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  1. @joshrogin Oh dear they made a mistake. Should be The Eternal Capital of Israel!

  2. @dashtalksmovies In 20 years Chinese GDP would be at least twice that of US in PPP terms. knowing English might mak… https://t.co/BKEsfHkpWt

  3. @taylorcava @FONZNationalZoo @tiantianpanda97 @houseofcubs oh dear how could a panda has such soulful looking eyes! Thanks for sharing.

  4. @realDonaldTrump Nobel peace prize for POTUS @realDonaldTrump locked for 2018. Who would have thought a non politic… https://t.co/zKZy6hWhDu

  5. RT @taylorcava: Stopped to see the Bei Bei today. @FONZNationalZoo #snowday https://t.co/oyNwcSSzRb

  6. @jimsciutto @PandaChronicle Unelected? FYI CCP has 89 million members.

  7. RT @Ai_Mei_Panda: Will my BFF Bei Bei Panda @houseofcubs be in a tree ready for a nap when I see him this morning? https://t.co/G6LrMNIAHd

  8. RT @TaskandPurpose: A JROTC Freshman Sacrificed Himself To Help Classmates Escape During Florida Shooting https://t.co/JtnmfCDIdJ https://t…

  9. RT @SaysHummingbird: 15-year old Peter Wang was a hero. Before he was killed, he bravely held doors open so that his classmates could esca…

  10. RT @JimLaPorta: Cadet Pvt. Peter Wang https://t.co/UAflxVlqNb

  11. RT @taylorcava: Nap time for Bei Bei. Zzzzz https://t.co/grNUeX0b0v

  12. RT @ChinaDailyUSA: Look familiar? A huge dog sculpture sporting US President Donald Trump's hairdo and gesture is seen outside a shopping m…

  13. RT @Ai_Mei_Panda: The Bei knows Santa is on the way, right @houseofcubs? https://t.co/LzwYPMaTBG

  14. RT @mrichon1: We are headed to @FONZNationalZoo in a few minutes. Any chance we can sneak up on Bei Bei Panda @houseofcubs? https://t.co/LR…

  15. RT @CincinnatiZoo: Retweet if you want to see Fiona on the cover of @TIME! #TeamFiona (via Rosemary Mosco & Lisa Hubbard) https://t.co/seum…


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