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  1. No wonder they decided to release early. Build a fake WoM to win showtimes before 1 Oct.
  2. Piracy kills. 2 full weeks after D+ release, unless people really want to watch the dubbed version or else most people would already have watched it online...
  3. Not really a sequel, we don’t know even whether Nezha will make a cameo. Just from the same team.. it’s a little like minions movie vs despicable me.
  4. Actually held very well in most markets despite the piracy.
  5. Rebounded back and is ahead of 800 for now. Haha tonight will be a good fight. Never doubt the strength of Hollywood films on weekends haha.
  6. This is very true. A lot of hate for Chinese and China government in this thread; think people should stop.
  7. Piracy gives bad opening Piracy + score gives bad legs. If a movie is not reviewed that well, and there is an option to watch it HD online and save $$$ - ppl will do that and not spend money due to its rating. Its freaking double whammy to have bad score + piracy.
  8. Times have changed. Honestly at least 1bn RMB was still achievable if it was released in March or August, now piracy plus the bad douban score already killed all the hype. Late presales gave it a final nail om the coffin. Teaser / trailer views wise and anticipation numbers on app which usually translate to actual presales..ended up translating to higher number of illegal downloads. I have no doubt Mulan is the most viewed movie in September in China, just not sure whether is in the cinema... lol. FYI - mulan was top 5 trending on Weibo when the HD piracy version leaked last Friday at around 4pm (GMT+8), lots of people already watched it last friday itself illegally.
  9. Yup I know, I have the Maoyan app and you do know some of us do talk to Gavin on other app / sites, right? Haha But something I find very surprising is that on both Maoyan and Taopiaopiao, the audience score for females is like a 8.5 while males score it 7.1; I rarely see such a divergence in terms of score between genders.
  10. Could have been 100m yuan OD last week; hype totally killed by piracy and the cursed Douban score.
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