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  1. We should talk about the Blum House renascence, they came from becoming a “toxic” brand among Horror fans during 2015 thanks to their awful movies released this year, to become the “Pixar of Horror” last year. What do you guys think about their line-up for this year?
  2. The Nun has potential to become the biggest entry in the TCU, but it needs to move to August.
  3. Because Trek never broke out OS in any market, unlike the SW franchise that had a strong appeal in markets like UK/France/Germany, but never expanded beyond it. My Trek comparison is when it comes to failing to expand it’s audience OS.
  4. Fun curiosity: Annabelle: Creation ended in better positions in the end of year charts in the Asian region (and in most of LA as well), than The Last Jedi, same happened with TC2/RO last year. If it weren’t for the tradicional markets making up the difference, the SW franchise would have the same impact of Stat Trek OS. @James
  5. He wrote this list in the old topic, I copy and past because I was too lazy to make a new one.
  6. And why are you constantly bashing my Jigsaw failure anyway? I can understand this coming from the fans of the franchise like @Blaze Heatnix but you? This seems really random.
  7. Nah, I was just copying Kriss’ list. Anyway, I don’t get what’s the big deal about it, when there are more relevant things happening right now, like The Last Jedi becoming one of the biggest underperformance of century.
  8. I’m sorry, but Underworld isn’t considered a Horror franchise, same goes to Resident Evil, both belongs to the action genre. And weren’t you claiming that Insidious would underperform because you haven’t seen “any marketing”? Good prediction!
  9. The Bye Bye Man grossed $22m, Insidious is opening at $25m, please, do a quick research before talking shit.
  10. That’s a wonderful start of year for the genre, Insidious is doing in the OW what the first Horror movie of last year did in the TOTAL. I know that it’s impossible to 2018 be so good as 2017 for the genre, but I hope that it is going to be so good as 2016.
  11. Also, if it opens above $20m, it will be the strongest start for the genre since Texas 3D’s $21M OW back in 2013.
  12. As always, people underestimated the potential of a Horror movie. If it opens at $20m, it may have a shot at surpassing the total of the third movie, and I don’t even remember the last time that a fourth sequel, surpassed the previous one. It also shows the consistency of the Insidious franchise, apart of the second movie (that was an isolated phenomenon), each movie of the franchise finished a bit above $50m.
  13. http://deadline.com/2018/01/insidious-the-last-key-last-jedi-jumanji-post-holiday-box-office-preview-1202234863/ Insidious 20-22m
  14. HDD outgrossed it, despite being an ORIGINAL movie.
  15. I'm sorry for not updating this topic lately guys.But I'm gonna update it, and open a new topic before the weekend. Oh, and Happy New Year to @Boxofficerules @Krissykins @75Live @The Stingray @Maxmoser3 @Christmas baumer @NoobSaibot @somebody85 And fellow Horror fans, let's hope that 2018 will be so iconic and memorable to the genre as 2017 was!
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