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  1. Well IMO it can't be as worse as the TV mini series was IMO the only saving grace of that was Tim Curry the kid actors was alright but the Adult Actors and the 2nd half was pretty boring. If this does get a part 2 with the Adult Actors hopefully they can improve on that.
  2. Yeah like Cult Classic said I've been on that Channel before and I've known that guy to post pretty much all footage he's gotten from a lot of the Panels. Doesn't mean it was streamed live. If it did get streamed Live usually IGN is doing stuff like that but they don't go inside the panels they just talk to guest from what I remember.
  3. You know if I ever went to Comic I don't see how I would find the time to go to all these panels guess you have to plan ur day but Saturday always seems to be the busiest day when it comes to going to panels people want to see.
  4. I don't remember Marvel Streaming it at all I think it was just a live blog.
  5. Im Pretty sure Ninjago had their own panel on Friday or Thursday so I don't think they will be covering it in this panel.
  6. Streamed probably not but a Few sites like Comingsoon might have a Live Blog
  7. Most Likely doesn't mean we wll get it online though.
  8. I know it was done on Agents of Shield but I'd rather them revamp Ghost Rider and go with that instead of another season of Iron Fist.
  9. Yeah I hear Noah announced it during the Legion panel.
  10. Yeah that could be interesting but it just means it's another chance for fox to keep the rights to Fantastic Four and imo dr. Doom is the only character in that universe that deserves to be in the mcu.
  11. So wait Fox has like 3 Movies coming out Next year in their X-Men Universe and yet they only talk about Kingsman? Don't get me wrong I can't wait for Kingsman 2 but that's a big Mistake by Fox.

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