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  1. I don't think this means anything for its future date... the films that are most likely to move into the massive hole this move would create (In the Heights or Scoob) are still filming right now. They're not going to shuffle dates without knowing that the new film will be ready at the earlier release date.
  2. In. The one I'm worried about is TS4, I think TLK, Frozen 2 and TROS all get there.
  3. It'll show up in the Top 5 tonight... in that slice above it's already at #4 over Pikachu if you combine its standard, IMAX and 3D showings. Just need to wait for the 24 hour to roll over.
  4. Journey: $275k Purpose: $455k Way Home: $535k If it's in line with Purpose (same distributor, direct sequel), it projects to $11M. If it follows Way Home, it's headed for like $5.75M. Either way, the previews are a bit ruff.
  5. Out. The complaints about the original largely centered around the lack of monster screen time in the movie. This seems like it fixes that issue pretty well and the trailers look spectacular to me.
  6. They could've done more with it though. No idea why they shot Genie straight on for most of that clip. The original animation darts all over the damn place during this song which makes it feel more lively. They could've achieved a similar effect here with quick cuts and costume changes (even without the Robin Williams voice impressions). Instead, they did it once when he's riding the ostrich and half of the shot is bland.
  7. I just don't understand the point of throwing a comedy with really good reviews directly into the Endgame black hole... Uglydolls belonged in this spot, this didn't.
  8. I don't know how much closure we can get from a pulled release date with no new date being set (especially given the Disney/Fox uncertainty) but at least we don't have to look at it on the May calendar anymore!
  9. In. Not having Will Smith could cause this to underperform just like ID2 did.
  10. I'm in. With 4 quadrant appeal, no reason this can't do it.
  11. Twitter, much like this forum, in no way represents the GA. This thing will make bank.
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