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  1. I'd love to see Wick 3 winning the weekend! What's your forecast for Engame's FFS? Could it make 40M lc? Weekdays were 38.5M lc.
  2. La Llorona crawled all the way to 200M lc, scarily good legs! Frida 2 is also doing great, but may not reach Nosotros Los Nobles for the #2 position. Have a good feeling for the Disney releases. The last X-Men movie was a let-down box-office wise, so no idea if Dark Phoenix will rebound.
  3. Latest from Mojo: Domestic: $110,823,289 32.2% + Foreign: $233,100,000 67.8% = Worldwide: $343,923,289
  4. These are the latest numbers I could find in the-numbers.com. That's less than half of what the original movie did 15 years ago. Not being reported elsewhere so this will be the last update. Domestic Box Office $21,876,956 International Box Office $18,147,358 Worldwide Box Office $40,024,314
  5. Well well, looks like Team Rocket was meddling with the box office. Detective Pikachu may have been overestimated, Canacine is reporting 78.1M lc weekend for a 82.7M lc total (including Thu previews). That'd be about $4.3M. That means Endgame repeated at #1 with a 1,326M lc total, 21.7M tickets sold.
  6. Deadline: Endgame is now the highest grossing all-time industry release across Latin America ($238M).
  7. 4.4M lc Thu night previews for Pikachu, about $0.25M. CANACINE reports 1,243M lc for Endgame, 20.2M tickets. Disney has it at $65.3M.
  8. $64.6M by Wednesday for Avengers 4, about 1230M lc. The sub-million days came earlier than I thought.
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