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  1. It's not about Cameron or JJ or Russo, it's about every cast and crew, production, marketing, financial, and so much more. I think there are lots of films directed by them that bombed.
  2. I need to have some comments for Endgame to break the most pages record for BOT weekend thread. I'll see it tomorrow in Paris (my first time in Paris). After I missed the showtime at 13:30 today, because several metro lines stop and its raining and I was 30 mins late and they didn't allow me to get in the cinema. But lucky they gave me another ticket to see it on Sun instead. 😊
  3. The trailer is just nothing special for me. But after seeing the film, I found it surprisingly good. It's like X-men mixed with Divergent, and something more. Really want to see the whole sequels. Hope it can make some profits.
  4. After seeing the film, I think this will finish below $500m for sure. My expectation was high and it didn't impress me at all. JW1>>>>>>JW2 But I don't know why some of my friends think it's better than JW1. Still think it can creep to a little over $400m.
  5. I didn't like DP1 at all but DP2 is insanely good. It's entertaining and so much more. Im a fan now. =D So bad its gonna hurt AIW' legs : /
  6. Thanks guys for all the analysis. I'm happy to see how this could be a historic moment in the boxoffice world. Can't wait to see several headlines of IW explodes in China flooding the media in the next few days.
  7. I think BP only got this far because of IW.
  8. About to see IW for the first time (in less than 15 min from now). So busy that I am able to squeeze my time at this late on Sunday. So happy knowing it is almost guaranteed to break the OW record.
  9. After seeing the latest trailer, I think OW will beat the first JW. But total can be lower. This trailer reveals more thrilling events in the film, especially the mosasaur thing. It has a shot at beating TFA also. JP2 OW is about 50% higher than JP1.
  10. It will do $200m+ OW even if the reviews are bad. I'll go with $239.6m and $703m dom for now.
  11. RPO will break outbreak. The question is how big it will go.
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