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  1. If Hungary would be there, and I can choose Brazil or Serbia to face in the last of 16, I'd choose Brazil 100%. Serbs will win the group.
  2. It's not the same actually. In case they can't beat Iceland and the vikings win against Croatia B, they are out even if they beat Argentina. Edit: It would be funny now if this happens: Argentina 1-0 Nigeria (Messi '95) Iceland 1-0 Croatia (Birkir Bjarnason '97)
  3. Come on, Iceland! Fight like true vikings!
  4. Marcelo is (and always was) a left-back.
  5. I will laugh so much when this clown Neymar will be finally out of the World Cup.
  6. You should also quote my last reply where I said they will probably perform weaker than expected.
  7. They can still get 2nd place. But great call definitely.
  8. You mean they convincingly beat the weakest team of the tournament? No offense to any Panama fans.
  9. At least no Koke this time, but why not use Thiago?
  10. I mean at least they call the 200% penalty situations. Just not the 100% or 80% ones.
  11. Also handball from Pepe and other penalty area foul went unpunished. Those morons in front of the screen must be sleeping.
  12. The whole Portugal team is failing miserably. Possibly the weakest Portuguese performance I've ever seen.

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