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  1. Will this movie put the ASS in Glass?
  2. Will reviews hurt the box office at all?
  3. How can they know a Friday number? It’s not even Friday night yet.
  4. Remember what happened with Insidious 4 last year? Shit pre sales but ended up doing better than expected. That keeps me from predicting low for Escape Room, I’m thinking mid 20s.
  5. Boxofficerules

    Us over A Quiet Place OW ($50,203,562)

    If it’s rated R I’m in, PG-13, OUT.
  6. This seems to be doing poorly at the box office. Should have kept it to 500 theaters.
  7. I’m at Spiderverse now (UK) and there isn’t anyone else in here, off seeing Aquaman possibly.
  8. Boxofficerules

    Wednesday numbers

    Is that a good number for Deadpool 2?
  9. Deadpool did $581 per theater average on Wednesday, that good or bad?

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