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  1. I’ve never stated that R rated horror films won’t fail. You have stated as fact that PG13 horror doesn’t fail at the box office. You stated, as fact, that teens will go see anything and they’ll always be successful and will never bomb. Yet Underwater has bombed big time, Black Christmas did poorly, The Turning And Gretal and Hansel aren’t looking so hot (but nothing is written in stone yet).
  2. Admittedly I’m not seeing any marketing or buzz for any of the horror movies being released from now until end of February. I don’t know if I’m just missing it all. At least this is the end of February so there is still a bit of time but The Turning, Gretal and Hansel and Fantasy Island I’ve seen nothing for them.
  3. But, @The Horror of Lucas Films has said that it’s impossible for PG13 horror to do poorly in January, shouldn’t both these movies be doing about $20 million opening weekend?
  4. It’s from the same team that made Truth Or Dare so I have zero confidence that it will be any good.
  5. Has anyone seen this yet? You’d normally have some reviews on letterboxd by now.
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