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  1. New Mutants was fine. No where near the worst x-men film. It was much better than Dark Phoenix and Age of Apocalypse. It actually might have made a cool limited series on Netflix.
  2. A lot of people won’t get in to see it opening weekend with limited seating. We are going to have to start looking at opening week from now on.
  3. The Polio vaccine took 15 years. It’s amazing how many people have decided it’s going to happen in 2021.
  4. Years from now our grandchildren will be reading history books that mention Tenet, the movie that saved cinema and killed Covid-19. Then Nolan was elected president.
  5. No. No more new dates. If it doesn’t come out in August, it just wasn’t meant to be. Besides, Peter Rabbit 2 is the new New Mutants.
  6. I wasn’t even on this board in 2012 lol. This thread is older than my account.
  7. They can space out seating and just give it almost every screen at the theatre. There will be no other newish films when this opens.
  8. So the villain is a bear? This is the first I’ve heard about a villain and this film has been around like 4 years.
  9. What you could do that is give new movies a bunch more screens since there is nothing else to show. Like Tenet for example could play on almost every screen when it opens.
  10. I think if they were going to move it, it would have moved by now. It’s going under the bus with Mulan and Tenet.
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