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  1. I was quite excited about this but I just hated that teaser. Hope they can sell it to me with the full one or else...
  2. I wouldn't put my hopes too high. It could be a First look and a cover.
  3. Or an entire new movie? Haven't forgotten Olivia Munn saying that "dark Phoenix's a two parter" https://www.cbr.com/x-men-dark-phoenix-may-be-a-two-parter-olivia-munn-says/
  4. A ton of stuff on a (reported) 10m budget?
  5. Official synopsis: “Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, Pet Sematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family’s new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (Lithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.”
  6. And we still don't know who are going to play Gage and Ellie...
  7. A District 3 Engineer

    RED SPARROW | 104.7 M overseas ● 151.6 M worldwide

    Finally Crossed $150m WW. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $46,864,207 31.2% + Foreign: $103,323,799 68.8% = Worldwide: $150,188,006
  8. I love reading comments like these ones:
  9. #Deadpool2 is trending nationwide.
  10. 71% on metacritic based on 30 reviews (no negative, lowest rating is 50%) http://www.metacritic.com/movie/deadpool-2/critic-reviews 9.2 on imdb based on 1819 votes.
  11. Don't know what you think but I can see this getting an Oscar nom for costume design, it's fantastic.

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