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    Tuesday's Numbers: The Meg - $6.05M

    piaofang.maoyan.com You can use google translate to figure things out
  2. fastclock


    Interesting tight race between I2 and MI:F.
  3. It still has Italy, Portugal, China and Japan to release. Italy, Portugal and Japan probably can do 15-20M.
  4. fastclock


    Deadline says "Holds are strong, including in Japan where the Parr family jumped up 30% for $19.3M so far". Is it really doing USD 5m+?
  5. As long as China delivers like the first one, 600WW should be delivered. And while that might not be a big jump from the first one, it is still a pretty good jump. Only MCU can deliver sequels that score larger than the first one consistently.
  6. Why are so many "blockbuster" movies playing in South Korea at the same time? AMATW really got lucky with the release date and the fact that it had a couple of weeks to itself. Not so lucky: I2, MI:F, HT2, MM2 with AWtG, Detective Conan and a few others.
  7. With DOM: nostalgia plays a huge role with parents who watched the originals now taking their kids. Not sure OS has that in abundance.
  8. I've watched the CR movie on Saturday and it's a perfectly fine movie. Some amusing moments and a couple of moments where things become teary. So, the movie works well if Pooh is in your memory somewhere. Hence, I think that is the reason the audience score is really high. They feel connected to the movie a lot, different with the critics. Paddington, in comparison, is a well-made movie. Not many people knew about Paddington before (I didn't). So, critics may love it, but it probably doesn't get to be personal for the audience.
  9. So, considering my avatar, I should watch CR, right? Very good movie with plenty of amusing moments and some touching moments. I should remember that leaning tree forever now.
  10. fastclock

    Wednesday numbers: MI6 $6.33M

    So, let's say the cost is 10M production + $35 P&A, that means it probably needs, say $30M DOM (about $15M income), $25M international (about $10M) and $30M ancillary (about $20M) just to break even? The axiom 2xproduction budget to profit definitely would not work for the smaller budget movies, right?
  11. fastclock

    Wednesday numbers: MI6 $6.33M

    So, for a 10M budget movie like TTGM, how much would be the P+A cost?
  12. Ugh, so the second one will drop to almost half of the original? I agree that $70M is very respectable. But it does make the significant drop from the original almost certain.
  13. fastclock

    BO Germany/Austria: M:I6 stays on top

    How much will Mamma Mia make? The first one made $39M?
  14. The first one did $94M in UK. So, that is potentially a big drop. The first one did 25M in Sweden, this one will likely not reach that. So, if things work out really well maybe $500-600M. If things work out well, maybe $400-500M. At this point, the conservative prediction is a little below $400M.
  15. The sequel seems to decrease in Dom. There are still so many countries to open, including the ones that did not play the first one (China, Brazil) that it is still difficult to predict the final number. Also it is still early and we don't know the legs on this one yet. How much total do you think this one will do in the UK?
  16. Culture day -> lower ticket price? Is that the reason the $ income did not increase as much from MI5 compared to the admission increase?
  17. fastclock

    Monday's Numbers

    Thanks. Can you add SMH?
  18. That's $12.85m USD, higher than the estimated $12.1
  19. I love the part in Angel Eyes where it suddenly changes the key and Amanda Seyfried starts singing, but do not love the part where it changes again and enter the refrain.
  20. Maybe Disney wants to get to 699,999,999
  21. Indonesia is pretty crazy for Marvel movies. Probably as crazy as S. Korea.. except it doesn't quite have the legs.
  22. How about a flying cat with a propeller on his head that can grant you wishes?
  23. BOM uses the current exchange rate to convert the whole revenue of a country. In China's case, the rate has dropped steadily, dropping the actual revenue. The revenue from China should be at $375M or so. So OS-China is still less than 1B.
  24. fastclock


    This should play like Harry Potter-DH1 and 2. Almost all people who have watched IW would like to see the conclusion of the story. While some deaths might be reversed, the directors and screenwriters clearly said that there would be consequences, and that would bring out curiosity factor and hype with it. Moreover, there are still impending doom to come, the end(s) of main Avengers that is more "final" than the first movie. Let's say, 2.2B.

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