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  1. I like that movies aren’t giving away the whole plot now, but how am I supposed to know this is about Manson?
  2. They aren’t losing their job because of Disney. They are losing their jobs because Fox sold them out. If Disney hasn’t bought Fox, Comcast would have.
  3. Why are they giving it a preview the week US comes out? Why not this shitty weekend?
  4. I definitely think she will tie in with the X-Men. I’m just not sure how they introduce mutants now?
  5. Rogue, as in the X-Men's Rogue. She steals her powers and her memories for a time. Eventually she gets them back, but Carole hangs out with the X-Men during this time. Mystique and the Brotherhood were her enemies too. I think she assisted Wolverine in fighting Sabretooth also.
  6. I assumed a sequel would be set after Infinity War, otherwise the timelines are going to be confusing.
  7. I loved it! I can’t wait to see where they go with this character. There are so many future possibilities now that Disney owns the X-Men. Carol has a lot of connections with them. Also excited for Infinity War although I missed the last credit scene because my people wanted to go
  8. Didn't the interview already confirm that character dies? And there is a funeral scene.
  9. If Alita makes $6 million this weekend, the total is $71 million.

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