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  1. Exactly. Thank you. Finally someone rational and who actually has watched the film is saying something. Most of the people screaming for him as bond have not seen this film... I was quite hyped for this film; but to be honest I felt Henry Golding literally dragged the film down - there are many factors; but he is definitely a major one.
  2. Very different scenario; In the Heights and Batgirl are totally different genre; Both are by WB; so WB must have sights on this lady for awhile now. Plus the bad BO performance is not due to the actor at all. Snake Eyes and Bond are both action films; and i feel that this film handed Golding's lack of acting range and his lack of martial arts preparation (hence shaky action scenes) on a silver platter to the world. I would argue that this film has more impact on Golding's potential future as an action star compared to whatever performance an actor has for In t
  3. No one knows this. Like general audience mostly think it is a sequel of some sort.. either that or they haven't even heard of the new film.
  4. Technically The Suicide Squad is considered a major in terms of budget, cast, director and even the IP itself; but there is just not enough hype
  5. Chang Jiang Hu - the biggest Chinese blockbuster likely won't be opening on July 30th; still in post production. But 2 local films are confirmed (and sudden) to open next week. Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse's Raging Fire and a youth romance movie - Upcoming Summer I am thinking Raging Fire will hit 1bn yuan total, Upcoming Summer around 300m yuan. Your thoughts @Gavin Feng?
  6. It is not about star power but performance. There are lots of bad movies in the world but bad not because of the actors.. i would argue this movie is bad cause of Henry Golding.. Not kidding. He will not be affected maybe for romance films. But i doubt he will be cast for any action films or any films which require solid acting. His weaknesses in terms of action and acting is literally served to the world on a silver platter here. Have you seen the film? If not, i think it is too early for you to say.
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