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  1. 3 weeks at the top for The Witches, $2.3M with the best ER in months. Peninsula again runner up, getting close to $1M.
  2. Good opening (all things considered) for The Witches remake, $823K as per reports.
  3. Nuevo Orden opens at #1 with about $400K. The only movie that has passed $60M lc in the past months is New Mutants, still at #5.
  4. According to Boxoffice Pro, Tenet had a great 26% drop. The same article mentions that Disney will not report weekend gross until their next big release 😶 Is there any scheduled for the rest of 2020 in the country, or are all moved to 2021?
  5. From BoxOfficeReport: Internationally, The New Mutants took in an estimated $3.8 million this weekend from 36 markets. That brings the film's international total to $14.0 million and current global take to $29.3 million. This weekend saw The New Mutants start with 4-day debuts of $0.4 million in both Germany and South Korea. Additional international totals by market for The New Mutants include $2.3 million in France, $1.5 million in the United Kingdom, $1.1 million in Mexico, $1.1 million in Spain and $0.8 million in Russia.
  6. It's going to benefit from a 5-day OW, opens on the 16th which is National Independence Day. From what I can see, OK number of screens with high ticket prices. Unless things go really wrong, it should be the first $1M+ OW after the re-opening.
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