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  1. I really want to see it in theater. But I think I am too old for this.
  2. Disney, please stop doing this. I paid $16 + popcorn for Cinderella only want to see the Frozen short. I probably will do same this time.
  3. Hope it is not becoming a comedy! But with Depp playing clowns in every movie he is in and that ridiculous mustache, it looks more like a comedy instead of a good suspension movie. If that is true, I will stay away.

    out. Don't think it will break out.
  5. Not a superhero fan but will definitely see WW in theater. One of my friend's daughter is a big fan of WW. Will buy some WW gift for her next time visit my friend.
  6. Nowadays, you will find out that critics and audiences will score many movies very differently, specially for the ones trashed by critics. For these, only fanboys will go to cinema for them and they are very biased ones (understandable, everyone is biased towards something). For me, a casual moviegoer, it is risky to go to cinema for movies with bad reviews and I have better places to spend my money and time on or rather check them out later on the neflix or in the libraries.
  7. Enjoyed JW1 & JW2 and think I will enjoy this movie too.
  8. I am a big fan of Agatha Cristie. Poirot and Miss Marple are my favorite TV shows that I have watched many times already even I know who are the murderers.
  9. In. Feel marketing for Sing is much better than that for Moana.

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