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  1. I would say Anna is the solo lead in Frozen as she has double the screen time of both Kristoff and Elsa. In Frozen 2, Anna and Elsa has more or less equal screen time. Isn't Rey kind of the main character in TFA though? You can make a case for Finn but overall he doesn't have as much importance to the plot.
  2. I think no for all 3. DOM should finish between 478-479M. 1450 is the last milestone to reach and even that is not locked yet.
  3. I wanted to say these are some awful weekly drops but considering last Friday was VD it's not that bad. I'm expecting huge increases for the family movies on Saturday.
  4. The Fanboy Wa... never mind. The Weekend Thread is the place you're looking for.
  5. Actually it's the other way around. None of the newer Pixar sequels are that groundbreaking but they got a pass from critics because they're Pixar. Dory 94% I2 94% TS4 97%
  6. The obsession with RT needs to die. It shows the opinion of a tiny minority of the population. Also lol at the doom and gloom for a potential 80%+ score.
  7. 206M DOM is decent from that OW. You can compare it to other Thanksgiving Disney/Pixar animated openers it's in the middle of the pack. It had way better legs than The Good Dinosaur, slightly better than Ralph 2, slightly worse than Moana, and obviously worse legs than Frozen. Not great, not terrible as Comrade Dyatlov would say.
  8. Can you guys please give me some before it's removed? I'm too nice, never got any of it. Edit: Thanks, DAJK, I love you!
  9. The industry certainly made a big step during this 6 years. The hair and clothes animation is superb. What they did with the surroundings is even more amazing. It looks incredibly realistic while maintaining the cartoonish feel. (Click on the images to zoom)
  10. Poll was rigged. Where was the "yes to superhero movies and no to Star Wars" option?
  11. Disney listened to your prayers! Crap, this is not that song!
  12. BOP and Passengers are not comparable. BOP was supposed to be sold on the brand name and its connection to SS. Blaming the underperformance on the cast is not fair. Passengers was more of a star driven sci-fi with the visuals as an additional draw. It did decent business WW considering the bad reviews. I for one only went to see it because of JLaw.
  13. Yes. Moana made additional 6.7 million after the comparable weekend (12th WE of F2 is almost identical to Moana's 11th weekend). I would still say it's more likely to miss 480M, as Moana's late run was pretty great. It will certainly come close and there is a chance to pass it.
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