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  1. How many superhero movies has this outgrossed if you remove the China gross?
  2. It’s the calm before the storm when Playmobil: The Movie comes out and obliterates everything.
  3. I’d blame the marketing, it’s getting good reviews so I might check it out but before hand I thought it looked absolutely atrocious.
  4. Well now that this is PG-13, there should be no excuses for it to not be able to out gross Halloween 2018, if an R rated slasher can make that amount of money, surely a PG-13 should be easily able to do it. No excuses.
  5. If this is good then they should fire the marketing department because they made it look really awful.
  6. This tweet reads like “the movie tested poorly so we cut it down to try get as much money as possible before word gets out” Thanks for letting us know we’re getting a censored version of the movie, makes it much easier to skip.
  7. It’s just annoying because assholes going to read it and spread spoilers to those that don’t want them. I feel this way about any movie, not just Saw, people shouldn’t be leaking spoilers for anything.
  8. “From The Producers of Get Out and Halloween” Blumhouse seem to always name those two on posters now.
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