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  1. True. I started looking at Catching Fire as a comparison. F2 is now 2M ahead at the same point (coming from a 9M bigger weekend), that can grow to 7-8 million after this weekend. CF dropped under 3000 theaters by Christmas, but had a decent gross during the Christmas holiday. Total was 424M, F2 should not be in trouble reaching 450M with slightly better holds.
  2. First day under F1 on the same day. Will bump ahead again today, so the Mon-Thu total will be roughly the same. Weekend should be a little smaller than F1 but still close to 20M.
  3. I mean it's so entertaining I don't even care about the few weak points in the script and dialogues. That Order 66 scene is freaking awesome, made me feel super sad for totally irrelevant Jedi characters. I'm still waiting for a scene with that big of an effect on me in the new SW films. Rogue One came close once. Another favorite scene is the ending, it's so nostalgic and sad at the same time.
  4. I rarely go twice to cinema for the same movie, but I just did it with this one. This time I saw it in English and loved it even more. Small room, great crowd, looked like everyone had a good time. I want the Show Yourself sequence on YouTube now! Will go down in history as one of the best (and definitely one of the most beautiful) animated scenes of all time.
  5. I think the PT's music is superb, maybe even better than the OT (though The Throne Room is my personal favorite number). John Williams is certainly a genius making great score after great score for Star Wars. Every one of them is fresh but still connecting the films through familiar tunes.
  6. To be fair, the release date is actually kind of great for this movie. It has one week before TRoS arrives and can make a lot of money during the Christmas period as a counter program. I could see 250M DOM with decent WOM.
  7. I had some modest success in the first edition of this game. Do I start with 750 points? Frozen II over 450M DOM 75 points, 4 people Star Wars Ep. 9 OS under Ep. 8 OS 75 points, 4 people Star Wars Ep. 9 DOM over OS, 50 points, 2 people
  8. Ouch for Jumanji. Looks like a healthy WW decline will happen. I liked the first one (it was also fun to follow it's boxoffice), was hoping for at least 600M WW for this.
  9. Looking forward to your review, but not sure. I have pretty much the same grades for 7 and 8, liked Rogue One a little bit more than Solo (both solid B, RO maybe even B+).
  10. I never said I will boycott, I'm not a hater if that's what you mean. I wanted to say I need a confirmation from someone I trust if it's worth my time and money. I would love to hear from people: "I don't care about Ep. 7 or 8 but this was awesome". Also I'm not complaining about TLJ, just expressed my (not positive) opinion on the movie.
  11. Skipping this one at the cinema just like Solo after the disappointment of TLJ unless someone can convince me I will like it. And I loved 1-6 and Rogue One. I found TFA decent but forgettable. It was still enough for me to get excited for TLJ, which then destroyed all my interest in the final installment.
  12. The panick when the Friday number is less than expected: It's actually fine. I wish I had the Olaf "This is fine" gif to describe the situation. I think it's more complicated than that. Frozen II earned so far 2.5x the amount TGD made in it's entire run. It's much harder to have smaller drops when you consider all the money it made so far and the earlier release date than your typical Thanksgiving Disney movie. This weekend will still be the best post-Thanksgiving weekend ever beating F1's 31.6M.
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