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  1. Thanks so very much for the information. I had no idea that Entgroup had just merged their Box Office channel with their subsite CBO. For whatever reason, the Entgroup estimates are now being revealed much, much later than they used to be. Since I first found this forum earlier this month, the Entgroup estimates spanning from September 1st-September 14th had been usually posted in this thread between 6:00am-10am California time far more times than not, some of those days, the estimates weren't ever available from Entgroup at all. Thursday, September 18th is the fourth consecutive day that the
  2. I'm convinced that Entgroup's data system has been having major problems for the last two days. That has to be the only reason why there haven't been any estimates posted in this thread in each of the past two days. I would imagine that The Expendables 3 made a million dollars or more in China on Tuesday the 16th and a million dollars or more in China on Wednesday the 17th too. EX3 should definitely already be around $65,000,000 in U.S. dollars earned at the Box Office in China so far. Super Girl, you have done a truly great job in getting the estimates from Entgroup for a long time now. I loo
  3. No Tuesday estimates? I'm rooting for The Expendables 3 to earn $80,000,000 or more in U.S. dollars at the Box Office in China by the time its China theatrical run ends, whenever that turns out to be. I hope that EX3 will still be playing in movie theaters in China for at least a couple more weeks. As we know, EX3 has earned far more money at the Box Office in China than it has at the Box Office in the U.S. EX3 has been a flop at the Box Office in the U.S. ever since it premiered in theaters there and EX3 has done very well at the Box Office in China in its first 15 days there.
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