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  1. Pretty sure Jurassic World is the target for the trailer, they’re going to want a lot of eyes on this and debuting it with a BH Tilt flick doesn’t make sense.
  2. Out. Way out. I love Pooh but he’s the one classic Disney property that hasn’t done anything ever at the box office and Disney live action (minus the fairy tale remakes) is sketchy at best. It could be OK abut won’t break out. Solo is going to crash land but that still won’t save this club.
  3. Yeah, this feels like a flop... and I get that they're trying to cater to a younger female demographic but "From the Producers of the Twilight Saga" is a great way to scare away everyone else who might be interested in this as horror.
  4. Box Office Casino

    Two people, 50 points each - Sorry to Bother You over $20M DOM
  5. The article lists some comps including No Good Deed (which didn't have previews).
  6. Want to throw that on the casino? I'll take the over for whatever you want to lose. This could feature the Predator mowing his lawn for an hour and a half and it would make over that. Trailer is pretty random but it's just a teaser.
  7. Box Office Casino

    I’ll take
  8. Box Office Casino

    I'll take this.
  9. Halloween over 80 million OW club

    This is the exact reason this is going to be big though. Timeline confusion, garbage sequels, etc. have built up a demand for the genuine article. People still love the original, it's the rest they can't stand. So what do they do? Bring back John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis, the original Shape, dump the timeline (as a direct sequel to the original, it'll involve the only film most people care about) and simply name it "Halloween" to tell people it's the genuine article. See: Star Wars. Same line of thinking. And it's being released during Halloween season which hasn't happened since the 80s. A good trailer that builds a sense of dread will explode. That said, this club is crazy ambitious. I'll have to wait for the trailer to fully lock in but I'll be tentatively in for now.
  10. I didn't get the impression that this was animation at all...
  11. I think the sweet spot is after the TV series ends and people are still wanting more but before it gets stale. Unfortunately things along this vein are almost always too early or too late.
  12. Halloween is arguably more about the dread and suspense than it is about the slashing. The sequels and new versions lacked that and supposedly this one doesn't. Plus, it's a direct sequel to the original which is the only version the general audience cares about. Bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter furthers the tie ins and horror has been red hot lately. This thing is going to crush it leading up to Halloween... how it does after depends on the quality. That said, I'm definitely in on this club. I think this is a big one.
  13. Out. People just aren't that interested in seeing a movie of a property with an active TV show still running.
  14. It's Eli Roth... pretty sure we know why this is being embargoed.
  15. Box Office Casino

    100 points for 2 people: Emoji Movie under $30M OW

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