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  1. deserves all the money it gets...best DC movie after the Nolan trilogy..
  2. Shahid Kapoor's next movie is the official remake of "Jersey" (telugu movie..based on cricket)..same director its a perfect casting choice...will be another 150c nett for Shahid.. happy for him..finally getting his due..
  3. Where could this movie end WW? DOM is a lock for 300mn IMO..OS is on track for 600mn??
  4. an okay second weekend for WAR...wont crack all time top-5 at this rate(requires around 80c nett more) mirroring Sultan's run....after huge 1st week...slowed down in week-2
  5. safe to say it passed TS3 WW already...last weekend it made 1.8mn OS.
  6. Saw Joker earlier today...wow.. i wasn't expecting it to be that good... easily makes my top5 CBM list.. do yourself a favour and watch this one ASAP
  7. Komal Nahta has predicted 200-250Cr lifetime for War. WOM seems to be on the same level as TZH if not better...
  8. All 3 major releases today got good WOM. War Sye Raa Joker War will be 1st 300c nett grosser for Hrithik
  9. I wonder how long it will take for any film to cross BB-2 in India...Its almost $135mn higher than Dangal which is place 2nd. @Charlie Jatinder what is your expectation for RRR?
  10. Sye Raa releasing on Oct2nd has a good chance to enter the list...it's telugu version extended 5-day weekend will be huge.
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