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  1. Bohemian Raphsody had pretty great legs... opened with $5.6mn...ended with $74mn....26 weekends reported in BOM
  2. finally caught this movie last weekend. Luckily Its still playing in few cinemas in Singapore. DS fans will surely love it...my first anime in cinemas...it was a very good experience....cant wait for season 2 Easy 9/10
  3. Piracy should not be a problem in developed countries. Outside East Asia & parts of south east Asia, DS anyways caters to niche audience.
  4. Its been over 3 months since DS released in SK, still chugging along.. Rank Title Release Date Daily Gross (Total) Admissions (Total) Number of Screens Revenue Share 1 Recalled South Korea Apr 21, 2021 $111,732 ($1,321,431) 14,021 (163,420) 845 25.04% 2 Minari U.S. Mar 03, 2021 $6
  5. From Deadline: In other milestones, and coming off a strong domestic opening, Demon Slayer – Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train has now notched an estimated $456M worldwide. Along with North America, the anime adaptation and the biggest Japanese title ever opened in Latin America (save Brazil) this session and we are hearing strong performances in some of those offshore markets. Confirmed overseas numbers are not yet available, however, it is possible that Demon Slayer, which began international rollout in October last year, has overtaken China’s The Eight Hundred as the hig
  6. Presales are pretty good in US...looks like DS can become 2020 champion even without china..
  7. Fast series has cool action scenes..Rock/Statham have been a great addition and im sure John Cena will be too(coz IT'S JOHN CENA mf)..
  8. Fun fact : In its opening weekend GvK has outgrossed WW84 internationally.
  9. Seen this earlier today...my 1st movie in theatres post Covid.. As a fan of monster universe, i thought it was good not great. Godzilla & Kong confrontation scenes came out well, especially the helicarrier one. Cinematography in the hollow earth scenes was terrific. I thought the movie was inconsistent in representing Kong's Size. In scenes with Godzilla he is as tall as him...in other scenes felt they somehow toned down...its simply not upto scale.. Skull Island > GvK = KOTM > Godzilla
  10. opening today(Wed) in Singapore. Pre-sales have been pretty good. Expecting $1.5-2mn SGD 5-day.
  11. Demon slayer late legs have been incredible. It may even do $13-15mn at this rate.
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