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  1. Ford vs Ferrari is getting great reviews, but we know that means nothing to the audience 🙃 If there's awareness, I say 20M lc is reasonable. I like the title for Latin America, Contra lo imposible. In Europe it's called Le Mans '66... Local movie Placa de acero is getting the lion share of screens for new releases, 3 times more than FvF or Midway.
  2. Not sure, it was previously reported as Panama. Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad (Caribbean) and Venezuela are also missing for Joker, but totals for them show in other movies.
  3. Totals of Joker per country, as per Mojo. Chile is missing 😑 Latin America Market Release Date Opening Gross Argentina Oct 3, 2019 $1,589,897 $8,400,000 Bolivia Oct 3, 2019 $431,004 $757,579 Brazil Oct 3, 2019 $7,273,326 $34,603,841 Colombia Oct 3, 2019 – $8,400,000 Mexico Oct 4, 2019 $13,497,517 $43,720,224 Paraguay Oct 3, 2019 $145,053 $464,473 Uruguay Oct 3, 2019 $99,980 $511,517
  4. Joker is now the #3 cbm in Mexico (lc), only behind Endgame and Infinity War.
  5. Well well well. On its fourth week, Maleficent 2 returns at the top of the weekend chart with 32.5M lc (about $1.7M). Is this the first time this happens, @Carlangonz? @carlsalf Doctor Sleep's OW was just 27.3M lc.
  6. Joker should have passed Avengers in lc, total is $42.8M. Looks like a good weekend again for Maleficent 2, it's now up to $22M - close to 420M lc. Hasta la vista, Terminator. Just $5.0M total, less than 100M lc. Dr. Sleep opened to $1.5M.
  7. More data: Frozen did about 95M in Latin America: 27% Mexico, 23% Brazil, 13% Venezuela, 12% Argentina. With the ER shenanigans, Frozen II should aim for a 75-80M total in the region; anything over that should be a great achievement.
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