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  1. In. I think this will flop hard. The trailer is a mess and the movie looks too dark.
  2. What if they resurrect Mysterio for the Deadpool film? Jake and Ryan are friends.
  3. https://deadline.com/2019/06/toy-story-4-yesterday-annabelle-comes-home-weekend-box-office-1202639398/ 2nd Update, Friday Midday: Disney’s Toy Story 4 is heading to a second weekend of $56M at this point in time, -53% off a second Friday of $17M. Running total by Sunday is $235M. Annabelle Comes Home from New Line is seeing a $16.4M opening weekend and 5-day of $27.2M with a Friday of $5.7m. Universal/Working Title’s Yesterdayis eyeing $5.1M today and a 3-day in the $14.5M-$15Mvicinity. Disney’s re-release of Avengers: Endgame in 2,025 theaters with extra fooage is seeing a 10th weekend of$6.3M, +218% for a running total by Sunday of $842.1M.
  4. Is it true there is no Happy and Aunt Mae romance in the film? That trailer scene wasn’t even in it?
  5. Patrick Wilson, Luke Evans and Aaron Eckhart are three men who deserve better roles.
  6. Child’s Play has no reviews on a Wednesday night. Anna doesn’t either but that’s to be expected.
  7. I want to see the original film. I bet it was better. Will they ever release it?
  8. I kind of wonder what this means for the Joker movie. Too much realism for audiences? My theatre had no reaction to the trailer today.
  9. Agreed. Like Apocalypse wasn’t a great film but I was entertained. The characters were the same as they had always been. It wasn’t full of plot holes. This was pure garbage.
  10. Was there an after credits scene? I assumed no and left.
  11. I’m still in the theatre. There’s not many people here so I’m posting. This is hands down the worst superhero film I have ever seen. I wish I had a notebook with me to keep track of the plot holes and people doing things totally out of character.
  12. Well that is just odd. Mystique and Charles are both saying things in the clips that contradict what they said in apocalypse about using the kids in battle.
  13. It was a storyline in Apocalypse. You can tell these films were made by different people, just like Ragnorak and Avengers.
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