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  1. Pushpa is the highest grosser in India for 2021 despite not doing great in Telugu home market.. It's on course to do 85c+ nett in hindi,,,which in my opinion is more impressive than what Baahubali-1 did in 2015(115c nett). Not associated with any big production house, no promotions whatsover, while the audio/songs are chartbusters in south india,,.doubt if they had same impact in hindi.. 2022 my predictions: RRR > KGF-2 ~ LSC
  2. hollywood only gets 25% of the total gross from China..rest goes to distributors/exhibitors.. chinese theatres may need foriegn films...more than foreign films need china market... look at the per screen avg of few films Boxoffice,China Boxoffice,China film Boxoffice,Weekly Boxoffice,Yearly Boxoffice-EntGroup
  3. less than 1 year to go and we dont even have an official poster yet
  4. Will be interesting to see SING-2 hold today. SING didnt had to deal with a 4-Quadrant blockbuster like NWH.
  5. This was an actual mistake for which apology is expected. If few Chinese actors voice out your opinion about their homeland,,,why should anyone apologise,?
  6. I personally liked the film, thought it was dragged a bit too much in the 2nd act. mid tier marvel fare for me. Spiderman-2 is still the best spidey movie. Audience in my showing seemed to enjoy the movie...there were few gasps at the right moments...but it was no where close to IW/EG where crowd went absolutely nuts.. DOM - expecting 550-600 , top-5 marvel movie just behind Avengers1
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