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  1. i'm glad to here that but i do not think Asian actors can get big role in hollywood blockbuster. it's just a small role. Ex : Fan Bingbing get very short time on screen in X-Men : DOFP However, Small role is better than no role WHAT... if Vin Diesel want to include China actors in FF8 (just want to make more money), i just wish him consider for Chinese actress instead. it's great if she is Fan Bingbing.
  2. it's too hard to make the right prediction on CBO. it always give me surprise. Running Man, make 433m yuan / $70m , just a reality TV show Macau 2 take CNY 2015 BO champion beating Jackie Chan's DB & Fantasy movie Zhong Kui (disappointed) Wolf Warriors, only expect 100m+ but now 500m+ est FF7 will be #1 all time grosser, beating TF4 ...etc... just wait to see other surprised thing happen next. can not imagine what going on?
  3. Midnight record OD record Single Day record ... F&F7, really is a monster No surprise if F&F 8 really film in China can't imagine how so fast growing happen to China Box Office? BO target 2015? maybe it's easy...? Is it possible, F&F 7 more than TA 2 in China? Paul Walker
  4. If so congrats, Paul Walker i think only Fan Bingbing "Ever Since We Love" seem to do big. But Murmur of the Hearts is also good. Johnny Depp "Mortdecai"?
  5. what the great release date Summer will see SPL II June.18 The Ark of Mr.Chow June.19 Hollywood Adventure June. 26 The Monk July. 3 Monster Hunt July. 16 Tiny Times 4 July. ? if JW get June. 12, Fant4stic July. 8, etc... it's so competitive. Just wish this summer domestic can do well & wasn't dominated by imports as 2014 (TF4)
  6. Wu Jing " Wolf Warriors " gonna take top box office this week
  7. Nicholas Cage & Heyden Christensen make outcast to be my goddess Lui Yifei's worst film ever :(
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