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  1. Opening in two weeks here. I'm not expecting more than € 6-7m.
  2. Very good saturday, if we consider the big match against Spain in the evening (8.4m viewers).
  3. Yes but when we didn't have a superhero movie every month. These movies keeps making a lot of money only in english speaking countries, for many reason. For example, there are british or australian actors in every of these movies, but the main reason is that audience is different. Italians don't go to the movies like before (we are talking about 110-120m tickets per year now, which is nothing), but for example we watch a lot of television and in some way or another people sees the movies or tv shows. Piracy for movies here is huge. And Netflix came only in 2015 lol.
  4. 13m for a movie which came out in the middle of August is something unrepeatable. Italians dont like hollywood blockbuster, they never did. Maybe 50-60 years ago, when italian industry was at its top and it was normal for The Godfather to take 21m italians to the cinema (today it would be almost 140m euros). But they weren't blockbuster yet, they were only huge movies. Local movies now can do also 50-60-70m (like Quo Vado), but huge hollywood franchises will always do max 25-30m (Star Wars 7) when they are very very lucky. Superheroes bored almost everyone, who knows if Avengers will pass 10m next year. Anyway as I said, Homecoming will be the worst Spidey here. Huge release as every superhero movie, like if they don't know how much the movie will gross. 800 screens and something like 30 person per show.
  5. 92k adm for its OD, which makes only €632k. Italy have never loved so much superheroes, but now it's more clear than ever. Wonder Woman made only € 3m.
  6. € 19.0m Spider-Man 2 (2004) € 18.0m Spider-Man 3 (2007) € 16.1m Spider-Man (2002) € 11.8m The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) € 9.1m The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Homecoming will be the worst I think. Maybe it could pass Amazing 2, but if it does very well. I see a 3m OW and 8m by the end of the summer.
  7. TF5 is at € 2.0M. Awful opening (€ 1.8M OW), the worst of the series. TF4 earned almost € 9.0M three years ago, impossible to reach for this one. POTC5 is at € 11.8M. Also for this series, the worst chapter of the franchise. WW € 3.15M. The Mummy is at € 3.8M Anyway, SIAE released the complete and definitive 2016 top 10 adm: QUO VADO? 9.964.606PERFETTI SCONOSCIUTI 2.893.013ALLA RICERCA DI DORY 2.541.665 (Finding Dory)PETS VITA DA ANIMALI 2.387.741ANIMALI FANTASTICI E DOVE TROVARLI 2.287.197 (Fantastic Beasts)REVENANT REDIVIVO 2.178.269INFERNO 1.918.450ZOOTROPOLIS 1.909.030 (Zootropia)SUICIDE SQUAD 1.828.436IL LIBRO DELLA GIUNGLA 1.725.364 (The Jungle Book)
  8. Very poor saturday, but yesterday Juve-Real collected 14m people in front of the TV.
  9. BATB € 20.410.588 - 3.194.850 ADM FAST8 € 13.882.614 - 1.921.960 ADM GOTG2 € 4.600.000 THE CIRCLE € 1.170.000 BABY BOSS € 5.200.000 DEMAIN TOUT COMMENCE € 4.400.000
  10. FAST SAGA Fast 8 just crossed Fast 6 and is in 2nd place now: F7 € 18.68M F8 € 12.90M F6 € 12.88M F5 € 10.90M F4 € 8.32M F3 € 3.35M F1 € 2.80M F2 € 2.74M It should finish at € 14M, more or less. GOTG After 3 days Vol. 2 is at € 2.14M
  11. APR 25 (holiday) GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2: € 1.200.086 - 157.531 ADM BABY BOSS: € 776.666 - 114.968 ADM DEMAIN TOUT COMMENCE: € 516.386 - 74.097 ADM FAST & FURIOUS 8: € 516.301 - 68.407 ADM LA TENEREZZA: € 232.328 - 35.247 ADM SMURFS: € 98.450 - 14.162 ADM MOGLIE E MARITO: € 93.004 - 13.403 ADM LASCIATI ANDARE: € 86.181 - 12.932 ADM PATRIOTS DAY: € 75.663 - 10.752 ADM BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: € 60.315 - 8.261 ADM BATB € 20.328.907 - 3.181.429 adm FAST € 12.359.680 - 1.700.982 adm
  12. In opened yesterday here (holiday) Italy OD € 1.200.086 - 157.531 adm. GOTG1 OD 0.3M
  13. F8 OW + Easter Monday 995.925 adm - € 7.454.148 F8 Easter Monday 162.005 adm - € 1.251.847 F7 OW + Easter Monday 1.262.555 adm - € 9.238.689

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