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  1. Friends, Colleagues and Local online forums. Went for 2 screeninges of Aquaman IMAX 3D where Alita's trailer played... no reaction But when HTTYD3 trailer played (right after Alita's trailers) there were many laughters.
  2. I honestly don’t see much hype over it here in South East Asia.
  3. You attended prescreening? I have high hopes for both of them and genuinely hope they are good... after those 5-6 disapppointing local movies in the past month (other than Kill Mobile), i am hoping some local films break out.
  4. Got this here... "43,054 views|Dec 27, 2018,10:00 am Box Office: 'Aquaman' Tops $600 Million As It Aims For $1 Billion Worldwide Scott MendelsonSenior Contributor Hollywood & Entertainment I cover the film industry." https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2018/12/27/box-office-aquaman-jason-momoa-hobbit-star-wars-dark-knight/#7cd843bc4d6b 27th December from Scott, i have seen earliers one but really hard to search using a cell phone.
  5. Wasn't Scott one of the first guys on the train? He was saying it might hit one billion after OW in N.A; and many other articles were quoting him for that billion figure
  6. Current score of 9.2 on Maoyan for Bumblee, if it can maintain above 9 over the weekend, the multiplier should be quite strong. At least it brings some life to China’s box office and the recent flood of bad local movies. Wonder what will Creed 2’s score be; I have seen it - really very slow moving movie with a feeling that nothing is at stake; 8.5 will be my guess
  7. TigerPaw

    Tuesday #s (Aquaman, Poppins, Bumble)

    Need to fix the CGI, cyborg’s CGI in Justice League was just.... I cannot describe it Shazam will be a big test for DC - relatively unknown to non comic book fans and the character has not been introduced in any prior DCEU movies
  8. Officially 1.9bn yuan and passed Venom to be the highest grossing solo Superhero movie in China!
  9. Local comedy - Kill Mobile is getting above average reviews. Initial Maoyan Score at 9.0 and Taopiaopiao score at 8.9. Perhaps the best reviewed local film in the past month, and one with quite good box office potential. If Long Day’s Journey into the Night has bad WoM on 31st Dec, then it will be up to this film to at least bring some heat to the China BoxOffice.
  10. TigerPaw

    Wednesday numbers

    Genuinely hope so. Honestly hope this is the case, but it is impossible to measure the impact.
  11. Yup i know and understand, i used to stay in the states. Haha. Was just wondering because ASGARD provided estimates yesterday early.

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