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  1. Let's break it down using standards...ALITA - Production costs $170 million + Publicity & Marketing estimate $100 million per Hollywood Reporter Domestic: $85,710,210 x 50% = $42,855,105 China: $133,397,094 x 25% = $33,349,274 Foreign: $185,745,239 x 42% = $78,013,000 Total: $154,217,379 or 90.7% of production budget recovered from Box office alone there is no guarantee of Alita climbing out of the red and into the black, they still have a considerable hole to climb out of X-Men First Class (2011) - Production budget $160 million - BO $353.6 million w/w Domestic: $146,408,305 x 50% = $73,204,152 China: $0.00 Foreign: $207,215,819 x 42% = $87,030,644 Total: $160,234,796 or 100.1% of production budget recovered from Box office alone X-Men Apocalypse (2016) - Production cost $178 million - BO $543.9 million w/w Domestic: $155,442,489 x 50% = $77,721,245 China: $120,765,095 x 25% = $30,191,274 Foreign: $267,727,203 x 42% = $112,445,425 Total: $220,357,944 or 123.8% of production budget recovered from Box office alone
  2. It is not often on a film that the cast has time to all get together for dinner. We’ve been lucky enough to do it twice. Once in 2017 while in Hawaii for rehearsals, and again in New Zealand right before the start of live action filming. In Hawaii, I snapped a picture of some our cast (with Maria our 1st A.D.), and I then got that group to strike the same pose (sort of) in New Zealand almost 2-years later.
  3. according to this article about the failure of Dark Phoenix Cameron blinked.... https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/we-were-wrong-behind-dark-phoenix-foxs-dismal-x-men-franchise-finale-plans-1216859 What the reshoots did, however, was force a change in release dates, and it’s here that Dark Phoenix, already made under ill-advised auspices, began to veer more off track. At first, the movie had a release date of Nov. 2, 2018. With more work needed on the movie, it was pushed to Feb. 14, 2019. Then, with marketing already underway, Fox pushed the release date to June 3, 2019. Initially, the studio messaged that the move was to take advantage of a Chinese release and hopes for a strong global performance. However, insiders tell THR that the move was to placate James Cameron, Fox’s most important filmmaker, and his concerns for his movie, Alita: Battle Angel. According to one source, Cameron felt Alita would lose horribly when facing a December opening weekend that included Aquaman and Bumblebee, with Mary Poppins Returns opening up two days earlier. He wanted his expensive movie shifted. Stacey Snider, according to this source, obliged, giving Alita the February date and moving Dark Phoenix to June. “Emma, Hutch and Simon begged her not do it,” says this source.
  4. To be fair anyone wanting or waiting for a sequel announcement will have to wait until receipts from PPV rentals/Streaming/DVD-BLU-4K starting rolling in, they will need above average returns to push it over the top into a "GO" Zone.
  5. Domestic Gross adjusted for inflation: ENDGAME #19 $803.6 M will finish behind AVATAR #15 $876.75M: FACT
  6. I agree with others who are saying that Endgame will come up short, close but no cigar. Endgame breakdown by week Apr 23-25 (previews): $60,000,000 Apr 26-May 2: $413,894,638 May 3-9: $186,551,101 May 10-16: $80,949,131 May 17-23: $39,936,866 May 24-30: $22,320,849 (est) May 31-Jun6: $11,606,841 (est 48% drop rate) Jun 7-13: $6,035,557 Jun 14-20: $3,138,490 Jun 21-27: $1,632,015 Balance: $1,700,000 Domestic total est.: $827,765,488 : $830M China: $615M est. Foreign: $1.29B est. Total: $2.735 B est.
  7. Anyone expecting a box office breakthrough for this is expecting a little too much in my opinion. Apart from T2 the evidence is not there. DOMESTIC FOREIGN TOTAL TERMINATOR 1984 $38.3 $40.0 $78.3 TERMINATOR 2 1991 $205.9 $315.0 $520.8 TERMINATOR 3 2003 $150.3 $283.0 $433.3 SALVATION 2009 $125.3 $246.0 $371.3 GENISYS 2015 $89.8 $350.8 $440.6 totals unadj. $609.5 $1,234.8 $1,844.3 Note: T2 Domestic adjusted for inflation $439.4 million = 116th All-Time
  8. Major fan of the first two movies in the series, both are 5 star classics imo. I would rate this trailer a 3/5 - we already have a rehashed chase scene being featured, the "FEEL/Vibe" that I get is that it's too clean, kind of clinical, too familiar and certainly nowhere near as foreboding as T1 or T2. There's plenty of room for improvement (some of that CGI needs work), not much revealed yet in terms of storyline. This could go either way for me.
  9. From the limited information I could find I think this relates more to capturing live performance for integration/interaction with a CG environment and CG characters.
  10. I have no idea what this means but they sound happy to have pushed the boundaries out a little further.
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