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  1. I don't believe I'll be able to get as many things out ad I hoped I would this year but I will still be very much a part of the game
  2. I figured it was a character
  3. @Xillix what you had to say about Legend of Shed is hilarious its actually Egyptian for the savior
  4. @Xillix is the game still being played in trimesters or is the hole calendar open
  5. The clarification is apreceiated
  6. Big fat Eddy and. Super cool dude is getting pushed back a year Being replaced by untitled action romcom directed by Mathew Vaughn still July 7th
  7. Hmmm might have to look at changing directors for BFE&SCD
  8. the short story The Most Dangerous games
  9. Rainbow 6 siege as well
  10. Forbidden Love February 14th (Collin Trevorrow ) Romance Fantasy Fly April 21st (Ron clements and Don Hall) animation Legend of Shed May 26th (Gore Verbinski) Period superhero Big Fat Eddy and Super cool dude July 7th (Phil Lord and Chris Miller) comedy Guy ground August 11th (Dan Tratchtenburg) Superhero The Most dangerous Games October 13th (Jeremy Saulnier) drama action Tentpole drama November 17th ( David O Russell) The second dimension: hidden world December 8th (Lily and Lana Wachowski) fantasy action
  11. How many different films can a director do a year?
  12. Ben 10, Thrillville, SteeleHeart Evil Within,

    . Don't mess with mama Studio: Good film studio Director: Elizabeth Bank Genre: action comedy Release date: September 25 Budget: 15 million Theater count: 2,000 Rating: Pg13: for extreme violence Run time: 95 minutes Cast: sandra Bullok, Anna Kendricks, Hailey Steinfeld Plot

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