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  1. I haven't posted since the BvS days...but boy, weren't those guess the daily numbers with Rth putting up comic book covers, fun? I'm guessing we have to figure this out?
  2. 5upe5

    Official Tuesday Actuals: BvS 4.09M (+28%)

    Furious 7 2nd Tuesday $4,363,87019.9% /
  3. 5upe5

    Monday BvS 3.1 Rth

    Still counting Guam?
  4. 5upe5

    Wednesday: BvS $8.1M

    Some are....it' s estimated that 40% are off. I know the lausd and ny school districts are open though. LAUSD was spring break last week and NY is end of April.
  5. 5upe5

    Wednesday: BvS $8.1M

    Those mon-weds totals kinda put this weird week into perspective a little bit. The drops seems way worse than the actual numbers....but, BvS cannot continue to keep falling behind. Gotta at least maintain pace.
  6. Mr. Rth...how is that Weds # looking?
  7. I'm praying for a sub-60% drop, hopefully 55%....let this place burn again next weekend!
  8. Maybe Deadpool should not be making as much as BvS and Iron Man....
  9. "Virtually Smack'ethd" would work too...let the Great One, The Rock be the button.
  10. Deadline reported that 40% of schools were closed on Monday.
  11. Clash fell 59 and F7 61.5 weekend 2. Closer to 60 coming than 65-70% drop many are predicting?
  12. Can we get that titled fixed? 18.8% Let's not shortchange Tuesday's #...if you don't correct it...the devil will do it!

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