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  1. Is Hell Fest tracking poorly for next week, haven’t seen any marketing for it, Lionsgate seem to have dropped the ball, they’re normally good at marketing.
  2. When do the Halloween tickets go on sale?
  3. What about season one of Sabrina The Teenage Witch on Blu Ray?
  4. How is Predator looking?
  5. When should that screening be over? I’m off work in 6 hours, should it be done by then?
  6. Great for The Nun considering R rated horror films apparently don’t make money.
  7. This was average, some decent set pieces but just goes nowhere and nothing sticks out.
  8. I got my ticket for half 2, hope the new Halloween trailer shows, has it shown for anyone else before The Nun?
  9. Boxofficerules

    Hellfest l Lionsgate l September 28, 2018

    Rated R for horror violence, and language including some sexual references.

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