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  1. All gone, not just in China. Release dates for these films have been delayed in other parts of Asia including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, Indonesia etc.
  2. 3 of the CNY releases moving up by 1 day. Probably very confident of their quality, but then by releasing 1 day earlier, they may potentially lose showtimes to the “Newer” releases on CNY day itself. Not sure whether this is the right move for them.
  3. so it seems that the delayed opening of the advance sales is pretty much useless, I think DC3 will catch up and overtake DC2’s presales before OD.
  4. It just got the permit, but title changed to “leap” - 夺冠。 half the general audience now don’t even know it is the same film... and the title spoils the ending..
  5. How did you count this? I counted Adoring - 12 days: 31st December to 11th Jan IpMan4 - 12 days: 20th Dec to 30th Dec , and 13th Jan. SwoS - 8 days: 13th Dec to 19th Dec, and 12th Jan.
  6. Box office daily battle ongoing for the local titles, very exciting. Today IpMan4 ranks number one in daily box office, it was number 2 since 31st December. After 13 days, it regained number 1. A very rare success story.
  7. Why would Wanda agree with this? Quite crazy, the potential loss could be in millions USD. A potentially RMB 3bn film might potentially only earn RMB 1bn if Maoyan score is below 8.5...
  8. Thanks for the explanation, Gavin. Many of us are scratching our heads. I think there will be limited impact, I remember that WW2 also started presales late. Now it just makes the best WoM movie have higher chance of winning. i got a feeling Jackie Chan’s vanguard will flop again; and he will stop trying to enter into CNY.
  9. Both IpMan4 and SwoS has will extend their play for 1 month, and will end on 19Feb and 12Feb respectively. Both will almost definitely surpass the CNY1.0bn mark; but their number of showtimes during CNY should be quite pathetic。
  10. I don’t think Shang Chi will do well; they cast an American Chinese... not a China Chinese. And Tony Leung is not a draw in China..
  11. yeah - got killed immediately even by Holdovers. The release has been delayed for too long, no hype at all. Maoyan predictions updated - December release box office ranking: IpMan4 - RMB1.12bn SwoS - RMB1.03bn Adoring - RMB0.67bn i think Maoyan underestimated Adoring’s full potential, with a Maoyan score of 9.3 and opening of >160m, I think 1bn is within reach. Tomorrow (1st Jan) is a public holiday - will see how high IpMan4 and Adoring can fly and see any Maoyan updates their predictions.
  12. Fun day at the box office. Adoring looks to end with RMB 150 - 200m single day. IpMan4, with its great word of mouth, may beat newcomer “Begin, Again” with RMB40m. SwoS and Begin, Again will be a close fight for 3rd today. Finally some heat to the China box office.
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