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  1. Coronavirus is most lethal after 8pm, everybody knows this.
  2. Does it includ UK and Ireland? In Ireland cinemas have to be closed by 8 so last showings are about half 5
  3. Some people on Reddit are going mad at the suggestion that Scream may take number 1 from Spider-Man, Spider-Man has been number 1 for 4 weeks, it’s a massive success, what more do they want?
  4. If Blumhouse had released this I bet we would have seen every death by now and the final trailer would have revealed the killers identity and motive.
  5. *wonders how many times I’ve hooked @Krissykins
  6. I think I’ll be doing some excluding Ghostfaceing on Dead By Daylight in anticipation for this.
  7. That was when theatres where shutting down everywhere, things where bad back then.
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