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  1. So happy for the movie's success...deserved every penny it got..
  2. Most likely the top-hindi films of 2019 1) War - 300c+ nett 2) Kabir Singh - 278+ 3) Dabanng3 - i expect 220-250
  3. Saaho is outright terrible..i'm now surprised how it grossed 400c worldwide.
  4. deserves all the money it gets...best DC movie after the Nolan trilogy..
  5. Shahid Kapoor's next movie is the official remake of "Jersey" (telugu movie..based on cricket)..same director its a perfect casting choice...will be another 150c nett for Shahid.. happy for him..finally getting his due..
  6. Where could this movie end WW? DOM is a lock for 300mn IMO..OS is on track for 600mn??
  7. an okay second weekend for WAR...wont crack all time top-5 at this rate(requires around 80c nett more) mirroring Sultan's run....after huge 1st week...slowed down in week-2
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