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  1. fastclock

    Monday's Numbers

    Thanks. Can you add SMH?
  2. I love the part in Angel Eyes where it suddenly changes the key and Amanda Seyfried starts singing, but do not love the part where it changes again and enter the refrain.
  3. Maybe Disney wants to get to 699,999,999
  4. Indonesia is pretty crazy for Marvel movies. Probably as crazy as S. Korea.. except it doesn't quite have the legs.
  5. How about a flying cat with a propeller on his head that can grant you wishes?
  6. BOM uses the current exchange rate to convert the whole revenue of a country. In China's case, the rate has dropped steadily, dropping the actual revenue. The revenue from China should be at $375M or so. So OS-China is still less than 1B.
  7. fastclock


    This should play like Harry Potter-DH1 and 2. Almost all people who have watched IW would like to see the conclusion of the story. While some deaths might be reversed, the directors and screenwriters clearly said that there would be consequences, and that would bring out curiosity factor and hype with it. Moreover, there are still impending doom to come, the end(s) of main Avengers that is more "final" than the first movie. Let's say, 2.2B.
  8. I've tried to see it. It's like watching Minions.
  9. I still do not get why people like Lego Movie. First, it's product placement whoring - and I still think it's obscene to do that. The second thing, of all the beautiful animation you can make, why do you make it look like blocky legos? Why? Why?
  10. Well, we know Tom Cruise is more popular than Pratt. Hm, is this going to make less than "The Mummy"? Less than $27M?
  11. Some possible translations for Solo? Hero, daredevil, opportunist, swashbuckler, traveler, adventurer, wanderer Swashbuckler doesn't seem too bad.
  12. Well, perhaps SH movies "help" increase SH awareness and in some sense then help each other? BP also got help from IW in the Dom. Although that one is in the same universe.
  13. This is not delving into too technical side of things. Of course, to compare apple-to-apple with other territories, we need to have everything gross (with fees). Usually it does not matter if we use the midpoint exchange rate or the company/producers' exchange rate - except in this case, it matters because it's at the $200m threshold. I don't really care whether IW got $199.7m or $200.4m, but it's a good lesson about how boxoffice dollars are being counted - so that's why it's a good discussion point.

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