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  1. Nun weekend report: Mexico remains the film's top international market with $17 million.
  2. Purple Minion


  3. Nun update from Deadline: Top Friday grosses were as follows: Mexico: $1.1m, rank No. 1, with 64% share of the Top 5 pics. Cume to date is $14.8M and it’s the best market for The Nun given Bichir’s stardom in the territory.
  4. Purple Minion


    From Deadline: The Nun is the top opening weekend for a horror film in 19 markets including Brazil, Indonesia, Spain and the UAE. It is also the best of all Conjuring movies in 45, including the above plus Mexico, the UK, Germany and Holland. And for WB, it’s the biggest opening weekend of 2018 in 26 markets including Brazil, Spain, Sweden and Indonesia. Latin America and South East Asia lean into horror, and they were devout here. In Latin America, the regional gross is $27.5M with Mexico ($10.7M) and Brazil ($6.8M) first to the altar. The Asia region took vows of $24M, led by Indonesia ($7.7M) and India ($5.2M) to give WB its biggest opening weekends ever in those markets. In Europe and the Middle East, the $22M launch was led by the UK ($5.2M) and Spain ($3.3M) with France, Italy and Russia screaming in next frame
  5. Great start for The Nun! From Deadline: In Latin America, the regional gross is $27.5M with Mexico ($10.7M) and Brazil ($6.8M) first to the altar
  6. Boo. So IT should remain safe at 491.6M lc. More info about The Nun from Deadline: The $10.7M launch on 3,967 screens repped 87% of the Top 5 films and claimed the 3rd highest opening weekend ever for a WB film. El Meg reached $20M!
  7. There you go, massive $10.7M OW for The Nun, about 205M lc. Could this become an unexpected member of the 500M lc club?
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  9. Purple Minion

    Jurassic World II OS Thread


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