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  1. Is there any chance Disney is doing this so that they break their own record for fastest studio to get 1b? The current record is 126 days (2016). April 27th is the 117th day of the year. Considering that Black Panther in gonna end somewhere around ~650m and that A Wrinkle in Time is gonna is gonna be released in March, they are probably gonna reach 1b in 122~123 days or so I guess. Edit: I forgot to consider the gross for 2017 movies. They are probably get to 1b on the Avenger's weekend (118 or 119 days). It's possible that they would be able to break the record without moving the date, but that would depend on A Wrinkle in Time gross. Anyway, I don't know if this is relevant at all for a studio...
  2. so i decided to play this again after one year and a half and apparently i'm gonna end almost at the last place how cool
  3. I'm still not sure how to rate this movie. I need to watch it a second time because I feel like I don't agree with some of the things it tries to imply. I remember watching Melancholia and loving it, only to start hating it after the movie became clearer to me on a second view. Curiously, the opposite happened to Tree of Life, I really disliked it at first and then I fell in love with it. I did have a good time watching it, I was far from bored, but I hardly think this is groundbreaking. Lars Von Trier, Jodorowsky, Ingmar Bergman, Lynch and Terrence Malick all made movies that were either more gruesome or more allegorical/psychedelic than this. There's literally nothing in this movie that is shocking or complex in a way people have never seen before. Hell, this is the guy that directed Pi and The Fountain, he used to do "artsy stuff", aren't people over reacting? I suppose the movie is shocking to people who are used to Hollywood blockbusters and Oscar baits, and I'm sure that JLaw and the marketing ended up attracting a lot of people who expect something completely different. That's probably where all the "this movie made no sense, it's a piece of trash" reviews are coming from. Negative critics about it being excessively allegorical in order to pose as an arthouse movie are valid imo, though.
  4. In my university even the teachers make copies of books, it is a normal practice in Brazil. I really don't think we should keep this kind of knowledge away from people who don't have money. The average Brazilian university student don't have money to buy these books and this is the only way of making scientific knowledge readily available for them. Enviado de meu LG-K430 usando Tapatalk
  5. In my university only 2 weeks, but you can renew that how many times you want if no one needs the book. The academic books business need to die anyway. Enviado de meu LG-K430 usando Tapatalk
  6. Can't you get those books in a library? Enviado de meu LG-K430 usando Tapatalk
  7. Btw, even though services like Spotify and Kindle unlimited are not illegal, artists don't usually get a lot of money from it. I'm really not sure what's the solution. I've never paid for Spotify, I would just use the browser version and block ads with an add on. Spotify in my country imposed a time limit for free streaming so recently I just started listening to stuff on YouTube while still blocking ads with ad blocker. What I'm doing is completely legal, but that raises the question... Is it fair to block ads? Enviado de meu LG-K430 usando Tapatalk
  8. I pirate a lot of stuff because of money issues, but I try to stick to cheap options when it's possible (Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, steam) Not sure how much money I 'steal' from the industry. I haven't downloaded a movie in the last 4 months and i saw literally zero movies since August. I try to support stuff that I enjoy, like buying band's self pressed vinyls and indie games on steam, but I don't have the money to support everyone. And I usually don't buy new stuff, most of the time I get my music, comics and books from second hand stores or public libraries. What freaking annoys me is when book stores charge a lot of money for old philosophy books. Why on earth should I pay for something written by a guy who died 500 years ago? And I say that as a philosophy student who is trying to get into the translation business. Enviado de meu LG-K430 usando Tapatalk
  9. Congratulations, guys! And thanks for running the game, Andy. I'm planning on returning to the game this year, but I've already missed the first week lol Enviado de meu LG-K430 usando Tapatalk
  10. Oh wow, Inside Outt? This is insane. But I'm pretty sure the movie will go down a few positions if we do a Top 100 again in a few years. It doesn't really surprise me that so many people like it, I also love it. It's just unexpected to see this grabbing the 1st place. Enviado de meu XT1069 usando Tapatalk
  11. Has inside out already been mentioned? Which rank? Enviado de meu LG-K430 usando Tapatalk
  12. The first one is OK, but I don't really care about it Enviado de meu LG-K430 usando Tapatalk
  13. What is Kfp2 doing in this list, what a horrible movie Enviado de meu LG-K430 usando Tapatalk
  14. I need to watch Song of the Sea and The Book of Life...
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