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Happy Summer Movie Season. Play the summer game.


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  1. Any tracking for Aquaman to open this weekend
  2. Last time when they announced His untitle movie as a new project, did anyone remember how long they reveal it is A world war movie name Dunkirk
  3. But I hope it follow National Treasure daily -10% on Wed to be around 19
  4. might be walk up people? Anyone else can share theater around your area
  5. I think it is very slow in the night on weekday, so 90M should be the first target
  6. I believe it is slow down a bit to 18M/hour, so it should be 182 at 6PM and then 20( 7pm )+23(8pm)+15(9pm)+10(10pm) = 250M However, this is just my opinion and I hope i am wrong and go with your number
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