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  1. LOL!!! tune in at 5:40 or so in the video, I guess Steven Tyler has a thing for Neytiri - big time...
  2. Sydney Morning Herald article from yesterday, not much in terms of Avatar news but a little bit of insight into the man and his motivations. https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/deep-thinker-how-film-director-james-camerons-day-job-funds-his-geeky-passion-20180516-h1047f.html
  3. Even if you're not a fan of Avatar or even James Cameron, this is essential viewing for anyone who wonders about what it takes to create and make a movie like Avatar or any other large production that uses a lot of CGI.
  4. Here's a few from Dylan Cole. He's now Co-Production Designer for the sequels. Some amazingly talented artists at work for these movies.
  5. Bringing Quaritch back is easy in this world, they have his DNA and he could easily be cloned back into existence, then again if they can "clone" maybe they can bring back to life, he's not the only one who died in the first movie who's coming back for round II, his right hand man Wainfleet will be back also after getting stomped/crushed to death. Grace coming back as a villain is interesting, I can easily see the conflict issue due to Jake not being "pure" even though Eywa allowed him to transfer into his Avatar body for good.
  6. All of this talk won't matter - we're still 32 months away from A2 (sounds depressing I know), the news cycle these days is like 24-72 hours max and people have moved on to other stuff, who knows where Marvel will be in two-three years with their stories.
  7. These people don't know how to use a calculator or have no idea how quickly Marvel movies fade at the box office, they burst out of the gate really fast but start dropping 40-55% per week starting in week #2. Ultron hit $260 million in China, even if you give Infinity a boost to $500 million it will have a hard time getting to $2 Billion.
  8. The first one did Dec 18-24: $137 million Dec 25-31: $145.6 $282.6 in the first two weeks The Force Awakens for the same date range did $390.8 and $261.1. It will depend on the promo, the teasers/trailers and the initial buzz they generate. I don't think the hype will match the insanity of The Force Awakens. I think they would be happy with anything north of $350-$400 million for the first two weeks with a movie that has legs and a lot of repeat viewers, if it's anything like that Flight of Passage of video that I've watched a dozen times already in far less than ideal conditions they can count on me as a repeat for sure. I get a feeling the visuals alone will knock people on their asses, if the story matches up = MAGIC.
  9. Fresh New York Times article. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/26/arts/television/james-cameron-amc-series-avatar-terminator.html Q:You are developing four “Avatar” sequels at the same time, which seems like an enormous undertaking. Why did you take that approach, and how has it gone so far? It’s been great. We basically went down and developed a pathway for the technology that would be amortized across four movies. And in parallel with that, I wrote the four scripts. And in parallel with that writing and pipeline development process, we also designed all four films. We finitely designed movie two and three meaning every single set, every object, every prop, every setting, every creature, every blade of grass. We’ve broadly designed movies four and five, meaning all the main characters and main settings. So we’re actually in really good shape. The entire universe is well in focus for us and now we’re just grinding through the actual production process. [We just had] our 100th day of performance capture out of a 175-day schedule. That’s two movies combined. so performance capture is just under 60% done at this point, there's probably some live action to be done also (I assume)
  10. Aliens came out 7 years after Alien T2 came out 7 years after T1 Avatar II or whatever they decide to call it, 11 years clearly JC doesn't rush product out for the easy quick $
  11. I knew it....... http://variety.com/2018/film/news/james-cameron-avatar-terminator-interview-1202779945/ Despite the impending Disney-Fox merger, Cameron says production will keep moving forward. He expects the purchase of 21st Century Fox, the studio that released the first “Avatar” film, by the Walt Disney company to go through, and he notes that Disney already has a vested interest in the success of the “Avatar” franchise with the introduction of Pandora-themed attractions in its Animal Kingdom theme park. “That’s based on the slice of Pandora that you see in the first movie,” he points out. “We throw in a few little Easter eggs of creatures that will show up in later films in the ride film that’s there. So if you look closely in the ocean, you’ll see some creatures that show up in a major way in ‘Avatar 2.’”
  12. It might not be the best story however if you watch the making of Avatar it will shed light on the enormous technical hurdles that they had to get over to even make the movie, I think we'll really see the world of Avatar take flight in the sequels given the amount of time spent to make the scripts as good as they can be and the time it took to get the "new" tech working properly. Stephen Lang called the sequels Avatar on steroids, sounds about right. My ranking of Cameron directed movies, all of them I would give a 4 or 5 star rating. 1- T2 2- Aliens 3- Avatar 4- T1 5- The Abyss 6- Titanic 7- True Lies
  13. Regarding Cameron's take on Marvel, I have to agree that while most of their movies are entertaining they also work within a very rigid framework (formula) that doesn't vary a whole lot from film to film. Maybe the new Avengers will be pressing the reset button on the whole thing and they and can move into more experimental territory. I'm looking forward to his upcoming show on AMC.
  14. Nice pictures, did they go on "Flight of Passage" if yes what did they think, were they blown away or almost moved to tears?

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