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  1. The Numbers have these figures but have no idea how up-to-date they are: Cats (2019) Theatrical Performance Domestic Box Office $26,781,835 Details International Box Office $34,908,181 Details Worldwide Box Office $61,690,016
  2. Well well, Parasite crossed $3M! 58.8M lc. Amazing. Frozen 2 is up to 552.8M lc, Jumanji 2 at 380.4M lc and Star Wars 9 is out of the Top 10 🙃
  3. Don't think it's going to reach $30M. $29M may be the high end. We'll know more in a couple of hours when the weekend actuals are released.
  4. This is the info from Deadline: Overall, the drop this session was 42% while China increased by 41% in a slow weekend ahead of Chinese New Year. Spain was off by just 25%, Germany down 29%, France 35% and Japan 44% but still No. 2. China leads all markets at $121.9M, followed by Japan ($114.4M), Korea ($97.1M), UK ($67.3M) and Germany ($58M).
  5. Deadline: Ford V Ferrari (DIS): $1.2M intl weekend (16 markets); $102.9M intl cume ($215.8M global).
  6. Deadline: Knives Out (LGF): $3.3M intl weekend (65 markets); $131M intl cume ($277.9M global)
  7. Deadline: Disney’s Frozen 2 has now crossed $1.4B worldwide, and will soon pass Avengers: Age Of Ultron to become the No. 10 movie ever.
  8. Deadline: Universal’s very costly talking animals movie Dolittle is in its second official weekend overseas after a strong start in Korea last session (it is now at $10.6M there). The current overall frame was worth $17.2M in 42 markets for a $27.3M international cume before a host of majors chime in. The UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Mexico, France, Brazil, Russia, China and Japan are all yet to come.
  9. Bad Boys for Life opens at #1 with a solid $3.8M, while 1917 had a #2 $1.4M OW. Jumanji 2 passed $20M, while Spies in Disguise reached $5.8M after a light 38% drop. Can't wait for Parasite's numbers.
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