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  1. Donnie Yen and Power Rangers Star Ludi Lin Rumored to Be up for Marvel’s Shang-Chi Roles Hashtag reports the Disney-owned studio is “interested” in meeting with Lin for the titular role of Shang-Chi, an expert martial artist and master of kung-fu whose physical prowess makes him one of the deadliest fighters in the Marvel Universe. Also being considered for an unidentified supporting role is Hong Kong icon Yen, who Marvel hopes to meet with soon — potentially for the role described as a “wise, old statesman.” Source: https://comicbook.com/marvel/2019/06/17/marvel-studios-shang-chi-donnie-yen-ludi-lin-meet-roles/
  2. Yes i know. But these does not apply to all or most Bollywood films; only high profile films or those where a few known actors are involved or critically acclaimed films. Same as China; some films with well known stars do well elsewhere as well. Issue is the language barrier... many audiences still will not watch a movie which is not their native tongue (other than English). With China, there is also issue of propaganda films like Wolf Warriors / Operation Red Sea / Wandering Earth did not do that well overseas.
  3. Eh; not sure what you are getting at. Applies for many local language films in their respective countries; eg Bollywood films or Japanese films. I note that in most cases, only Chinese films with big Hong Kong stars/directors (such as Jackie Chan/Stephen Chow/Donnie Yen/Chow Yun Fatt) generally also do well in other parts of Asia (mainly South East Asia)
  4. Glad his family is supportive. Most family will not be; because this is not what a sane person would do IMO; his family should discourage him... it sounds quite toxic and scary.
  5. Haha rare for you to start a thread outside of the China sub forum. this film must be really bad!
  6. Hahah, I know, but from recent posts, I am so fearful that if I bring up Ip Man or Wu Xia, no one will seem to know/care.
  7. Again, totally ignoring local releases which some people are actually interested in.
  8. Lol. Then spend a few minutes googling.. no matter what this a China box office subforum; let’s give some respect to local movies instead of just worried about how Hollywood / Bollywood movie does there. Just a friendly reminder Also chasing the dragon is from director Wong Jing; who is actually best known for his comedic roles/movies in Hong Kong decades ago, but went out to direct a series of crap movies in the past decade. Chasing the Dragon (first movie) was Wong Jing’s First solid movie in the past few years; with nominations in the HK film awards. It stars Donnie Yen (Rogue One/xXx: Return of the Xander Cage) and Andy Lau. The first one was a surprised hit and had solid WoM. Wong Jing filmed the 2nd one; and wanted to carry on the momentum and had confidence in it; but WoM so far seems meh - not doing well in Southeast Asia this time as well. First one was quite bonkers in Southeast Asia.
  9. You didn’t report Chasing the Dragon 2 and My Best Summer. Haha. My Best Summer has strong Maoyan score of 8.9; smart move by the studio to move it back 3 weeks from its original date. It somehow knew Chasing the Dragon II and Dark Phoenix will have below average WoM
  10. Last weekend when Godzilla previewed, you were saying that Legendary can't catch a break and Detective Pikachu was doing badly in China.. Now you bring up its 2.3x multiple.. lol.
  11. Ironically, another Disney live-action remake.. Mulan is opening on the heels of (2 weeks after) GvK next year. =/
  12. We are talking about Holdovers.. aren’t we? Doesn’t it then even make DP’s weekends holding power in China even more impressive? yes Aladdin’s screen-counts got cut, and there is demand, hence the high attendance per screen (on its 2nd weekend). It is DP’s 4th weekend and it’s attendance per screen is higher, really impressive.
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