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  1. Relax; haha. It is a joke / sarcasm because of the way some of you overreact here. 😅 Again more defense and overreaction. Let's wait till end June and we will see. Hope I am wrong so feel free to quote me on it - more than happy to be wrong. I rather set expectations low and be surprised.
  2. This. We do not know the PA numbers and Disney is likely not gonna reveal but the numbers must be good enough to warrant a sequel.
  3. This is like a fan casting come true. LOL. Donnie Yen was trending on twitter yesterday.. due to this news.
  4. Lol, you were just saying these a few weeks back and instead of F10, we see John Wick’s team really followed the approach and cast Donnie Yen 😁 Now I am curious, will China invest in John Wick 4? And will it release in China noting all 3 previous films were not released there. I mean I understand that the production team and director cast Donnie Yen because they are huge fans of him and the first few JW films were inspired by Yen’s older films…. But casting him also opens the door to China I would think.
  5. Yeah; not much hype even when release date was announced and whoever was really interested probably seen it online. Some fans will still rewatch it in theaters i guess. If BW comes out 1 week after PA release elsewhere...then LOL...
  6. Again; in my 2nd point I mentioned countries where the pandemic is still serious and theaters are still closed. Also there are people with bigger family size and feels safer / more comfortable paying and watching at home even if a movie is playing in theaters. I think what studios are doing is giving people a choice. Some people watch movies for the theatrical experience / sound / visuals, some just wants to see the acting + plot. To each his own. I don't think it is wrong to give consumers the choice. And for those people with no choice (countries with ongoing serious
  7. This. Exactly. Most of us need to self note that we are somewhat bias because this is a Box Office Forum; and we love seeing the big BO numbers; and while some of us constantly hope for exclusive theatrical releases - we need to know that: 1) Most Studios knows that their longer term focus is on streaming and subscription services and thus a need to provide fresh content: and 2) There are a lot of people in the world who subscribe to these streaming services in anticipation for these movies there; eg: i heard a lot of complaints (here especially) about BW being a simultan
  8. Yeah; i wouldn't be surprised if they do a simultaneous release with Shang Chi if BW and Jungle Cruise does good numbers with PA.
  9. If it was that bad; they wouldn't have announced more simultaneous releases on D+ as well. Do note that Disney's longer term goal is still streaming and D+. We need to keep in mind that we all have our biases noting that this is a Box Office Forum; and BO numbers are much more transparent than streaming figures; but the Studio is not silly - if Cruella, Black Widow and Jungle Cruise does well on D+; doesnt matter what BO numbers we see, they might still push for such hybrid releases going forward.
  10. Haha. In the end the China gross is so close to Vin Diesel's other franchise - xXx3 which budget is way way way less. Edit: To be fair, xXx3 while smaller budget had a local Superstar in Donnie Yen and promotion really focused on him
  11. 🤣🤣 Ya demand isn’t that much, unlike Mulan which ever single freaking trailer trended on Weibo and the 1 week delay in release (compared to D+) basically killed it, as people who were excited / curious all watched Mulan online illegally already. I mean I just did a random search and I can’t find any pirated links for Cruella yet on any Chinese sites.
  12. Officially announced to be released in Chinese theaters on 6th June.
  13. Cruella’s China release date is 6th June; more than 1 week after it’s D+ release. How will piracy impact it… will be fun to watch.
  14. Doesn't seem like it; I am on a couple of Taiwan box office groups on Facebook.. movie fans are movie fans; and still say they are anticipating the film; there are some who say they are no longer watching it but it seems to be the minority?.. Also I don't see any major impact in HK as well thus far in terms of dailies. Drops is due to WoM + opening of Cruella; yet F9 still retained no.1 I find it funny that Liu Yifei is a Chinese who defended her country's stance and support frontliners - the HK police officers doing their job in the protests, and then we see HKers and Taiwane
  15. Didn't try to woo? Haha. Not sure about that; they have always taken Chinese market as a big deal. 1) They thought casting John Cena and making him do numerous promotional videos in Mandarin would help. 2) Also for this release, they cooked up some news about the cast facing some death threat and hence the Chinese press conference was cancelled; this cooked-up news was trending on weibo and definitely increase the awareness of the movie release. You can ask @Gavin Fengwhether the 2 points I brought up happened. Haha.
  16. At least in China, the presales (even OD to a certain extend) show the hype is still there but WoM cannot follow up. Came back down to earth because of WoM...
  17. Not sure whether you are being sarcastic or serious here. I hope it’s the former…
  18. What I meant was “Straight to Streaming / VOD” type of action films; where there are obvious cuts in between fight scenes and at least from the trailer - lack of clear / wide shot on fight scenes; hence lower my desire to watch it on the biggest screen possible.
  19. Universal Pictures Singapore officially announced the film will be delayed till 24th June; I expect Taiwan and Malaysia to do the same if not already done..
  20. Eh the trailer fell flat for me - felt like a netflix film. But I understand that the action director is Kenji Tanigaki, from Donnie Yen's stunt team. Kenji known for his work in the Rurouni Kenshin movies and one of Donnie Yen's prodigy so I have no doubt the action will be great.
  21. Malaysia cinemas are closed, Singapore announced strict restrictions / capacity cap for theaters. Spoke to a friend in the theater business here ij Singapore who said Universal Singapore has to cancel its local premiere and screening event for Fast 9 scheduled for next week..
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