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  1. $0.5M Tue for CM, $25.7M total. This close to 500M lc!
  2. Bloody hell, according to reports CM did $2.4M on Monday for $25.2M total! Mon played like a Sun!
  3. Purple Minion


    Mon should be higher in Mexico due to a bank holiday.
  4. Top 50 All Time (lc) 37 456,422,886 How To Be a Latin Lover (2017)38 456,202,985 Fast and Furious 6 (2013) 39 443,200,000 Captain Marvel (2019)40 440,151,500 The Boss Baby (2017)41 435,600,000 Transformers 4 (2014)
  5. Most probably joined the all time Top 40 lc club today, kicking Transformers 4 out. Next SH movies in line: Venom and Justice League.
  6. As per Screendaily, Captain Marvel is #1 in all territories with a 48% drop on its second weekend. Brazil and Mexico alone have grossed $46.7M out of its $75M total.
  7. Purple Minion


  8. Purple Minion


  9. Those two are going to be a delight! Disney reports $22.4M total for CM, a 54% drop.
  10. So $22.0-$22.5M total up to Sunday for CM, with Monday bank holiday to come. Intrigued on which ER Disney is going to use in their reports.
  11. With admissions stalling, I'm sure theatre chains are looking to increase ticket prices by improving the experience. How's the buzz for Hobbs & Shaw? Another 500M+ lc?
  12. I'd love a decent jocho with my movie! Not sure about the chicken wings, those seats will have to be cleaned thoroughly every night.

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