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  1. From Deadline: " In Latin America, the drop (for A:IW) was 58% regionally with the total for the group of markets $208M. It is now the biggest movie ever across the region in admissions. It will become the highest grossing release of all time Tuesday. Thor, Cap, Iron Man and company have bragging rights to starring in the biggest release in industry history in Brazil, Mexico, Central America, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. "
  2. $3.58M estimate for DP2 second weekend. That's 40% higher than Solo's OW.
  3. $58.8M total for IW (passed Coco on USD as well) and $15.9M for DP2.
  4. Solo opened with a horrible $2.5M. The force is not strong with this one...
  5. King Miguel is dead, long live king Thanos! (only to be dethroned by Avengers 4 next year)

    'Solo: A Star Wars Story' heading towards $300m-plus global bow https://www.screendaily.com/news/solo-a-star-wars-story-heading-towards-300m-plus-global-bow/5129594.article
  7. This would be the table with record holders (hope I didn't miss any). Don't have Titanic's first run totals, but it would have hold the crown back in 1999.

    Release calendar, as per Screendaily. Early forecasts = $300M+ WW OW. SOLO lands in France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Indonesia, Philippines on Wednesday. Thursday brings debuts in the UK, Russia, South Korea, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Austria, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Argentina, most of Latin America, and most smaller European territories. China is the expected highlight on Friday, which also sees debuts in Mexico, Spain, India, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam. Japan is the only major territory not opening this weekend and receives the tentpole on June 29.
  9. It's remarkable how similar trends can be found from Baja California to Patagonia: Super Heroes and Animated Movies dominate the box office! With some exceptions of course.
  10. Don't think Solo is going to do well in the whole region. What is the average ticket price in pesos these days?
  11. What's your forecast for IW to become #1 movie in lc? Before Friday? Sunday?
  12. IW actual up to Sunday: 1,092.89M lc, just 9M lc behind Coco; 20.4M admissions. Average ticket price for IW: 54 lc. Average ticket price for Coco: 47 lc. Unless CANACINE is missing sales, looks like Deadpool 2 was massively over-estimated.
  13. Most probably, those 23M+ tickets sold by Coco seem out of reach.
  14. From Screendaily: For Latin America, the estimated take has passed $200m and Infinity War has become the biggest release ever in Brazil (with $60.8m) and the second biggest in Mexico (with $57.7m).

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