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  1. If you want to continue to support Depp as an actor, that’s fine. But I think it’s incredibly unfair to call Amber Heard a liar.
  2. This movie sounds super messed up. Rape, child death, more rape.
  3. It's definitely not going to flop.
  4. Getting paid. Can’t blame her for wanting those Disney coins.
  5. For those of you who have not seen it, I will tell you the problem. It has nothing to do with feminism or a lack of romance. I didn’t even know the nutcracker was a romance. Between a child and a doll/man? The problem is there is no story. They try to set one up but nothing really happens. The characters are boring and stale. The movie is just cgi and filler.
  6. So..did anyone else see the Nutcracker and hate it like me?
  7. It’s the #1 movie called the Nutcracker too.
  8. I can’t without spoiling it. But I will say several scenes were blurry. I almost felt like I was on a 3D showing without the glasses but I wasn’t. Did anyone else experience this?
  9. Horrible. The plot was all over the place. Nothing made sense and there was no build up to anything. Total waste of talent and money. Also it was rather blurry. At first I thought I wondered into a 3D version and didn’t get glasses but no. It was actually blurry.
  10. The Nutcracker was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Top 5.
  11. Is Freddie really shamed for being gay in this? I don’t want to see this if that’s true.
  12. Everyone at my showing liked Hunter Killer. I was underwhelmed. It was just boring.

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