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  1. Death, taxes, and Deadline making crappy projections for adult skewing movies based on midday updates.
  2. Spectre

    AD Astra | 24th May 2019 | Sci Fi | Brad Pitt

    It’ll come out for Awards Season 2019 which is where it should be in the first place. The May date is kind of a strange place for it to begin with.
  3. This club is going to be beaten into a pulp haha. I like the boldness but wayyyyy OUT
  4. As a parent who can barely stomach the show, I can’t even fathom paying money to see it in theaters for over an hour...
  5. Frozen 2 is going to be huge. The cult following that movie has is ridiculous. I’m not worried about that one at all.
  6. Diluting the brand is damaging the brand though, especially when it's done with an inferior product. I think they over-estimated the demand for all things Lego when really, it was more about the novelty and quality of the original.
  7. Agreed. Their worst decision was putting out Ninjago... a poorly reviewed movie from a niche Lego line that skews heavily towards one demographic. Talk about a way to water down a brand...
  8. Spectre


    Out. This will beat MPR in two weeks.
  9. Spectre

    Tuesday Numbers 1/29

    If it keeps this pace up, it'll clear $100M. It's outpacing The Bucket List by $5.5M (more if you exclude the $1.4M from limited release) and has shown better holds. Pretty crazy for STX. Only question is if it can keep holding well once this barren part of the schedule is over after this weekend.
  10. Spectre

    Wednesday Numbers | Broly $7.06 million

    Nah, it's one of those weird Funimation releases. Not a ton of showtimes, skips days at some places and they're usually only around for two weeks. Although, if there ends up being enough demand from people who get convinced to watch or who want to see it again (WoM is off the charts among DBZ fans) maybe they'll adjust and have it stick around for longer. Going to be absurdly front-loaded most likely but this is still a massive opening for it.
  11. Paramount is a dumpster fire. Probably unrealistic to expect them to be on top of things until they get their shit together.
  12. Spectre

    Long Live The King: Godzilla KOTM over Aladdin DOM and WW

    Out. Even if your points are right, Aladdin will still make money. It's going to be hard for it to bust unless it's laughably bad.
  13. Families who want to see something wholesome over the holidays/early winter that appeals to all quadrants. There's nothing else that really fits the bill this year. You're looking at pretty much the same group that came out to see The Greatest Showman last year. TGS wasn't about it being an inaccurate historical-fiction flick about P.T. Barnum and his freak show with mediocre reviews. People who thought that totally missed its success because it sounded crappy on the surface. It was about it being a feel-good, family friendly movie with catchy songs and entertaining dancing. Mary Poppins can pull in that same crowd on a much larger scale for the exact same reasons as well as some additional benefits like the known IP, cast, and Disney's backing. The songs will have to be top notch but if it's all done well, this will absolutely explode.

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