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  1. I really liked mother! although I'm confused as to why it cost $35 million. Looked more like a $15 million movie to me. Also I'm glad I read spoilers before seeing it as I understood it a lot better.
  2. Is the movie really THIS bad or are these nasty reviews being posted by J-Law haters?
  3. http://pro.boxoffice.com/weekend-forecast-eyes-repeat-victory-american-assassin-mother-debut/ They are predicting under $10 million for mother!
  4. There's a Monty Python movie on movietickets.com right now in fifth and no new releases....
  5. IT Monday 8.8 Guru

    Annabelle is going to hit 100 million!
  6. Did the cat die? Or any other animals? TBH that would upset me the most. I'm cool with anyone else dying in a movie, but leave the pets alone!

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