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  1. Now seems like it would be a good time to release Candyman considering it’s about a monster that was created from Racism.
  2. I think that’s just a placeholder title right now, I’m not sure if you’d get away with it that title rights wise. Any idea how the screening went?
  3. I think they’ve finished filming this. I’d say the Coronavirus has scrapped whatever plans they had for this. Doubt it will come out this year. I’d say the trailer was supposed to come out with that 5th Purge Movie.
  4. I think Disney have just cursed August. Now theaters won’t be open by then.
  5. It’s still up on Amazon UK. It appears to be for sale. The price is much more reasonable over here, £13.99 to buy and £9.99 for SD version.
  6. It’s showing up on Amazon.co.uk as well, with a much more reasonable price of £13.99.
  7. I hope the movie comes out on this threads 10 year anniversary.
  8. Lionsgate must have faith in this one if they’re going to put it out next May instead of later in the year.
  9. This will probably go the way of the Corman version of Fantastic Four.
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