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  1. This’ll be an interesting litmus test for ya @POTUS Local observers are all predicting almost double what you’re seeing. Not sure they’re going off the same math or by what KM1 did, but still...
  2. A 2B+ movie with 6 straight days above 150M doesn’t seem so boring to me.
  3. Chinese moviegoers don't use imdb...
  4. It is still in theaters. Earned ¥1.22M yesterday, 68th day of release.
  5. Solid hold for Never Say Die -- 1.7B ($250M) in the cards?
  6. Interesting BO stat: For the first time since they were released on the same day more than two months ago, THE FOUNDING OF AN ARMY will outgross* WOLF WARRIORS II today. *注水
  7. Friday before service fees City of Rock - 34.8M / 39M NEW Sky Hunter - 29.1M / 29.7M NEW (Started at 18:00) War for the Planet of the Apes - 7.25M / 668.8M Contratiempo - 4.6M / 125.2M Hitman's Bodyguard - 3.1M / 125.7M Homecoming - 1.2M / 720.8M Wolf Warrior 2 - 0.5M / 5.2942B Friday after service fees City of Rock - 37M / 41.3M NEW Sky Hunter - 31M / 31.7M NEW (Started at 18:00) War for the Planet of the Apes - 7.7M / 714.3M Contratiempo - 5M / 136.6M Hitman's Bodyguard - 3.4M / 135.5M Homecoming - 1.3M / 768.8M Wolf Warrior 2 - 0.5M / 5.66693B
  8. This is nothing new...also this seems to be related to television programs, not theatrical releases.
  9. No release date. Don't be surprised if this doesn't end up in China given its subject.
  10. Hollywood studios will report the "after service fee" gross because it's more eye-catching but they don't receive a penny of that, it all goes to third party ticketing apps in China. The true gross and the one to use as comparison is "before service fees" since they just started incorporating service fees this year.
  11. Bigger weekday drops now...university is back in session this week
  12. An 8.1 rating on Maoyan is just average.
  13. Not too hard to distinguish. Every gross mentioned in this forum is in Yuan unless you see a $ sign.

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