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  1. I love supporting the “underdog”. I mean in a sense, people were understating and beating down on Dune’s BO way before it was released. BOT is filled with MCU fans and it is really sometimes very refreshing to see people passionate with updates and active threads on other franchises. Cheers!
  2. It is a MCU movie, it won't be Rotten no matter what. Plus there is talks of diversity and inclusion, there will be some buffers in reviews.. the critics won't be so harsh. But I think WoM will be mixed - average / poor WoM from G.A but many fans will say it is the best MCU film anf that the studio took risks etc..
  3. I would say Maoyan scores for Hollywood films are pretty legit; local films sometimes have locked scores especially if Maoyan itself is an investor (*cough* ChangJin *cough*). I mean Maoyan scores killed WW84 and Shazam pretty much; but the thing is - for Dune it has a good Douban score and if you see the breakdown of Maoyan score it is obvious the film is divisive; instead of having poor or average WoM.
  4. Yesterday's actual came out to be CNY39m, so today will need 61m to hit 100m in 2 days. A little tough but nonetheless great Saturday bump - the Maoyan score is disappointing though.
  5. We will see... close enough..! 58.5m now. Let's go for 60m. But now is after 9pm so will be very slow.
  6. Today is Friday, evening and night shows sure do well for at least CNY40m - 45m OD i feel. If WoM is good, and it hits CNY45m today, wouldn't be surprised by a 2-day CNY100m yuan.
  7. No worries. It is fine! Good data! Just quite rare these days for a HK based movie to be within top 10, and it is a really really good movie so I paid more attention. Cheers!
  8. Doubt so, they are still filming in Paris and will move to Tokyo thereafter and might film till Christmas from what I heard. Not sure whether enough time for post production. I won't be surprised if WB moves The Batman back by 3 weeks to take the slot.
  9. Hard to quantify though, i mean there are GA outside of US that does not know it will be a simultaneous streaming release in the US. Fans or people who knows BO and studios obviously knows though. Especially leading to the final days of presales; if i was a GA searching for showtimes or reviews on weibo to decide whether to book a ticket this weekend and saw a HD link out there..i think i will definitely rethink about buying the ticket? I am not sure about the magnitude of impact but i genuinely doubt it will be 0. If GvK opened in China day-and-date vs HBO max release
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