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  1. Spectre

    Wednesday Numbers | Broly $7.06 million

    Nah, it's one of those weird Funimation releases. Not a ton of showtimes, skips days at some places and they're usually only around for two weeks. Although, if there ends up being enough demand from people who get convinced to watch or who want to see it again (WoM is off the charts among DBZ fans) maybe they'll adjust and have it stick around for longer. Going to be absurdly front-loaded most likely but this is still a massive opening for it.
  2. Paramount is a dumpster fire. Probably unrealistic to expect them to be on top of things until they get their shit together.
  3. Spectre

    Long Live The King: Godzilla KOTM over Aladdin DOM and WW

    Out. Even if your points are right, Aladdin will still make money. It's going to be hard for it to bust unless it's laughably bad.
  4. Families who want to see something wholesome over the holidays/early winter that appeals to all quadrants. There's nothing else that really fits the bill this year. You're looking at pretty much the same group that came out to see The Greatest Showman last year. TGS wasn't about it being an inaccurate historical-fiction flick about P.T. Barnum and his freak show with mediocre reviews. People who thought that totally missed its success because it sounded crappy on the surface. It was about it being a feel-good, family friendly movie with catchy songs and entertaining dancing. Mary Poppins can pull in that same crowd on a much larger scale for the exact same reasons as well as some additional benefits like the known IP, cast, and Disney's backing. The songs will have to be top notch but if it's all done well, this will absolutely explode.
  5. I don't know that I'd judge First Man solely based on presales... I feel like a lot of the target audience is of the walk-up variety.
  6. Over double Into the Woods DOM. This thing is going to print money.
  7. I was way out on the Teen Titans club. I’m in on this. Even if it sucks I think it’s going to open big
  8. I still think it's going to need crazy good reviews to get this high but I have hope
  9. Spectre

    Venom Under $100m

    Easy out. I think it's more likely to clear $100M OW than it is to finish under that for its run.
  10. Better do it before the new appraisals come in and you get half the money I just don't think movies based around active TV shows can ever make money, even with good reviews like this had. You get the hardcore fans who come out early, the families looking for something for the kids who trickle in later and everyone else stays home and watches the show instead.
  11. But... if that's what this opens at, the club will fail...
  12. This trailer has more of the vibe I was expecting them to go for. Going to be really interesting to see if audiences take to this because it's so different.

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