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  1. Jackie Chan’s movie bombing in spectacular fashion. He has been making terrible movies over the last 10 years, and it’s weighing down on his box office appeal.
  2. Well Go USA usually aligns the North America release dates to the China release dates. Check out their past releases; so this is actually pretty slow.
  3. There are a lot of good Chinese films like Ip Man, Detective Chinatown, Hello Mr Loser etc. Dying to Survive is great. WW2 had huge box office but honestly i don't find it anywhere near the top of chinese films, too much propoganda and nationalistic pride.
  4. Exactly. Haha. Some of the posters here or even Hollywood executives need to have some updates on Chinese stars... The hollywood exes know some big names such as Fan Bing Bing but have zero awareness that she is infamous and her bad rep. Similarly, i recall reading a couple of articles last year on The Foreigner starring Jackie Chan where the articles were saying the film will do very well in Hong Kong as Jackie is a huge star. They have 0 idea that movie-goers and cinema-chains have boycott Jackie Chan films for the last 10years-or-so and his films are released in limited theatres with extremely low attendance in Hong Kong.
  5. Relax. Are you a marvel fan? Haha. Use Google translate and go to weibo and argue with those posts which already have tens of thousands of likes. some members like Gavin, firedeep, myself can read Chinese characters so we are just relaying some information we see there and post here for people’s information.. Don’t have to take their (Chinese Netizens’) points and put it on me. I see their rationale because some are marvel fans and express disappointment (not anger). please, I am trying to help here and relaying/translating things I have seen - be less microscopic and don’t need to keep defending the brand... Don’t shoot the messenger.
  6. To be honest, I would rather Marvel take a step back and listen to the audiences for once. it is easy to say idiotic when you are not one of them. I am a Chinese, even though I don’t live in China... while I do not necessary agree with the netizens, I can see where their displeasure comes from. Some feel that Marvel thinks they can do whatever they want because of a strong brand and just cast whoever they want, (main character apparently did the screen test on Sunday and got the role on a Tuesday, as Marvel was rushing to make the announcement on Sat night) with no audience repercussions and many Chinese just feel upset and want to voice their opinion. It’s Marvel’s first Asian superhero film so there are of course huge expectations from the Chinese... and their casting really shows they do not understand Chinese’s taste or don’t really pay attention to what audiences think... Shang Chi itself is not very well known, and with so many negative voices... it’s not off a good start. Maybe don’t introduce Mandarin in the first film, just make it an origin story and win over audiences first with strong WoM and introduce Mandarin in the 2nd film.
  7. Plus some are upset about Awkwafina’s heritage as she has Korean blood and is not Chinese. They are saying that Marvel and Disney executives cannot even tell a Korean from a Chinese and think all Asians are the same. most comments/posts are negative... asking for boycott. Tony Leung has it worst imo as he is the only guy that the people in China knows, plus he is playing the actual controversial character - Mandarin. His Wife - Carina Lau, arguable as famous as him, posted a weibo to support his casting yesterday and top comments are from people who nicely urge her to convince her Husband to not take the role.
  8. Great summary for those who are unaware... Anyway..Tony Leung is getting flamed extremely badly. Just weibo his name and almost everyone is scolding him and saying they will boycott this movie and his future movies. I have heard that Kevin Feige called a few big Chinese stars for the role but some apparently turned it down because of the sensitivity... I think Tony Leung took it because he did not expect such repercussions or is not sure of the background; I mean I honestly don’t think he was Marvel’s first choice as Leung’s English and vocabulary is very limited. While Chinese netizens are loud, their ‘boycott’ may not really translate to actual diminishing returns at the box office.
  9. Tony Leung taking a lot of heat on Weibo for accepting the role of Mandarin; because many are saying the character is racist... Not sure where that came from. I am seeing posts saying Tony Leung is a has-been and is not selective in his roles.
  10. Not saying that it will not get good reviews, but it is being released in China tomorrow so It makes sense for Disney to lift the review embargo “early”. its not that early tbh.
  11. You must have not watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny’s dubbed version and not know about it’s audience reception in China in 2016... lol
  12. I think Disney wants to give Liu Yifei/Mulan some spotlight, because honestly... getting a peek of one of those megastars (Donnie Yen/Jet Li/Gong Li) in the teaser might make people lose focus on the main character. but if Disney goes all out and get 3 of them to have promotional tours in various cities in China... this will be huge..
  13. Not sure whether older consumers/families will be keen for an English retelling of their fork tale. But with Donnie Yen/Jet Li/Gong Li - 3 absolutely big stars in China... in the same movie; general audiences will sure be curious and interested. If Disney is smart enough to get the big 3 down for marketing roadshows in various cities in China... the impact will be huge.
  14. Trending very well on Weibo, most comments are positive! But just to be a little careful, we have Liu Yi Fei here, I like her a lot but she is not a very good actress imo (the other Chinese box office people can chime in), and is considered a box office poison by some. She has strong following on social media sites in China, and her millions of fans will really exaggerate and praise her to the skies in all the trailers, but her box office results have been very mediocre/average. So films she is in has some tendencies to disconnect between social media presence and actual box office performance, so just need to take note of that. but as I said, teaser is being received very well! other than the tiny caveat above.
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