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  1. that 500m increase is all from inflation and china growth since 2012. It sold the same amount of tickets WW-China. CBO has grown 400% since 2012, so did TA to IW. Its technically flat.
  2. I2 pacing to high 50s for Sat. 140m/$21.5m OW JW2 to 90m+ today 220m/$34m 2nd WE 1316m/$204m total IW to 1m, 2.4m/$370k 7th WE 2383m/$374.7m @ 6.36 XR. Will finish at 2388m/$375.5m
  3. Player sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nK2Bq39WpOqmYmz1N3vcMjuQRA7Bs8nW2SsoDM__BKQ/edit?usp=sharing Rank https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HsB5juBPoFZRjsPFh2kKZRlDl9DeFKi53hbM5zBlOFU/edit?usp=sharing
  4. possible, but it will need to hold well next weekend against Animal World. My target is 1550/$238m
  5. JW2 made 55m today. That gets the weekend over 210m and the midweek to 80m. Just needs to make 110m after that to 1500m. Not a problem I2 Sat PS heading to 11m+, 55-65m saturday incoming. 145m/$22m weekend. Not blowing up but it will make 300-350m/$45-53m Total
  6. I2 heading to high 20s OD, possibly 30m+. A 150-200% bump tomorrow would be indicative of a breakout. FD bumped 105% PS will need to get to 13m+ for a 70m+ saturday up 150% its at 5m now running at 400k per hour. That rate takes it to 9.5m. Lets see if WoM spreads and kicks up that run rate I2 will keep all its shows tomorrow, 24%, I guess they are looking for a big bump, Animal World previews will get its shows from other movies Low 9's wont get into the $1b club but it could get it to the 600-800m range @firedeep suggested. Back to 9.2. I think it stabilized A dog's purpose was 8.9 rated. It opened to 23m and made 607m/$90m IW is tracking high 40s and will be close to flat DoD
  7. PS are flat from yesterday, should do at least Y47m 200m/$30m+ second weekend -73%
  8. JW2 following my projection closely. It made 20m/$3m more on Sunday. Today was stronger at 47.4m, tomorrow may not bump, it'll be 47-52m. JW bumped 90% on its Saturdays but there is a large preview this Saturday, perhaps a 60% bump and a tight hold on sunday incoming F 50 S 80 S 70 with both Sundays stronger than I thought, $230m+ is likely now, beating JW
  9. 3x OW will be tough unless it has a high PTA. Summer season starting next weekend for local films with two large openers. It will lose 75% of shows on Friday but will regain some shows if it has a high density I2 PS heading to 7.5m. 115% gain. Maybe there is a little buzz with the large OW in domestic. Its going to open bigger than the average toon. $25m+ likely MN is just 300k, not sure if we'll get a Maoyan rating tonight
  10. Could be 5x PS. 4x is closer to the norm. FD bumped 110% on Saturday with mixed WoM. I2 will lose a few percent of it shows on Saturday to a preview and may bounce smaller unless it has good WoM. 200% bump possible if it has great WoM. My 100m est is conservative with much room for improvement
  11. I2 increased good today. Should hit 6m tomorrow and do 24m OD. Maybe 100m/$15m OW
  12. My=Maoyan. I changed it to Mao. FD is 8.5 JW tracking high 60s. 66% DoD drop PotC dropped 65%
  13. Small toon openers. Zoo is not Pixar but I threw it in to show what a High rating can do to a small opener. I think I2 will need a 9.4 if it is going to do 600-800m/$90-120m Mao Rating OW Total IO 9.0 52m 97m/$15m Cars 8.8 72m 137m/$20m FD 8.5 120m 254m/$40m Coco 9.6 119m 1212m/$185m Zoo 9.5 115m 1528m/$233m I2 ?? DM3 had a big fan base and big minion market push, opened up at 444m/$70m, 1038m/$156m total, 8.8 rating Dangal opened with 86m finished with 1299m/$198m with a 9.8 rating
  14. And it might have hit $300m if it didn't have a quiet 3rd act. Once we heard of the third act, the low douban rating from neighboring countries and PS not popping, those expectations were toned down a week out. That's why we track

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