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  1. One year later and this movie has now entered IMDBs bottom 100 list.
  2. Starting out with 88% on RT
  3. Is that Come Play movie still opening? I’m surprised that and Freaky are still going ahead, I suspect Freaky may get pull if Come Play does terrible.
  4. Releasing it during a Pandemic will hurt it box office wise, are they still planning on November?
  5. Does anyone actually think this will be called Scream 5? I’m not sure what it will be called but I’m fairly sure the 5 will be dropped. I hope they don’t call it 5cream as it just looks like Cream.
  6. If Hayden is in it I don’t think it will be announced, I feel it will be a surprise.
  7. I very cautious of anything Blumhouse releases after that awful Black Christmas remake they did.
  8. I’m surprised it’s still being released this year.
  9. That was before the divorce though, wasn’t it?
  10. After Black Christmas I’m very wary of Blumhouse doing sequels or remakes to anything.
  11. I’ve heard that people are going to see this but a message pops up at the beginning of the movie stating that the movie has been pushed back again and to go home.
  12. All the previews in my local are completely sold out.
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