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  1. Player sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yrqPS3VF2l8hONlQ-CinBsEIdeUUrVl_1olCd7OPy7w/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Player sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uBnSDf2oVeMa-OJ8XwEHa-CtSgA__MIf5zYYwXlQZTM/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Player sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x_ca2ptP46hQobdWKH0Pi8lp7gLGC52KJ_MZ4NbnVnU/edit?usp=sharing
  4. they have 55,000 screens now. They need all the tent poles they can get to keep them solvent. The PTA has dropped with the slower growth for the last 3 years
  5. yup. 8 rating. HMM having standard holiday drops, maybe 688m/$100m Project Gutenberg, 8.9, is having a small break out with dailies increasing and will try for 1B River is recovering from 3m on Sunday to 15m on Tues. heading to 400m/$60m+ Still no HLWD releases scheduled for Oct
  6. i dont see it listed yet Local releases dont get this thread going much these days unless its a new high like WW2 @Olive does Predator or Venom have dates yet?
  7. New Releases Taking 97% of shows. I'm surprised they didn't give a bit more to River to try and leg. 3 more releases on the 1st, Maybe it gets some shows back in a few days. 96m PS for the holiday OD. Not huge and doesn't warrant 97% of shows. MI6 doesn't look to be extended. Will finish at 1244m/$182m This thread is the deadest I've seen in 3 years and may continue to be. I think the next big HLWD release is in Nov- FB2 unless Predator get a release
  8. You have a shot at first to worst
  9. Player sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IKA2wiJLgaiT-R0caFITShKGkP8gqGg-l98PL9m3zGY/edit?usp=sharing
  10. The battle started early this year with AM2 and MI6 opening in late august Last year didn't see a big late august release then Apes3 and Spidey fought it out in early Sept
  11. Mid Autumn Festival boosting BO on Sunday. Most films bumped Cry me bumped 100% Saturday, big for a local new release, and bumped the biggest on Sunday, 50%+. WoM gaining traction. If 2 of 3 of the holiday releases fade hard next week it could do well. Weekend Est Golden Job 156m OW. 8.6 Rating and looks to fade hard with weak Sat and Sun holds and will disappear for the holiday Cry Me 78m OW 9.1 Rating dailies should hold flat this week as WoM spreads, it will take a hit next Sunday, but could get shows back quickly MI6 48m/$7m -44% 1194m/$174.8m. Heading to 1230m/$179m when Holiday starts. Its holding well with the highest PTA on the weekend. its shows went from 4.8% on Friday to 7.9% today and it still had the highest PTA for Sunday. Will have 9% shows tomorrow. MI6 shows will get knocked down to 1% next Sunday but should gain some shows back and could make 1-2m per day for the 7 day holiday if ext. 1250m/$182m still possible if ext Death Wish- Goog Trans(Tiger gallbladder😅) made just 13.4m/$2m. Guess Bruce doesn't rank with Sly, Arnold, Vinny and Rock. AM2 2.3m/$350k -72% 831m/$122m. Not sure if it was extended. Just 833-835m/$122.5m if so. 19% increase from AM1 Meg 260k/$38k Made it to 1050m/$153.6m and thats about all HTT3 finishing its run at 221m/$32.3m. 60% increase from HTT2
  12. Player sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E25u43qIIRopJ3uEs1QuJyL-5h6uyZeUcEDami34aBM/edit?usp=sharing
  13. DHD - late Fri Box Office Pro Sat Studio Estimates Deja23 48.07 Deja23 93.65 Deja23 94.08 ChipMunky 47.06 ChipMunky 90.85 ChipMunky 92.72 Tower 44.35 lilmac 90.18 WrathOfHan 92.30 Rolling Thunder 44.33 POTUS 89.78 POTUS 91.73 kayumanggi 44.32 WrathOfHan 89.27 Rolling Thunder 91.26 POTUS 44.16 Bates 88.90 The Fast and the Furiosa 90.82 lilmac 43.92 The Fast and the Furiosa 88.79 lilmac 89.94 PanaMovie 43.54 Exxdee 88.48 Bates 89.53 boxofficeth 43.12 Rolling Thunder 88.42 Sheikh 89.35 Exxdee 43.01 Tower 88.34 kayumanggi 88.97 Sheikh 42.99 Sheikh 88.03 TalismanRing 88.71 WrathOfHan 42.95 TalismanRing 88.03 Exxdee 88.58 The Fast and the Furiosa 42.92 kayumanggi 87.59 8wombi7 88.31 Bates 42.86 8wombi7 87.13 Keanu 88.02 8wombi7 42.41 PanaMovie 86.60 Wildbill 87.88 Zeverly Hills Cop 42.40 Keanu 86.37 PanaMovie 87.83 TalismanRing 42.21 Wildbill 85.66 boxofficeth 87.48 Keanu 42.11 boxofficeth 85.31 Zeverly Hills Cop 87.11 TheXper 41.23 Zeverly Hills Cop 85.25 BobDole 86.29 Lights Camera Action 40.07 TheXper 84.93 Tower 86.25 Wildbill 39.92 BobDole 83.10 TheXper 86.24 Fancyarcher 39.16 Lights Camera Action 82.44 Lights Camera Action 84.16 BobDole 38.43 Fancyarcher 81.44 Fancyarcher 82.64 ZeeSoh 36.80 Simionski 80.46 JMorphin 82.18 Simionski 36.54 Litio 80.28 ZeeSoh 81.90 Wrath 36.23 ZeeSoh 80.13 Litio 81.67 JMorphin 35.77 JMorphin 79.84 Simionski 81.52 Litio 35.70 Wrath 77.95 Wrath 79.14 sloth 35.03 sloth 68.15 sloth 70.39 dXairdryZid 0.00 dXairdryZid 0.00 dXairdryZid 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
  14. Weekend Est MI6 83.0M/$12.1M -62% 1109m/$162m still on track for 1200m/$175m 1250m/$182m possible w ext Ant-man 2 8.2M/$1.2M, 825m/$121m will finish at 835m/$122.5m The Meg 720k/$105k, 1049m/$153.5m crawl to 1050m/$153.6m

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