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  1. More than USD350m worldwide (including Domestic) by end of Sunday it seems.
  2. Not just HBOmax, almost every movie site and torrent... this is the reality we are facing...
  3. They said there were lots of the film. Says trailer was the best part of the film.. also said: Fight scenes not even close to Jackie Chan / Donnie Yen / Sammo Hung's choreography level. (These 3 are big names in Asia).
  4. Released here in Southeast Asia.. Audience reviews in the FB grps I am in... are really bad though. They said they rather watch GvK again. Said it was slightly better than Dragon Ball: Evolution / Legend of Chun Li. I wanted to catch it in theaters this weekend.. but now re-thinking. If it is bad, then it's a shame half the IMAX screens in countries like mine.. are given to it and Godzilla losing lots of screen. I am a huge MK fan so I do hope these early reactions are wrong and the movie is good.
  5. I don’t see a huge potential for it even if it is released there. It will open in most of Southeast Asia, HK and Taiwan this week though. Seems like there will be 2 weeks of gross of these countries before piracy strikes, compared to 1 week for GvK. WB’s announcement of 1 week delay seems to be only applicable for the states.
  6. Again you are explaining from your PoV as well as your knowledge of BO, release dates, recovery of various countries etc - but you do know that there are many others outside of these forums without the same level of knowledge and perceive the constant delays differently. I get that you are a fan - seen your posts / comments in the BW thread itself. I think you need to relax and let things play out, if you feel that the studio made a decision you do not agree fully with, feel free to say out; but don't need to defend, rationalize and reason out every ounce of their decision with your own thinking...
  7. Likewise if the audience reactions are meh / bad then ya we all may deduce the real reason why Disney kept pushing it back, and it is not just pushing back - it is a hybrid release now. I think again it is important to look at this critically and wonder what Disney is thinking and whether they actually thought about the consequence of constant delays - if I think a studio is sending mixed signals, why can't i call it out on this forum and share what my peers feel? Why do you need to be overly defensive? We are not just talking about China, many other parts of Asia is recovering / has recovered (if not in terms of COVID, at least in terms of BO) like Singapore, Taiwan, HK, Msia etc - also countries outside of Asia. And things are looking good for many more countries come May - but it is being pushed to July. My local theaters are already removing standees and posters - will only put them back when the release date is truly confirmed.
  8. Yeah. Your perspective is different and a more educated guess because you have knowledge on release dates, box office gross / recovery of various countries. You got a more macro view of stuff. What I am talking about is just general reaction / sentiment of the movie being constantly delayed - reaction from millions of people who may not be as knowledgeable as you.
  9. Yup and this is coming from people in the BO forum who have knowledge about BO and also box office potential in various markets. But outside of here...who is to say what other signals the constant delay has brought about.. to the general audiences. Like what I said earlier - does not matter what reason / excuse Disney come out with actually, or what people in this forum deduce is the reason...more importantly what is being signalled to audiences with the constant delays?.. Also what is being signalled to theater operators? As you know I have a friend being one of the senior management of a local cinema chain - she told me she won't hold her breathe about BW's quality after news of the constant delay of release date.
  10. What you are saying is what a fan is interpretating it as... and does not represent everyone. And the signal you are saying is not the ONLY signal. If you cannot see beyond that, there is no point continuing. I have spoken to many people around me who are not fans and are just general audience who like watching movies as a past time - it is also sending a signal that there may be issues with the quality, especially now with the D+ simultaneous release. It is not just a delay... now it is a hybrid release. Hype is definitely also diminishing day by day. Also what has GvK and WB shown? Release a film now and it can be sucessful. Delay.. ya you had a correct word in your sentence i guess - "afraid". Anyway this is off-topic, i think we need to be clear that this discussion is happening in a BO forum where people have knowledge about BO and release dates. Let us not be frogs in a well, please look beyond your own PoV / personal bias and try to see what other signals such constant delays has brought about.
  11. What is the official reason given for the latest delay for 2 months + the choice to put on D+? Was the reason specifically given? Don't give an answer based on your view as a fan... Don't need to be so defensive at this stage when we all do not know the quality of the film. Also does not matter what reason / excuse Disney come out with actually, more importantly what is being signalled to audiences with the constant delays? We have to think about it logically instead being defensive yeah.
  12. Mulan was well hyped in China... trailer views was crazy with all star cast, but D+ released was 1 week earlier than theatrical release - so no one was patient enough to wait and apparently people were sharing the资源 everywhere in their wechat groups. WW84 killed by WoM..
  13. WoM... not that sure will be good. Disney is known for multiple delays of films which they have no confidence in / suspicious quality. See Artemis Fowl, New Mutants....
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