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  1. How is Candyman looking? I hope this is the movie that FINALLY breaks Pet Sematarys record of being the highest grossing horror movie that’s directed by a woman.
  2. That feels bad, is it? That’s pretty much 2 days gross. Feels like a franchise killer. It’s like Happy Death Day 2 again.
  3. Trailers are done and movie is about to start so phone will be going off, 4 people in here. Not very encouraging for a sequel.
  4. I don’t think they have much faith in this, it’s opening in the smallest screen, only 3 showings a day (Forever Purge has 6) and it starts in a few minutes and I’m the only one in here. I saw a 11.40 screening of The Forever Purge and that had about 20 at it.
  5. What about starting it at 3pm? Wouldn’t that add extra showing a bit, hell, it’s almost a full day rather than a preview.
  6. Surprised how quiet it is in here since the movie opens today, seeing a later show.
  7. They must not be expecting much from Escape Room 2 over here, my local only has 3 screenings of it, they have 6 for The Forever Purge.
  8. I assume they already spent a bit of money on it before the pandemic so they probably don’t want to do more until closer to release.
  9. It’s a shame that Friedberg and Seltzer no longer make parody movies, they could do one for this, think of the fart jokes THINK OF THE FART JOKES!
  10. Maybe they’re referring to the spins offs, Nun and Lalaorona
  11. It was cut down, originally an 18, they cut it down to get a 15.
  12. This has been given an 18 cert in the UK, colour me interested.
  13. This is killing me 😭 cinemas still not open here, trying to avoid spoilers like a nine field. Had to mute some people of Twitter until I see it.
  14. The reviews are starting to hit. https://bloody-disgusting.com/reviews/3663452/review-spiral-from-the-book-of-saw-marks-surprising-evolution-franchise/ 60% right now with 5 reviews.
  15. They say this is embargoed till Wednesday, when on Wednesday you think we’ll start seeing reviews?
  16. Cinemas aren’t opening here until possibly June.
  17. 😭 at least you have the option to see Spiral 😭
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