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  • Disney Update: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Estimated for $220.05M Domestic Weekend

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  1. On other more interesting news: Taylor Swift’s last album already sold 400k on presales alone, making it the highest debut for a female release this year even before the release.
  2. Don’t you know reading? “Suspended by user request.” He asked to be banned.
  3. Well, the biggest Friday the 13th movie adjusts to $130m, while the biggest Halloween adjusts to $180m, so, yeah, in theory, Halloween has a wider range than 13th, plus, it’s way more respectable by critics. You can argue that Friday the 13th had the perfect release date, and I can argue that a Halloween movie has more chances to connect beyond the fanbase than a 13th one.
  4. If a shit Friday the 13th movie can open to almost $50m adjusted, then I can’t see why a (supposedly) good Halloween movie can’t at very least match it, especially when it will have all the advantages that you mentioned. Horror is not a niche genre anymore, this year showed that the genre can easily cross-over to GA when done right, if things works fine, I have no doubt that it will break out beyond the fanbase.
  5. New Mod Hires

    @CJohn Remains as our best moderator.
  6. Horror 2017

    I wonder what the hell is Warner waiting to reboot Gremlins? The first movie is the second Horror movie that most sold tickets in history, with the whole nostalgia vibe that we’re living now, it sounds like a surefire hit, it may be even bigger than IT if things are done right.
  7. This whole RT Show looks like a desperate tentative of studios trying to convince people of watching their movies, despite the awful RT score. It can’t be a coincidence that it started with a movie that is being absolutely trashed, lol.
  8. Wednesday numbers: Bad Mom 2 opens to $2.6m

    That’s depressing for Bad Moms, it is probably going to drop at least 50% compared to the first movie, which would be absolutely awful considering that it’s being released just one year after the first movie, compared to the 3 years break of HB2. Too bad, I loved the first one and really wanted it to be a success.
  9. And thank god for that, now the genre has respect from both critics & audiences, something that it didn’t have back in 2007.
  10. I completely agree, second year in a row where Lionsgate tries to bring a dead franchise from the grave just to be humiliated again. What’s next? Sinister?
  11. Halloween 2017 numbers

    HDD’s run was one of the biggest disappointments of my life, it had everything aligned to dominate the month, but disappeared after the OW. Well, I blame Netflix and MCU for this underperformance, but they’re going to regret for it.
  12. Horror 2017

    I hope that it will get at least an OS release like AA, it looks decent, unlike Amityville.

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