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  1. Doesn’t help that WoM isn’t exactly good for MK
  2. His english is very limited; similar to Tony Jaa. They also seem to be not picky about scripts; and it seems that once Hollywood knows that - they offer them small roles / roles with limited dialogue or screentime everytime. Does not help that they are are willing to take roles that only allow then to appear for mere minutes without proper dialogue.. just for the exposure. People get typecast easily... On the opposite end; we see people like Donnie Yen (Rogue One / Mulan / xXx 3) and Daniel Wu (Tomb Raider / Into the Badlands) who are known in Asia to be very strict with their script selection and do lots of behind-the-scenes work like producing / directing; now these 2 in terms of HLW movie counts may not be a lot as they are picky and known to turndown roles - but it seems they are always at least 2nd / 3rd billing in HLW films they appear in. Also helps that Donnie and Daniel both speak perfect english.
  3. Can't wait. I see some of the films that have good potential to be solid films and do well; and some to be flops (eg: Dynasty Warriors).
  4. Next weekend + Labour Day will be fun to watch. so many films competing for screens and showtimes.
  5. As pointed out by Reddit user u/alanjinqq, the statistics for the trailer on the MarvelTW and Marvel Studios Hong Kong YouTube accounts are less than favorable. Out of approximately 3,400 viewers who weighed in on the Taiwan account, roughly 1,600 of them disliked the trailer. And similar results came for the Hong Kong audience, as 600 of the 1,022 voters disapproved. That is a 53% and 42% approval rate on the YouTube metric respectively. For comparison, the most recent Black Widow trailer had well above 99% approval rating on both accounts. from:
  6. I am not saying go by these communities. I am saying to acknowledge these communities exist and respect / perhaps to agree to disagree with their views. Not shove your view down their throats. Edit: I posted before seeing Mod's comments. Will stop here. Thanks @Eric Bombay
  7. I was stating an example of someone who is somewhat controversial (online) to say MCU's casting may not always be right. Then out came a reply about box office; to justify that the casting was right so the natural follow-up is that she did not carry the box office. Am i not right to say that? Fans need to relax a little and don't need to be so defensive and jump to every "superhero's" rescue. Sometimes the narrative may not be easy to hear or swallow... but please you guys don't need to defend every point and to prove yourself right everytime.
  8. Thanks. Exactly what I was trying to say; like what is the replacement value of Brie Larson, if they got another actress in - I don't think there will be any downside impact to the box office at all. But some fans refuse to admit that I guess.
  9. Huh - you think the box office results is due to her and not the marvel brand? Lol. 😅
  10. No. Stop stereotyping other races. Don’t assume we should look like the former nor the latter; you obviously have not seen enough Asian movies Or spend enough time in an Asian country. I mean I know you are trying to defend Marvel’s choice but I think your comment was very stereotypical on how Asians “should” look like in your point of view.
  11. Nah, too old to be honest. Even though I like him but he has no martial arts background and his English is not exactly great.:: plus he is already getting a lot of flake from him people in China for his participation in Shangchi (let alone if he becomes Shangchi). Plus there will be voice of boycott around the world (similar to Mulan) if you actually go dig and find out Tony Leung’s political view. =/ no one is putting attention there now because he is not the lead. I am leaning more towards Ludi Lin or Ross Butler.
  12. Yes. Liu Haoran; that is what Chinese people regard as good looking. Plus he is Chinese while Simu Liu is considered ABC and a foreigner / outsider by the Chinese netizens.
  13. This.. Immediately gave alot of people.. a very low budget / TV series type of vibe. I mean some things are not easily put into words; but this is the feeling I get and also from the many many comments I read in Mandarin in Chinese speaking countries through Marvel's various FB page.
  14. I have no doubt Mulan would have done USD500m worldwide easily even with the mixed review if it wasn't for COVID and the Disney+ release. The interest was huge; i mean it is the most pirated movie in the world last year from an article I read.
  15. I think as Asians; where we finally get a superhero that supposed here to represent us; we did not expect the stereotypical small eyes, somewhat round nose "uncle" to represent us. I mean the same criticism about looks can be seen as top comments on various Marvel Asian countries FB page. Are you an Asian by an chance? If you are not; i don't expect you to understand.. so no fault on you. Similar the higher ups in Disney and Marvel probably don't get it as well.
  16. As an Asian, I can say there are a lot of handsome Asian (Chinese) dudes.. like Ludi Lin, Ross Butler. Older guys we have Andy Lau, Donnie Yen, Aaron Kwok. But Marvel went with Simu Liu... i mean, i get where the criticism comes from.
  17. Same as in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore - the comments are not the same, but the reactions are mostly negative as well.
  18. Same thinking here. i am guessing simultaneous release in theaters and D+.
  19. The question is.. will this be on Premiere Access? @charlie Jatinder what's your bet?
  20. I mean it’s a new character... I presume there will be some sort of curiosity factor hence also inflating the views right? Or am I wrong?
  21. China may have its bias.. but i just went through the FB comments for the trailer on Chinese speaking countries - i.e. Hong Kong, Taiwan and to some extend Msia and Singapore The comments thus far quite mix to negative, mainly talking about how it looks low budget, main character is not handsome and say they don't understand why Leung would agree to be part of this movie (these people obv doesnt know Leung have not had a good movie (critically / commercially) in the last decade - their memory stuck with Infernal affairs or in the mood for love? LOL) Oh also they said Simu Lui looks like one of their local comedian (in Taiwan) and Ronnie Cheng (Msia and SG). Top comments also include some saying this will be the first MCU movie that they do not have desire watching. Let's hope next trailer is better..
  22. Does not help that China doesnt seem exactly fond of her / her style. Crazy Rich Asians flopped there; Raya was also a disappointment..
  23. Yeah and this is putting me off.. seriously. maybe lots of people are not noticing this.
  24. Ya I think any mixed reactions now won’t matter if the film is of good quality. Likewise if the film is bad, no matter how well-received the trailer is.. the legs will suck. That’s China market for you. Opening weekend now no longer means everything.
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