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  1. If they were going to make it live action and change up the design a lot... why not make him look more like an actual hedgehog at least? Random fur coloured spikes makes somehow even less sense.
  2. I'm curious how the heck they're gonna do this. There was word that they wanted to make an animated adaptation at one point and that honestly might have been an easier sell.
  3. I mean it's to I2's overall benefit numbers-wise that it's behaving like a CBM rather than an animated one, considering the usual cap on what animated films can make in the US. It would never have opened as high as it did if it played like an animated film. But then you can't expect a movie to open like a CBM and then play out like an animated one. Given that I2 is playing more like a comic book film, how much are people anticipating AM&TW to affect it next weekend?
  4. What CoolEric said. Lion King adjusted is listed in several of the animated top grossing film lists.
  5. I guess I got lucky. There's three AMCs within 20 minutes of me and a fourth big one if I'm willing to cross the river into Kentucky.
  6. I'm not sure Moviepass' decision to add charges for popular movies is going to endear them with the audience. http://www.indiewire.com/2018/06/moviepass-surge-pricing-imax-plan-bring-a-friend-1201977305/
  7. I don’t know. Most of the comic fans I deal with haven’t brought it up, and a lot tend to get behind on comic movies that aren’t the big tentpoles. One guy I know didn’t even bother seeing Doctor Strange and Ragnarok until Infinity War came out. Also people are acting like a prediction 450-500 is somehow majorly lowballing when only 4 animated films and like 7 superhero films have even crossed 400m, much less 500.
  8. Also does it really have a 2 hour running time?
  9. I hardly think there’s enough people ‘begging for a sequel’ to account for over a 250% increase over the first one.
  10. People making insanely high predictions for this. I’d say 450-480 is a pretty reasonable range with a shot at 500m. There’s only 5 animated films that have passed 400m domestically (4 if you don’t count The Lion King’s rerelease). It’s like people are forgetting just how rare it is for a film to hit 700m. This is especially true when you look at the first film’s box office numbers and video sales stats both of which massively trail Nemo. Nemo sold 41m copies on video and The Incrdibles sold barely half that, yet Dory only rose 30% from Nemo even with inflation. Saying I2 will
  11. Ninjago is not a spinoff of The LEGO Movie. The show has been around for like 7 years.
  12. Yeah. I think the Ninjago movie was a misstep since the series is ongoing. It seems like most of the time putting out a movie for an ongoing series just lowers demand for the movie, especially in this case where there wasn't even a lot of incentive for Ninjago fans to see it since it's basically not in the series continuity.
  13. I'm not sure. I mean there's been a butt ton of DTV LEGO superhero movies and it didn't effect LEGO Movie's gross. I'm not even sure if the majority of people will think about LEGO Batman or Ninjago as being in the same universe as The LEGO Movie.
  14. Tigress is a great example of a design. Honestly, this wouldn't bug me so much if HTTYD wasn't normally so good with designs. The 'make the female like the male but smaller, paler and sparkly' is not a good tactic. They could have done a better design for her. Also just from a biology standpoint, there's really no sensible reason for her to be white unless she's an arctic variation or something.
  15. The HTTYD movies are good, but man is that female dragon a lazy and rather dumb design. She'd better turn out to be albino or some kind of genetic abberation and not a case of all female nightfuries are white because that's a tremendously stupid design choice. Also making her look like a softer less spikey version of Toothless just comes across as a lazy design choice anyway.
  16. Most kids probably get told they can do anything when they grow up. I always got the message that we jut had to play nice with white folks if we wanted to get by in life. So there's that. Also when I was small they thought I might have autism or some other learning disorder and my mom decided she'd rather ditch her kid in a park instead of dealing with a potentially special needs kid, so the Jack Jack thing really struck me as the way a lot of parents react to having autistic or special needs kids. Instead of being like "I'm going to love you because you're my kid" it becomes so centered
  17. Primarily because I didn't like the first one, so I don't see much reason that I'll like the second, especially since it's got the same director. The classism thing is basically the whole concept of being special as used in the film. In the beginning, they're shown as not just being special, but more important than 'normal' people and continually express disdain/aloofness toward normals. The message that you have to be 'born special' and that it's something you cannot attain (as so callously stated by Mr Incredible to Syndrome when he was a boy) is also reflected in Mr Incredible
  18. The first one certainly wasn't making a great effort to appeal to poc. It's basically an allegory for how classism is positive and only has a non-white character because Samuel L Jackson just decides he wants to be in movies and it happens. I love Pixar films and I've seen every single one in theaters and I will not be seeing this.
  19. I feel that. Talking to people is hard. You seem to be doing fine. Folks like you, that's something. When you have depression or anxiety, it seems like social media and forums and stuff can just make it worse because it's easy to feel like you're not being noticed. If you also have a hard time beginning conversations it gets worse. That's why I'm a lurker on here. Starting conversations is too hard and when you try hard and still get no response it's even worse than just not trying, I guess. Feeling invisible sucks. Though it might help to spend more time on sma
  20. We're on page 30, so come on 30mil!
  21. Yeah really. In what universe is 395 a low estimate? It's high for an animated film, high for a superhero film and on par with the first one's adjusted box office.
  22. A 90% RT is not that impressive when so few critics even bothered to review it. The only people who reviewed it were probably already interested enough in either the story or the fact that it's a movie in this particular vein that they were likely to give a favourable review anyway. I'm still amazed this movie was released in theaters at all, especially given that the studio has produced virtually nothing before. I do still stand behind my statement that there's not a lot in this movie they couldn't have done far cheaper with a real dog though. Even horrible dog movies tend to m
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