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  1. Logically third weekend should stay flat or increase for No Way Home as second weekend is hampered by Christmas Eve and less show times due to competition. Third weekend will have good number of shows as they take away from other films and a busy boxoffice new year weekend. Weekdays 80 to 90 Weekend 80 to 90 High possibility of being 630M to 650M by end of next weekend. Definitely I don't see it acting like a weekend to weekend drop. Avatar is definitely going down to 4.
  2. Lol too , it's simple to understand their issue , they took their chances for once and don't want to take again. Open #SpidermanNoWayHome tag in twitter and you can see many tweets regarding this.
  3. Covid19 will have a say in terms of repeat audience. So many people are posting that they want to watch it again but sceptical because of Covid19 fear. Few are posting they will wait for weeks so that they can watch with less crowd . Matrix Resurrection may also get effected much more with simultaneous HBOMAX release with people being sceptical.
  4. NO Time To Die is more and more of personal bond movie than what audience expect from a bond movie Story is wafer thin and screenplay is painfully slow , runs more on interconnection of characters & melodrama with limited action , even things at stakes seems silly & uninteresting , only people who are etched into bond movies can connect with it. Though limited , action sequences are extremely well composed but not thrilling and no where to bond level. Performances are top notch , but despite the run time all main characters (Female leads , V
  5. No , People have genuine interest like Infinitywar, Endgame and definitely in large and wide spread number , this hype has nothing to do with pandemic. When I called End game 2.6 Billion after infinity war run (assuming a definite 30% increase from infinity war) , people wrote off. Also remember When I said infinity war was 2 to 2.2 Billion as series is expanding , the replies were look at civil war , look at Avengers Ultron decline etc Surely it's a 2.5 Billion + movie in normal times if it has Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield with decent content.
  6. The minute Tobey and Andrew are confirmed , it's gonna be so hyped that expectations of 2 Billion in normal times will seem to be too low Before trailer I was thinking 2 Billion in normal times.But, after trailer response I am assuming this would have probably challenged all time highest grosser being uniformly strong across all the markets (assuming if there are other 2 Spideys and the film is decent) Still thinking this would make 1.1 to 1.2 in USA and China alone , leaving other countries how well theatres are placed in respect to pandemic , atleast 600 to 700
  7. Interstellar is my favorite Nolan film. I still can't understand why it didn't get as much acclaim as TDK or Inception. I think Dark Knight , Inception and Interstellar are his top 3 films irrespective of how people place them. These films have ideas , unique set pieces (waves , tesseract , no time for caution , hallway fight, japan house set etc) on the scale like never before and also importantly have strong narration and execution , just outstanding. I felt so disheartening when just another template animated movie Bighero6 had better reviews and boxoffice.
  8. RT fresh or not. Aladdin and Lion King were definitely liked by the audience especially Aladdin. Let's wait for audience reactions which matters the most.
  9. Imdb rating 8.0 already sugguest that the film is not in usual Nolan ballpark. The only other films below it are Dunkirk 7.9 , following 7.5 and insomnia 7.2. Being at 8.0 and at the rate it is falling , it is more or less destined to fall below following. I personally believe imdb is best indicator out there as it mostly comes from common audience. Interstellar imdb rating indicate that it was imminsely loved by audience right from day 1 , unlike the opinion that it was divesrsely recieved or gradually loved over time. If it was true , it would have never stayed at imdb top 30.
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