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  1. Haha. Exactly. Good example of what happens due as a result of wrong casting. While the original Iron Fist isn’t Chinese - many was hoping that Marvel could cast someone that enhance the diversity of his superheroes. See what happened to the show.. In fact audiences dislike this so much that Iron Fist pretty much dragged the defenders down (despite the rest of them being at least decent)
  2. Issue here is that casting someone with non-chinese heritage maybe make people feel that Disney thinks all Asians are the same, as long as they appear yellow. Which seems like what you are thinking. Once again, not sure about your background or your social circle, but from what I am seeing on my side of the world and social media, the dream/fan casting here is someone with Chinese heritage. Honestly.. re-read what you are saying.
  3. Are you a Chinese? Or Asian? Or Asian American? Or a minority in certain country? Just curious because I cannot get your point of view at all. I am a Chinese and there are so many characters that Marvel can modernise and they choose to modernise a character that finally can represent us? Haha. And risk angering one of the biggest country with box office reciept? what I am saying is your argument of modernisation just sounds like a easy way out for Disney/Marvel. Why couldn’t they modernise black panther and make him NOT African American? Modernising a character doesn’t mean changing his race or origin... and it is not just an Asian American story. The character’s name/ “powers”(traditional Chinese martial arts) / villains... it is a very fine line to thread here for Marvel. One wrong step I really think will make many people upset, why take that risk? i genuinely don’t see it happening.
  4. Actually no - because apparently she was frightened by her doppelgänger when she was younger, and couldn’t speak and her parents had to go to the Psychologists to get her speaking again right? So it is okay for her to say that she’s not good at talking when she grew up. for me... I was Pretty sure I have seen one little girl choke her doppelgänger in the trailers - which i recognize is Lupita’s younger self as soon as the movie starts. So it wasn’t a surprise for me.
  5. Haha. Edited my previous post. trust me - if it is confirmed, I think the tone of the Chinese audiences will be very different.
  6. I don’t think it’s safe at all. the name Shang Chi is one of the most Chinese names I have ever heard in my life, lol. Is Disney going to change the name? And I am not sure how Disney is going to pull it off as my understanding is that Shang Chi is born in Hunan, skilled in Wushu and Kung Fu. Character is based on Bruce Lee and most villains are Chinese.. its almost like Disney casting a Japanese or Korean for Mulan, a little more extreme because Mulan is a real historical character. I genuinely still don’t see it happening. I think they will cast someone with Chinese descent.
  7. What I don’t get is... before the twist... when adult red was in the classroom, she was using the chalkboard and explaining the puppets/deserts and everything, and also stated that she couldn’t forget her other self after bumping into her when she was young (asking why she didn’t bring her along). my issue is that if they were switched when young, the explanation and the time spent on the chalkboard doesn’t make sense.
  8. You say a ‘pair’ of scissors. Plus scissors are symmetrical.
  9. Not sure whether it’s a taste issue or what , but US is getting pretty mediocre/below average reviews in Hong Kong. biggest movie site for review - HKmovie6 has it at 3.1 out of 5, after 34 reviews average for films there is around 3.5, even Captain Marvel has a 3.6. i note that Hong Kong is considered one of the most mature markets in Asia in terms of movie taste, where films like Dark Knight trilogy and inception did very well and series like transformers are getting diminishing returns.
  10. Maoyan was at 9.0 then dropped to 8.7 then now barely above 8. Demand was much greater when ratings were higher..
  11. Did you manage to catch the premiere?
  12. Eh. I can see you like him a lot. But Shang Chi itself is a chinese name... his villains/dad has chinese heritage. Changing that will spark rage across Chinese everywhere. Hearsay Yoson An, Daniel Wu and Ludi Lin are in talks. 3 of them have chinese descent. Not sure where u plugged out Henry's name from. Once again, not all Asians are the same. For example you think Marvel will cast a Jap actor for the role of Shang Chi? Anyway i haven't see much momentum for him since CRA? That film flopped in China. Don't let your love for an actor cloud your judgement.
  13. Lol. Once again, this is only possible if they want to forgo the box office earnings from China. how many good Asian actors are there with strong martial arts background and good English? I can list a dozen, and Henry Isn’t one of them. Disney really isn’t so silly - what a wasted opportunity. Will only happen if Henry pays them to play the role, not the other way around. Lol
  14. On the ending - all i can say is that... The movie for me is above average, perhaps an 7.5/10 overall assuming a normal ending. Jordan Peele delibrately wanted that ending - and i felt it bumped up my score to 9/10. Basically what I am saying is; the willingness to take such risks is what sets great directors from good directors. He wanted an ending that sets people thinking and discussing after the film. I think he made it happened. But i can see why some people are worried.. but honestly i don't see much grounds for disliking the ending unless you are trying to nitpick.

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