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  1. 3Lives 3World 10Miles of Peach Blossom 2.85M (13days)
  2. 2017 BIFF's opening film "This Is Not What I Expected" Huang Bo's "Battle of Memories" Andy Lau's "Shocked Wave" Huang Bo's movie will be a winner.
  3. Three Lives Three World Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms July.21 I think it'll be this summer's champion. The drama version just broke most watched C-drama record with 35B views.
  4. Are you implying the success of XXX due to Deepika? KFY is typical JC's movie with very very simple plot, action-comedy and diversity of the cast. I think the reason why it had very bad review from Indian critic bc the unbalance of Kung Fu and Yoga (it's like 95% Vs 5%), and Indian is bad guy in this movie. Indian company withdrew their money from this project after a month of filming, that's why they got this unbalancing imo. Aarif Rahman shines in this movie.
  5. Yes and *no*. The movie is not bad but not good either. I enjoyed some action though. I wish he will have better HLW project. He deserves the BEST.
  6. I know one-day crown prince will take the throne. It's just a matter of time.
  7. Almost none of Chinese movie did good outside of China. So it's not new. It's bad but it should be very entertaining. If not, it could be like Buddies in India. If you are not a fan of any cast, I doubt no one wants to watch Chinese movie. Jackie Chan is still the most well-known Chinese actor outside of China. I doubt fan will care much about the rating. Good or bad, his scene still makes everyone laugh tbh. Just forget how bad it is, let just talking about its box office performance. Most of your comments sound so negative toward KFY tbh. The film is not the only bad CNY released, even the record-breaking JTTW2 didn't have good rating too.
  8. JTTW2 only stay on top for 3 days. WTF! It's so disappointed for a Stephen Chow + Tsui Hark 's film. With this performance, it won't be the highest movie of the year, probably not even for local. It's understandable that it can take over JTTW2 on its 4th day.
  9. @Olive is more clearer on this matter. I believe it's not Who is but a complicated deal.
  10. Most of films were fudged. You have more than Jackie Chan to hate on.
  11. Family trip, big dinner reunion, playing traditional games, relative visiting. Happy New Years to everyone! Good luck and get rich!
  12. It seems like something is wrong. total box office up to Wednesday is much higher than it should be. Passengers - 262 (Tue) + 12.5m = 274.5 Vs 286m Someone Like It Hot - 595 (Tue) + 11.8m = 606.8 Vs 616m Arrival - 72 + 10.65m = 72.65 Vs 87.85m Rogue One - 436 + 6.15m = 442.15 Vs 448m I believe it happens today too.
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