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  1. Releasing it during a Pandemic will hurt it box office wise, are they still planning on November?
  2. I very cautious of anything Blumhouse releases after that awful Black Christmas remake they did.
  3. I’m surprised it’s still being released this year.
  4. I’ve heard that people are going to see this but a message pops up at the beginning of the movie stating that the movie has been pushed back again and to go home.
  5. All the previews in my local are completely sold out.
  6. Surprising that Disney are sending Mulan to D+ but not this? I would have though Mulan would have the same kind of contracts for theatrical release.
  7. I think they’ll only use the 17 Days thing from movies that are tanking right out the gate. The likes of Jem And The Holograms and Black Christmas.
  8. Hadn’t they already spent a fortune on marketing this before it got pulled?
  9. I’m really rooting for this movie.
  10. Now seems like it would be a good time to release Candyman considering it’s about a monster that was created from Racism.
  11. I think that’s just a placeholder title right now, I’m not sure if you’d get away with it that title rights wise. Any idea how the screening went?
  12. I think they’ve finished filming this. I’d say the Coronavirus has scrapped whatever plans they had for this. Doubt it will come out this year. I’d say the trailer was supposed to come out with that 5th Purge Movie.
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