? That’s probably the reason why M7 did a massive $66m OS, right? For god’s sake, even JOY almost surpassed that number, despite being a lot more tough to sell than a West Action. Why the hell are you comparing a original SCI-FI movie with a popular brand like THE MUMY?! Look at the numbers of the previous movies, these movies clearly had a BIG audience before the release of the new movie, can’t say the same about Passengers. Passengers outgrossed several original SCI-FI movies OS, despite being trashed by critics, if it wasn’t for JLaw, this movie wouldn’t even surpassed JA.
  3. Nobody’s going to skip a X-Men movie just because it has Fassbender, this is ridiculous. There are several reasons why Apocalypse dropped: A) Bad reviews. Lack of buzz, caused by the amount of SH movies released before Apocalypse, it is not 2006 anymore where a X-Men movie would look as an event movie, even with bad reviews, only because it was one of the two SH movies released that year. C) Marketing selling the movie as generic and not making it improve on DOFP. I’m not trying to dismiss the old cast, but it was a lot easier to connect with audiences when you were competing against only one SH movie per year, instead of facing 6 each new year, full of new and fresh character, like it’s happening these days.
  4. Horror movies has been dominating LA in a big way this year, that’s quite amazing, Annabelle: Creation spent 3 weeks at #1 in most of countries, then, was replaced by IT, that is now being replaced by HDD, awesome.
  5. RED SPARROW | 03.02.18 | Fox | Jennifer Lawrence

    Stop embarrassing Blake fans. Even IF it underperform in America, it will still do solid/great business OS, JLaw already proved with Passengers and, especially with Mother, that she definitely has appeal among OS audiences, JFYI: Mother! Is going to finish with at least $35M OS, which put it above every Art House comp released in the last few years, despite not having the same acclamation of most of these movies.
  6. Don’t be so dramatic, IF it has good reviews, it can easily stay flat from Apocalypse, this franchise has a fanbase that has been following this franchise for almost two decades, and they won’t suddenly stop supporting them just because it had a “bad” movie (that was actually well received by the fanbase).
  7. There’s also Glass coming in, that probably will be a mix between Horror/Drama, the Horror genre is dominating Hollywood right now, next step is Awards’ acclamation, which Get Out will surely improve this year.
  8. Horror 2017

    Will we ever have another year like this?
  9. Horror 2017

    'Happy Death Day' Earns 5 Times Its Budget on Opening Weekend The latest from Blumhouse and Universal is leading the box office this weekend with $26.5 million from 3,149 locations. That puts it far ahead of “Blade Runner 2049,” which is skidding to $15.1 million during its second weekend at 4,058 locations, down 54% from its disappointing opening weekend. Earlier this year in January, Blumhouse’s “Split” opened to a monster $40 million in January, and went on to earn $278.3 million worldwide. Then, the next month, “Get Out” was a smash hit as well with a $33.4 million opening and $253.1 million in global grosses by the end of its run. The production house is also responsible for the hugely profitable “Purge” and “Paranormal Activity” franchises. “It” remains in the top five this weekend, as horror continues to dominate the box office. In its sixth weekend, the Warner Bros. and New Line release is grossing $6 million from 3,176 spots. https://www.google.com.br/amp/amp.timeinc.net/fortune/2017/10/15/happy-death-day-box-office
  10. Horror 2017

    Cult of Chucky was good, I guess? Honestly, after all these movies, they all looks like the same to me.
  11. Monday Numbers: BR 2049 - $1.45M, It - $475K

    That’s an average drop for HDD, both The Visit and Ouija 2 decreased 71% on their first Monday, the real test will be on weekend since it seems like the type of movie that plays a lot better in weekend than in weekdays, with teens in school.
  12. All I See Is You (Blake Lively, winter 2016)

    Blake wasn’t even bad in Gossip Girl, she did her best to turn an unidimensional character into someone at least, likable, thanks to her charisma, obviously, there’s nothing more that she could do with Serena, when the scrip was so awful. Her biggest problem is that (for some weird reason) people fell in love with the unbearable Leighton Meester character, and started trashing not only Serena, but Blake as well, which is kinda ridiculous considering that is a lot easier to play the “cool bitch” than the “cool girl”.
  13. Actually, a movie that suffers big influence from studios will always have it’s quality changed for the better or for the worse. Who knows how IT would’ve turned to if Warner didn’t change the dark tone of the movie for a more friendly one?
  14. Director of Sinister 2 + Paramount = The Bye Bye Man of 2019.

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