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  1. Most expensive ad campaign ever: Proctor and Gamble writes off $8 billion from Gillette business
  2. Well I think it is interesting that in the music streaming space, similar things have happened with Spotify and it has fought off every single competitor with ease. Though I suppose content-wise, it's completely different in that the streaming services aren't made by music labels so can't behave in same way as the film studios own streaming services. Though I have a friend who works at Spotify and they said that one of the labels (Sony i think) is building their own service and intends to beat Spotify by removing thousands of artists from Spotify and making them exclusive to new service..
  3. Is every disney film going to be on D+? Found this, which seems odd, only these MCU films on there: The Marvel movies available at launch will be: Captain Marvel Iron Man Iron Man 3 Thor: The Dark World
  4. The act of trying to enjoy Godzilla: King of the Monsters. now that is a true nightmare.
  5. Wow Good Boys really came out of nowhere and now it's doing great.
  6. Wasn't in the most recent top 100. edit: just checked, TDKR was #202. TDK was #2.
  7. Dark Knight will be #1 Endgame will be #3 I don't know what will be #2.
  8. Sorry I dont understand much of these this but googling tells me CCP is the chinese government? Mulan actor doesn't support Chinese government, maybe the film "struggles" to find a release in China.
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