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  1. Battle of the Five Armies grossed virtually the same as Smaug WW. WB made a big profit and everyone knew it was going to drop domestically anyway. Not a big disappointment. This is going to struggle to reach 1B lol.
  2. This has flop written all over it. The public is not here for these fairy tale sequels.
  3. It's still so hilarious to me how JJ Abrams is hailed as some kind of "visionary" and a "genius" when all he's done is create that overblown overrated TV show and rip off, I'm sorry, "reimagine" already-established franchises.
  4. Too famous, it would be distracting. Although she does have that disturbing, skeletal alien look.
  5. Pissney's prolefeed wins once again. At least they will get their karma next year with a slate full of flops while Warner Bros (the only real movie studio left) puts out quality like Tenet and Dune.
  6. Christmas has become a gold mine for musicals. In the past few years we've had Les Miserables, Into the Woods, The Greatest Showman, Mary Poppins Returns, and La La Land all make $100m+. This will follow suit. Yes people are complaining that it looks weird. So what, they'll get used to it and it will work in its favour; it makes the film stand out so much. It looks like an event.
  7. It honestly looks spectacular. Like true Hollywood movie magic. Yes some of the face effects look a bit goofy (especially poor JHud) but they still have 5 months to fine-tune the effects.
  8. He should be playing a European terrorist instead. There are plenty of cases in real life to draw inspiration from in the past 2-3 years!
  9. I'm gay and a total hoe and get more sex than probably this entire forum combined so I have no horse in this race, but can we stop using "incel" as an insult? I don't like the fact that it's now socially acceptable to shame men for not having tons of sex all the time. It's really regressive and just plain cruel and mean-spirited. Also, neither Brie nor Daisy hold a candle to Carrie Fisher so...
  10. BEYONCE alone will make this gross $600m+ domestic. It's THE LION KING. It's DISNEY. This is a film the world NEEDED.
  11. I was trolling lol. This is going to decrease massively from The Last Jedi. Sub $400M total is very possible.
  12. I think it could do over $800M domestic. People will go CRAZY if the Emperor is revealed in the next trailer. It's STAR WARS after all.
  13. The movie cost like $250 million and it's photo-realistic animals like we have never seen before. They look like they are supposed to look: like real animals. This is a movie that needed to get made.
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