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  1. Jack


    This can do better than BP.
  2. The trailer is just nothing special for me. But after seeing the film, I found it surprisingly good. It's like X-men mixed with Divergent, and something more. Really want to see the whole sequels. Hope it can make some profits.
  3. After seeing the film, I think this will finish below $500m for sure. My expectation was high and it didn't impress me at all. JW1>>>>>>JW2 But I don't know why some of my friends think it's better than JW1. Still think it can creep to a little over $400m.
  4. I didn't like DP1 at all but DP2 is insanely good. It's entertaining and so much more. Im a fan now. =D So bad its gonna hurt AIW' legs : /
  5. Thanks guys for all the analysis. I'm happy to see how this could be a historic moment in the boxoffice world. Can't wait to see several headlines of IW explodes in China flooding the media in the next few days.
  6. I think BP only got this far because of IW.
  7. About to see IW for the first time (in less than 15 min from now). So busy that I am able to squeeze my time at this late on Sunday. So happy knowing it is almost guaranteed to break the OW record.
  8. After seeing the latest trailer, I think OW will beat the first JW. But total can be lower. This trailer reveals more thrilling events in the film, especially the mosasaur thing. It has a shot at beating TFA also. JP2 OW is about 50% higher than JP1.
  9. It will do $200m+ OW even if the reviews are bad. I'll go with $239.6m and $703m dom for now.
  10. RPO will break outbreak. The question is how big it will go.
  11. RPO surprised me. The film is incredibly awesome. So many dimensions to explore. Best film of 2018, by far. Legs are coming.
  12. And to be honest, this is one of the very few movies I warn my friends not to watch it in theatre. Too bad, one of my friend who watched it earlier on OD was late at warning me so I ended up wasting my time in the theatre. Lol.
  13. I would say the same to those who thinks this film is so fuckin good. Wtf brainwashed?
  14. They have those extraordinary CG and epic special effects and all but it doesn't look nice. Those dark tones, yellowish, orange-ish, messy lights, several scenes hurt my eyes and look pretty much unrealistic. Too much color effects I guess. Visuals in several scenes look great but not incredibly great. So... most of them are just forgettable to me. Scenes with the holographic stunned me and I do remember a scene from the forest in the lab though.

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