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  1. Ironically, this reminds me a lot of the first two GI Joe films. I like different elements to both, but I don't think either one edges the other out. But both Suicide Squads are better than those films thankfully. I definitely would have preferred a continuation (I don't care what anyone says Smith was awesome in the first, I don't care if it's a bad adaptation of the character) I guess he could have easily been the Flag or Elba role (Obviously the Flag role could have been a greater shock if it was Smith, but the film is sorely lacking in an emotional anchor.) And the film's vil
  2. This has been an amusing read. From what I remember everything that could have gone wrong went wrong, and the budget went from 100 to 175. Obvious things that went into it: Costner-13 million (Wyatt Earp was the only misfire up to that point, and that film only famously came about when Costner left Tombstone and the films were released too close together) Hopper - 8 million (Right off of Speed) Production was halted 6 times. 2 for hurricane warnings, 1 for an actual hurricane destroying sets that needed to be rebuilt, then scrapped in favor of rewrites, bringing in ano
  3. Well combined they are only 146 minutes so they are definitely manageable. Also films like Young Frankenstein merged them also with the third film so I can see that people often confuse parts of the first 3 as the original. Like said, Ygor didn't even appear until the third film, and the common misconception that Frankenstein is the monster, when in fact it is it's creator.
  4. Wolf Man was my absolute shit growing up. And I loved the old school practical effects of The Invisible Man and The Wolf Man.
  5. This was fun, any suggestions. Any thoughts on where I could go next. Unless no one gives a shit of course. I've literally been writing up a storm since I've been in my seclusion. 1 book, 1 play, 4 shorts, rewriting an old screenplay, and treatments on two new ones. Some would say I'm jumbled. But honestly if I switch gears and turn to another project it actually keeps things more fresh.
  6. Yes it's a look back at the original attempt at a cinematic universe.
  7. Hey Guys, I hope all are well during these interesting times. In my boredom I have been compiling a list of ranking franchises based on the RT averages. In the middle of that, I decided to go a little further and write my first article on a specific franchise. Hope you enjoy and comment. Today’s Highlight: Universal's Frankenstein Franchise (1931-1948) 8 Films 73.6% Fresh Frankenstein (1931) 100% A monster movie at first glance, the film itself couldn't have been released at a more appropriate time. Amidst The Great depression, the film deals with daring ambitio
  8. There's is only one Indiana Jones. You'd be thinking of Henry Jones Jr. This looks so much worse when he is your avatar. I swear I'm quite normal. But hey I never get the chance to drop Indy trivia anymore.
  9. I'm about to start a list of the best coffee places and Starbucks is number 1. Shhhhhhhhhh
  10. An interesting list. A little safe at times, terrible #1 choice (You can honestly look someone in the eye and say that The Matrix is the most important film ever made) I'm really surprised Shawshank or the Godfather didn't make it on there. Hell even Big Trouble in Little China, Groundhog Day, the Great Escape, Schindler's List, Vertigo. Baumer did you ever teach at Seton Hall University? Are you the same film professor that tried to convince me that Dude, Where's my Car is a significant piece of cinema? (I'm not kidding about that last part, lol)
  11. Phantom Menace- Qui Gon Attack of the Clones- Yoda Revenge of the Sith- Obi Wan Rogue One- The Robot ANH- Vader ESB- Han ROTJ- The Emperor TFA- Han TLJ- Luke Solo- Chewie
  12. Actually now that I'm really looking at it. I'm gonna keep the list as is. But I will have a quick top 5 honorable mentions, don't want to ruin the quick pace we've already had.
  13. And if no one cares anymore, no hard feelings. You just don't know what it's been like staring at my hand written list every day for like 5+ months. It's therapeutic for me now.
  14. Hey guys. Sorry I was a ghost, during the last few months I got blind sided by a huge amount of websites that I wasn't allowed to login to for legal reasons with my work, but that has finally been lifted temporarily. (can't talk about anything so sorry about that, but trust me I was pissed, and have been able to at least enjoy some of your posts from time to time, I don't even want to get into why I could use KJ on a limited basis but not this one.) But I am finishing this. One quick note: There is a quick late addition to the list, meaning there are 3 films, but only 2 spots lef
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