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  1. misafeco

    Box Office Casino 2.0

    It was so comfortable in the top 3. Now I have to make my way up there again. GL to everyone participating!
  2. Someone should take grey ghost's place in managing the game.
  3. Hungarian title is Mamma Mia! Sose hagyjuk abba (=we never stop) Sose hagyjuk ABBA What a creative title.
  4. Let's give it a try again. I bet no American team will make it into the final of WC2018. 100 points, 1 person. Closed at 18 GMT. @Arlborn Also bet England won't make it as well. 50 points, 3 people.
  5. Argentina changed your mind? My bet closes tomorrow 14:00 GMT Any other takers?
  6. I bet no American team will make it into the final of WC2018. 50 points, 4 people. @Arlborn
  7. I bet that FK drops $250M or more WW from JW ,100 points ,2 people.
  8. Females rate movies higher than males most of the time. I'd say Titanic is the perfect 4-quadrant movie. Next time we will reach the top 5, don't worry.
  9. This "guys don't like Titanic as much" is a total bullshit. There is only a 0.4 difference in average score on imdb between males and females. There are way more divisive movies out there. I'm proud to have it as my #1 and I'm a 26 year old guy. There is so much more than the romance. There is no other movie where the first few seconds of the entire thing can make me cry. Also not many movies (especially not 3 hour long ones) I watched twice in a day.
  10. Nah, Avengers will not make it. Guardians also dropped a lot, it was #71 last time. Guardians of the Galaxy - #71 -> #108 The Avengers - #68 -> #101 The Matrix - #16 -> #11 It wouldn't make sense otherwise.

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