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  1. Demon slayer ..this one?? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9335498/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0 if yes, then im not surprised..its extremely well made & ticks all the boxes..
  2. are there are successful franchises/movie series in SK ? Along with the gods comes to mind...even though the 2nd part did well..it wasnt pretty mediocre compared to the 1st one.
  3. @charlie Jatinder who are/were the biggest stars (male/female) in punjabi cinema?
  4. pardon my ignorance..but this is a sequel and still called "Suicide squad"?
  5. not sure about that. 1983 if done well will work as it has a classic storyline of an underdog team winning world cup against all odds. The fact that it was THE reason for cricket craze in india cannot be understated. what about 2011? India were fav to win anyways in home conditions
  6. Awards in India are a big joke...LOL at gully boy winning 13 awards in total including music...
  7. 775mn is very good result for a film which didnt offer anything new from its predecessor...the film itself was mediocre ..
  8. @Jedi Jat can you update your charts in the 1st page for easy reference....highest grossing hollywood/indian movies
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