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  1. no he is still president for ALL things DC including the films. It says in the article
  2. comments are absolutely pathetic. Snyder cult are insane. Hope they announce MoS 2 soon and extend contracts for Cavill and Adams so they can safely work on more Supes adventures
  3. only decent even with all the glowing reviews it got. What did you think about JL and are you looking forward to Aquaman ?
  4. having 6 weeks before SW is better than 4 weeks. SW is a phenomenon like no other franchise can match. I know where your bias lies with that name of yours that was only created to mock reviews for BvS. Do you even like any DCEU movies ?
  5. i have no clue what you mean. like 2.43 is so different to 2.53 and a movie opened longer away from TLJ release date.
  6. actually its on 2.43 now. Thor has 2.53. Thor had more time before Star Wars took away all theaters. So which one really has better multiple here. Thor Ragnarok has 2.53 and JL is on 2.43 right now. And Thor had more time before Star Wars came. So are you saying Thor also has not a good multipler. Thor Ragnarok 2.53 and more time before Star Wars took all theaters away from both JL 2.43 BvS 1.99 JL horrible legs you say
  7. we are getting a Supes sequel soon also. Cavills words at ACE comic con says we will get an announcement soon for it.
  8. What in the hell are you babbling about. JL legs is FAR better than BvS. BvS did not even manage 2.0 multiple thats really not good BvS opened big because it was the trinity in a movie together the first time plus curiosity for the new Batman. Which people love now. I like BvS too but that 1.99 multipler is clear rejection from the GA of the tone of the movie. JL is entertaining and fun and people like that very much. And this is the Supes everyone want. The only ones who complain is the Snyder Cult. You are more fans of Snyder than the DC universe. Now thats totally out there. Als
  9. we will get MoS sequel and they will extend the contracts for cavill and for others who are on its last movies. Flashpoint maybe will be used as way to get Ben out. ButJL was in all in fact a reboot too with a more fun and adventures tone. Plus Supes is now the Supes everyone had been asking forsince MoS
  10. That will require all new theater set ups and will cost a fortune for theaters around the globe. So it has to make at least 90-100 million to see some returns. I think it can get there I think Skywalker/Vader is the thing that brings in people to see Star Wars. A whole new story in SW universe is not a sure success
  11. They do have MI franchise too which is pretty huge and only getting better each year. I can not see Disney allowed to buy more movie studios then its basically a complete monopoly and they would also cannibalize their own movies because they would have no room to open them more apart each other. Dont think WB wanna buy it either. Are that technology even ready. And wouldn't theaters need massive upgrades in the billion dollar mark too ? November is good if it opens close to october like Thor:Ragnarok did.
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