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  1. how much does a movie need to do these days to be termed ATBB.. the last 2 fillms which became ATBB made 375+ and 510+ respectively.
  2. Endgame made $63mn USD in India...#2 movie for the year is at 48mn.. safe to say at this point that Endgame wont be surpassed by any other film..
  3. coming 2 weekends will see a major release each.. Dabangg3 - 200c+ Good Newz - 150c+
  4. So happy for the movie's success...deserved every penny it got..
  5. Most likely the top-hindi films of 2019 1) War - 300c+ nett 2) Kabir Singh - 278+ 3) Dabanng3 - i expect 220-250
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