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  1. I always thought the chariot race is way overhyped. It was an impressive feat for the 1950's, but it wouldn't work without the rest of the story flowing so well. Take away everything else and you get the 2016 version - one scene with amazing visuals and not much else to offer.
  2. I'm wondering about the testing numbers. One person can be tested more than once, and as far as I know there need to be multiple negative test results before claiming someone healthy. For example in the US, were there 8.6M tests in total or is this the number of people tested?
  3. Good news from Hungary! Numbers from mass testing starting in early May are coming in. Over 12k results from the last 2 days, only 58 positives which is less than 0.5%. Yesterday the number of new cases was 19, lowest in a month and second lowest since 21 March. Deaths per day are in the high single digits, which is still high for a country this size, but at least it's not increasing.
  4. Age distribution of confirmed deaths can be found here, with additional info on gender and medical profile of the patients: https://koronavirus.gov.hu/elhunytak I organized it in an Excel file to create some interesting statistics: Average age of deceased: 77.7 Male/female split: 187/176 Age distribution visualized: I can't find anything on the demographics of all confirmed cases. Based on the news I read about nursing homes, ~15-20% of all cases came from them and they obviously had a much higher mortality rate than the average.
  5. It started around 4%, so it's more or less steady. The relatively big number of deaths is still not clear for me. Greece for example has the same amount of cases and tests, yet the casualties are 40% of ours.
  6. Tests per million pop is a meaningless stat as there is no point testing people without symptons. Positive per all tests is around 3.5%, which is in line with most Central European countries (at least those who have comparable amount of cases per million eg. Poland, Czecz Rep., Romania). There is a countrywide test ongoing with ~2000 people to find out the real infection rate.
  7. Restrictions here are starting to get lifted. Non-essential businesses can open from this week, bars/restaurants with tables outside can open, the same for beaches and zoos. With the exception of Budapest & its metro area which has the majority of active cases in the country. We will need to wait a couple weeks more to prevent the rapid spread of the virus. Looks like we are near the peak though, so in the next months things will start to go back to normal. One thing I don't understand, Hungary has a way bigger death ratio than countries with similar number of cases. Could
  8. Sent my list via PM. @The Panda If any of them doesn't meet the criteria, you can erase them and use the remaining list.
  9. The company I work for shut down production for another 10 days after running for 3 weeks since the last shutdown. My unit is allowed to work for one day next week, because we are essential to the development of new products. I can already say goodbye to the 3/4th of my paid annual leave days and it's still 7 months remaining from the year. Salary is unchanged for now, but overtime is forbidden / limited. Anyone else working in the automotive industry? What are your experiences?
  10. Didn't realize how Singapore numbers exploded in the last 2 weeks (4x as much cases compared to 2 weeks ago). In comparison in Ireland the curve was more linear. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/singapore/ https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/ireland/
  11. It's very strange that there can be a huge difference in mortality rate between countries with comparable amount of cases and tests. Ireland - 241 deaths / 1M Singapore - 3 deaths / 1M Ireland has slightly more cases per million, but also done more tests. And they still have 80x the amount of deaths.
  12. Let It Go is still the flagship song of the franchise, but the two soundtracks are very close in quality in my opinion.
  13. Let's continue the discussion here. I have more or less the same vision for both eyes, but my brain can't connect the two pictures. I only focus with one at a given time, and I can decide which of them I want to use. I also needed to cover one part of my glasses so I could learn to use the other eye. Here it's called monocular vision (I don't know what the proper English term is). My mom also has it and 3 of my brothers, so it's a genetic defect. It's also kind of rare, I find it funny when I mention it to a regular doctor (during the workplace health test for example) and he/she d
  14. Absolutely. YYYY/MM/DD is the only date format which makes sense. MM/DD/YYYY and DD/MM/YYYY are confusing as shit. You can't tell if 04/10/2020 is in April or November.
  15. You too only see in two dimensions? Do you have a medical condition?
  16. I could've added some Hungarian films but what's the point? Nobody here has seen them except for maybe Son of Saul. But that one is also not my cup of tea.
  17. Europe has double the population, so it's still not fair. Deaths per 1M people is comparable.
  18. Chernobyl rewatch - I thought maybe I loved it because it was following the absymal final season of GoT. Nope, it's still 10/10.
  19. For mainstream Christians (at least here in Europe) science doesn't contradict the Bible, it's mostly an American thing. Also would you consider to stop calling it a "book of fairy tales" repeatedly? There might be a number of Christians on this forum who find it annoying/insulting (myself included).
  20. How is it disgusting? Worldometer uses official statistics for every country. Also:
  21. You didn't submit a list? If Gravity doesn't make it to the top of this countdown, it's your fault.
  22. I'm sad to see Frozen being so low, it's such a great movie. I can understand it's placement though as it's both animated and a musical.
  23. Okay, let's have some fun and predict the top 10. Remember, that wide support in this game means a lot more than top placements. Two 19-22 placements mean just as much as one 1st place. Absolutely locked to make it: 1. Fury Road Deservedly so, one of the finest cinematic experience for me in the last decade 2. Gravity It's a masterpiece and everyone knows that 3. Parasite Maybe the high placement is partially because of recency bias, but I'm not complaining. Its success is very deserving. 4. The Social Network It may not appear on as many li
  24. It's baffling that on a box office forum popular movies are actually popular.
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