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  1. Market down 80% compared to 2019. Up to Dec 13, box office = 3,584M lc ($193M), 62 million audience. http://canacine.org.mx/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Asamblea-15.dic_.20-V2.pdf TOP MOVIES 2020 (lc) 01 351,200,000 Sonic the Hedgehog 02 235,000,000 Bad Boys for Life 03 213,100,000 Birds of Prey 04 174,000,000 Dolittle 05 114,800,000 Onward 06 110,000,000 1917 07 107,000,000 Cindy La Regia 08 105,000,000 The Invisible Man 09 92,800,000 JoJo Rabbit 10 80,300,000 The Wild Call 11 69,200,000 Wonder Woman 1984 😶
  2. Some totals in lc + today's ER. WW84: 55.5M lc ($2.8M). Should pass Greenland next week and become the #1 post-pandemic movie. Croods 2: 43.5M lc ($2.2M). Was expecting more. Greenland: 59.6M lc ($3M). Audience reached 1M. Peninsula: 32M lc ($1.6M).
  3. 33.4M lc OW for WW84, $1.67M. First opening over $1M in months. But attendance is low, 484K tickets sold in 3,825 screens.
  4. And 3 times in a row for Greenland, tota is 44.4M lc (about $2.25M, best ER in months). Wonder Woman re-release sneaks in at #2, its total is now 417.9M lc which moves it closer to the all time Top 50.
  5. 3 weeks at the top for The Witches, $2.3M with the best ER in months. Peninsula again runner up, getting close to $1M.
  6. Nuevo Orden opens at #1 with about $400K. The only movie that has passed $60M lc in the past months is New Mutants, still at #5.
  7. According to Boxoffice Pro, Tenet had a great 26% drop. The same article mentions that Disney will not report weekend gross until their next big release 😶 Is there any scheduled for the rest of 2020 in the country, or are all moved to 2021?
  8. From BoxOfficeReport: Internationally, The New Mutants took in an estimated $3.8 million this weekend from 36 markets. That brings the film's international total to $14.0 million and current global take to $29.3 million. This weekend saw The New Mutants start with 4-day debuts of $0.4 million in both Germany and South Korea. Additional international totals by market for The New Mutants include $2.3 million in France, $1.5 million in the United Kingdom, $1.1 million in Mexico, $1.1 million in Spain and $0.8 million in Russia.
  9. It's going to benefit from a 5-day OW, opens on the 16th which is National Independence Day. From what I can see, OK number of screens with high ticket prices. Unless things go really wrong, it should be the first $1M+ OW after the re-opening.
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