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  1. Local movie Veinteañera Divorciada y Fantástica jumps to #1 with just... 3.8M lc, about $150K. #10 made less than $10K. Ouch. This may be the latest report from Canacine for a while. Keep safe everyone.
  2. China is slowly getting back to normal, they may do a re-release or sumtin'.
  3. Screendaily: Sonic The Hedgehog grossed $2.9m from 58 markets to stand at $160.7m following a 76% drop that is unsurprising given the closure of or reduced capacity in the world’s cinemas due to the coronavirus pandemic. China and Japan release dates had not been set at time of writing.
  4. Pixar has another movie coming in the summer, and bet they were not anticipating a situation like this two months ago.
  5. $1.2M OW for Blodshot. If it opened at #1, that means Onward imploded. UPDATE: It opened at #2. The latest Pixar movie repeats on top and reached $5M. At least it crossed 100M lc, small consolation. Invisible Man not that far behind at $4.9M. Call of the Wild is now at $4.1M.
  6. Weekly numbers are out and they are no as bad as I feared. But low nonetheless. Onward barely reached 77M lc.
  7. ER in Mexico was 21.70 this morning, down to 20.60 now. ER in Brazil has been hovering around 4.70. Eek. ER in Argentina reached 62. Nonetheless, Onward did terrible.
  8. Screendaily: The Invisible Man’s international running total swelled by $17.3m to $45.6m, while the global tally climbed by $32.4m to reach $98.3m with the $100m target in sight within a day or two. The genre remake starring Elisabeth Moss opened in 18 markets led by Russia on $1.4m for fourth place, Malaysia on $700,000 for first place, and Netherlands on $500,000 for third. The UK delivered the top hold on $2.1m for $6.6m, and in other second-weekend business, Australia generated $1.5m for $3.6m, and France $1.5m for $4.1m.
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