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  1. I think it is very slow in the night on weekday, so 90M should be the first target
  2. I believe it is slow down a bit to 18M/hour, so it should be 182 at 6PM and then 20( 7pm )+23(8pm)+15(9pm)+10(10pm) = 250M However, this is just my opinion and I hope i am wrong and go with your number
  3. I think Spider man, Mary Poppins, Bumblebee and Aquaman will do very well due to reaction review so far. I just worry about Mortal Engins which is going to fail in BO. Hope all do fine.
  4. I thought they have a long term deal with Universal till 2019. That why I'm curious
  5. Why Universal let the distribution WW to Warner? This might be big mistake
  6. Any reaction from recent test screening
  7. If anyone knows world premier for this movie.. I wanna know somw reaction, hope it's worth seeing.
  8. Daniel R‏ @DanielRPK ติดตามติดตาม @DanielRPK เพิ่มเติม BREAKING: Multiple sources saying WB at it again 120 minutes cut from #Aquaman the movie is now only 20 minutes long. Well good effing job @wbpictures I'm done with your branded ass! Is it true??
  9. Any possibilities to release Crazy Rich Asian in China??

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