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  1. At the end, it was Ghostbusters and Gucci who were close for the #2 position, with the afterlife winning by just 1.5M lc. Meanwhile, some updated totals and positions in the yearly chart. 02 502,200,000 Venom: Let There Be Carnage --> becomes the 38th movie to cross 500M lc. 05 307,200,000 Eternals 14 105,600,000 Ghostbusters: Afterlife 20 64,400,000 Encanto
  2. Crosses 600M OS, as per Deadline: No Time To Die (UNI/MGM): $3.64M intl weekend (95 markets); $604.4M intl cume/$764M global.
  3. Encanto up to $3M (will it reach 100M lc?) and Eternals is at $14.9M. But who cares with these news from Deadline: Awaited with a fever pitch, SM: NWH took $7M in Mexico during the first 24 hours tickets were available last week. That’s a new milestone, coming in 40% above Avengers: Endgame.
  4. BoxOfficePro: The studio reports that in Colombia, Encanto is already the sixth-highest-grossing animated release of all time and the highest-grossing animated film of the pandemic era. Total is $5.9M.
  5. BoxOfficePro reports that the Top markets are Korea ($26.8M), the U.K. ($19.3M), France ($15.6M), Mexico ($14.9M), Brazil ($12.1M) and Australia ($10.7M).
  6. Encanto and Ghostbusters are neck and neck in screens this weekend, with the lower ticket prices for the Disney movie wonder if it can keep the top spot. House of Gucci doing well in big cities.
  7. That'd be an amazing result! No other movie has crossed the 10M audience threshold since Frozen 2 in 2019. It's been a while.
  8. Weekend numbers: Encanto 32.6M lc 😶, Ghostbusters 23.5M lc, Gucci 21.1M lc. By next Sunday Eternals should pass 300M lc and Venom 2 500M lc.
  9. Deadline: There’s a new milestone out of the UK for James Bond. No Time To Die has now surpassed Spectre to become the second biggest 007 movie ever and the third highest-grossing title of all time in the market. The cume there is $129.9M.
  10. Deadline: Notably in Italy, Eternals has become the highest grossing film of the pandemic (surpassing No Time To Die).
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