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  1. Agreed. Perhaps the only genuine new generation SW guy on the set. Most others seem to be unable to handle the fame and got arrogant.
  2. Have been a huge Star Wars fan, I even liked the Solo and Rogue One, but I just cannot appreciate this Disney trilogy. Its not because of the direction of TLJ at all, it is because honestly Disney casts insensitive and unlikeable actors like John Boyega to play major roles. You have these actors who just shows that they do not deserve the fame and honestly most of their acting is below average in the industry and yet are getting arrogant because they are supposedly in the biggest franchise of the world. No one is watching the film for them, most people watch it for the Star Wars brand.
  3. @Gavin Feng any idea whether SW moving up is because of rumour of 八百showing? i highly doubt so but there are whispers and rumours out there
  4. I think they are just aligning it to other Asian countries (like Singapore and Malaysia where screening starts at 7pm on 18th), not sure whether it’s about confidence..
  5. ip man 3 got killed by Piracy in 2016, where Bluray was released in HK one week from the China theatrical release date. Or else it would have gotten 1bn yuan easily. i caught Ip Man 4: The Finale at the Singapore gala premiere yesterday, and honestly, I think it will score above 9 points on Maoyan score. Action-packed and touching movie, with a very strong message.
  6. It will do well in South East Asia because of Donnie Yen. He is an extremely big draw in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia
  7. Liu Yifei's bad press is in HK, not China. I mean she supports the HK police which means she supports China... what bad press in China?
  8. I can see that they purposely show glimpses of Donnie Yen, Jet Li and Gong Li... to tease worldwide audiences. These are the big 3 names in China.
  9. I mean even Aladdin's 2nd set of posters started to showcase Princess Jasmine and Genie.. but so far, Mulan's posters have ONLY shown Liu as Mulan. I am not sure what Disney is thinking..
  10. They better be smart enough to showcase Donnie Yen, Jet Li and Gong Li here. They have the 3 biggest stars of China in the film, but keep focusing on Liu..
  11. I think Banks is getting too much Backlash for her comments. I mean the context of it was not defending the bad box office. From the date of the interview, it seems that she said this as a response to Why The Movie was Made.
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