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  1. Screendaily reports: Tomb Raider opened at #1,$2.15M; Peter Rabbit #2 with $1.4M. Black Panther now up to $26M (about 485M lc?)
  2. The Shape of Water OS Thread

  3. 9 million tickets sold by 14th March by local movies; on track to break all-time records!
  4. COCO | 548.5 M overseas ● 757.7 M worldwide

    Before Japan's release, as per Mojo: Domestic: $208,840,284 27.9% + Foreign: $540,010,749 72.1% = Worldwide: $748,851,033
  5. Mojo: Domestic: $167,614,558 43.1% + Foreign: $221,295,439 56.9% = Worldwide: $388,909,997
  6. More international markets as per Screendaily: $25.2m in France, $24.6m in Mexico, $17.6m in Germany, $17m in Russia, $12.3m in Taiwan, $12.1m in Indonesia, $9.7m in Malaysia, $9.6m in India, $9.2m in the Philippines.

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