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  1. My actions. Give me a break. I said people need to pay attention. That doesn't warrant being called ignorant and a fanboy. Those actions went ignored by you. You are the moderator and NEED to do something about that as well. Instead you are a poor sorry excuse for a moderator that continues to make excuses.
  2. Tell the people that keep responding to me and calling me ignorant and a fanboy to stop also. Don't just single me out.
  3. It never fails when someone uses words like 'fanboyism' and 'overrated' when it doesn't apply. Saying the movie made sense, is not hard to follow and pay more attention has nothing to do with fanboyism. This is not that difficult of a movie to follow. You don't even know what a fanboy is so stop using a word that you don't really know what it is.
  4. I'm saying that everyone in here perceives that this movie is confusing. It's like the universal view of this movie and it's not true. And no one called you an idiot. You are calling yourself one. I just said pay attention to what is going on in the movie and it seems obvious that you didn't. Anyway I'm doing going back and forth with you. You bring nothing to this conversation except whining and more confusion then it should be.
  5. No what's incredibly ignorant is saying the movie makes no sense as the definitive view or answer for this movie. I've seen this movie twice now and it was not confusing either time. And clearly lots of people have seen Tenet and understood it perfectly fine. If you don't like a movie that makes you think a little bit and challenge you then don't go see it but stop acting like everyone was confused about this movie. They weren't.
  6. The movie has staying power with me. I loved and still can't stop thinking about it. I'm going to see it again this weekend. I know and have heard/seen many others feel the same way. And the movie makes sense you just weren't paying attention.
  7. Well you can't say that it's a massive miscalculation yet. It just came out this weekend.
  8. I've never seen Big Hero 6 but it doesn't seem very memorable to the public. I don't see many people referencing it or talking about it especially like Interstellar. I don't know it might be but I just haven't seen it.
  9. I'm still perplexed at why it has such a lower score. At the time the critics didn't love it but I see so many people that really like it and think it's one of Nolan's better films. It's not my favorite Nolan movie but it's in the upper half for sure.
  10. I kid a little bit. I actually like Reddit because I get a lot of info from many of their subs. Not the crazy subs but sports, movies, tv subs. Imdb has always seem semi-racist and sexist.
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