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  1. Exactly!, it had a good OW in many international markets. As a Sci-Fi film it was never gonna breakout in latin markets. I still think a US$650m is a great number for it to finish with .
  2. I simply love how it gets adjusted up each week... From BOM, OS: $330,600,000, WW:$451,292,000. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=interstellar.htm
  3. New (HUGE) OS total: $224m http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=interstellar.htm
  4. "Color my life with the chaos of trouble"

  5. I think it will hold well in most markets, seems to be having good weekdays grosses all around. (I know some numbers have been posted already) From Screen Daily: "Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic stands at $121.1m overall and established a new record for the director in China. The film added $16.2m overall on November 12, led by a $2.3m haul in South Korea to reach $20.1m, $1.6m in the UK for $12.4m and $898,000 in Russia for $11.6m. Spain generated $537,000 for $3.7m, Italy $475,000 for $4.9m, Germany $455,000 for $6m, Australia $403,000 for $5m, France $376,000 for $9.1m, Mexico $32
  6. It had a good OW in Colombia. There were 139068 viewers, so i guess the estimated gross will be around US$750K - $800K... little over Gravity (US$713K OW with 3D) and Inception (US$514K OW). Hopefully it will have good legs. Top 5 in the country (Position/Movie Title/Number of Viewers): 1) Interstellar: 139.068 2) Dracula: 85.120 3) The Book of Life: 50.053 4) Nothing Left To Fear: 42.175 5) Alexander and the Terrible...: 26.683
  7. Thanks! I know Sci-Fi is not a strong film genre in latin markets but I was certainly hoping WB could market it here as an action/adventure (a la Inception) but all you can see in the streets are giant billboards with Mcconaughey in a space suit ... no space ships or giant waves... still, I live in a country where films like Annabelle (which i like) make 5.4 million while Gone Girl only does 275K so is not entirely a marketing thing.
  8. Hey guys!, I'm gonna follow closely Interstellar's run in my country (Colombia), but is not looking good . Pre-sales are way too low and it will be released tomorrow. I'll be happy if it manages to do as much as Gravity here.
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