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  1. I like that the tone is more serious in this one.
  2. Been playing Ghostface on Dead By Daylight all day to celebrate
  3. I noticed IMDB have added surnames to characters so you can see some are related to past characters.
  4. Right wingers and their good damn piracy are going to kill Halloween.
  5. Has vieweranon seen it? I hate that people have seen it already cause they can be assholes with spoilers.
  6. Guess I’m seeing Halloween Kills alone, no one will go with me and they’re just going to stay at home and stream a pirate copy instead 😭
  7. I got in trouble at work today because I burst into a song and dance about how much I wanted to see the Scream 5 trailer.
  8. Oh joy, this is going online at the same time, that just means all my friends will watch a pirate copy and I’ll end up seeing it on my own.
  9. I really liked this, it starts out kinda iffy but gets better the more it goes. I did find the twists pretty predictable though.
  10. You think Candyman could break Pet Semetarys record of being the highest grossing horror movie directed by a woman? Hell, it has to have broken the record for opening weekend.
  11. This film feels way too short, not enough horror scenes at all and when they happen they feel rushed, especially the ending. It ducks that’s loads of the death scenes are off screen or shot in ways that you don’t really see anything. Very well directed and acted but feels like a lot of stuff is on the cutting room floor. Also Universal needs to fire their trailer editors, this movie is extremely predictable mainly because so much of it is spoiled in the trailers.
  12. This better be good, just spent £18 on a ticket in Odeon, nice screen though, it’s in Leicester Square.
  13. Highest grossing horror film directed by a woman.
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