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  1. It was fun, emotional and gritty. 8.5/10 - Rambo fans will like it. End credits was awesome!
  2. OUATIH is releasing in India next week. Excited Any OS estimates? Thread seems to be dull.
  3. Trailer looks good. Wonder who started saying shitty stuff about this like someone saw the footage and it bad! Cruise missile at it's best.
  4. John Wick 3 is gold standard action movie! Amazing action scenes filled with lots of whistle-worthy moments. 9.5/10 Eagerly waiting for more from this series.
  5. If we factor in similar grosses for Creed compared to first part let see how much it can gross from now if it stays flat... Mexico -2.5m Hungary - 100k China - No Idea Estonia - N/A France - 12m Netherlands - 1m Japan - 1m Russia - 1m Turkey - 200k Argentina - 1m Colombia -200k Brazil - 2.5m Germany - 3.5m Italy - 6m Spain - 4m Hong Kong - 200k Lithuania - 20k The OS gross will be the same compared to first part if it grosses as mentioned above with few figures rounded off. Creed 2 has opened bigger and better then first part so we can expected good increases in rest of the markets which are due from Jan 1 2019.
  6. Creed 2 had good number of shows at my place compared to Creed. But as usual no publicity......nothing and has done well compared to first part.
  7. Is Drago a popular figure in France and Germany
  8. Creed 2 Opening Weekend Range: $20 – 25 million The film’s first teaser has generated solid buzz online since debuting nearly two months, while the most recent trailer released this week has stirred up positive conversation once again. While we’re expecting some diminished returns from 2015’s predecessor, the return of Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in a natural sequel that again touches on the franchise’s nostalgic roots should play to this follow-up’s hopes of counter-programming against the holiday season’s tentpole films.
  9. Trailer looks great and looks like Creed2 has more of Michael Jordan rather than Sly! I had goosebumps during sly and dolph face off!!! Eagerly waiting for this one.....easily my most awaited in November list
  10. If this is releasing in 2020 then Cruise has no project lined up for 2019. First time after many years hes missed a year without movies. But he compensated last year by doing 2 (The Mummy and American Made). Wish he signs some movie which will release by end of next year curious to see whats his upcoming projects just like Leo!!!
  11. 800m shud have been possible nevertheless great performance I wish if China kicks in with late legs and some good holds in NA, Europe will push it towards 800.
  12. MI6 seems to have performed really well in Netherlands and Norway. Crossed 7.5m and 6m mark respectively and easily the biggest by margin for cruise and MI series. In Norway its behind Mammia and ahead of rest of the movie this year!!! correct me if im wrong. MI6 inspite of being superior to The Mummy has grossed lesser in LA. The mummy seem to have done well here compared to other regions.
  13. 7m more domestic and TC will cross 4 billion in Domestic BO with an avg of 100m for 40 movies! Wonder if it has enough gas to touch this mark. With Fallout Cruise has crossed 10billion mark WW!!!
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