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  1. American Made | 9/29/2017

    Hows the buzz for this in USA considering its releasing in 9 days?
  2. American Made - 49.1m

    You sure? I feel AM might end up around 80-90m considering its OW figs!
  3. Dunkirk (2017)

    Not my type of movie. I dont dig in war movies (few exceptions though). Just because i didn't like it i cannot say it's Nolan's weakest in recent times. War scenes looked real one thing which must be appreciated as nolan made sure its real and the cinematography needs special mention. 5/10
  4. Inferno (2016)

    Inferno was a bumpy ride in First half but 2nd half falls flat. A big disappointment. Angels and Da Vinci was better than this. Irfan Khan was good in his role and glad that he had good screen time compared to his other flicks. But that couldnt save the movie. Tiresome Watch! 4/10
  5. IT (2017) (only post reviews if you have seen the film)

    Liked it. Not as scary as the trailer looked but it did have its own share of scares and thrills. Waiting for the sequel. 8/10
  6. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

    This was huge in India i still remember it was dubbed in several Indian Languages. Later all the HP movies did well at the Indian BO. But yea the dubbed version fell but english version posted solid grosses to end up as a hit. Philosophers Stone particularly did very well in 6 Metro cities of India i still remember an article which mentioned what the distributors said about its humongous run in these areas.
  7. Can American Made do 1m admissions in Indonesia. Sure it opened well considering the genre but will it end up grossing decent number?
  8. The Fate of the Furious | 4.14.2017

    Yea it was Dominic show all the way but for me it was more of hurried up with silly and senseless plot. I walked out of theater cursing the director and studio for spoiling my movie watching experience . FAST is basically about Over-the-Top action scenes but F8 was way too much for me. Sure i like stallone and action but i reached peaks some time back as i was a sucker for action movies. Now its all over. Movies like MI has OT action scenes but it kinda looks believable unlike this series. This is one reason. Oh yes like you said whats with statham and his mother and then he teams up with Rock that spoiled the FUN.
  9. Japan admissions crossed 1m and gross is close to 14m similar to EoT. Should have done 20-25m but the WoM is insanely Toxic. So the theatrical share could be like: Dom 80*0.55=44m OS (Excl-Chn) 237*0.40=94.8 China 91*0.25= 22.75 So the theatrical share is 161.55M. Thats good considering it exceeded its net production budget of 125m. I'd say this is far from so called BOMB which many people say. Cruise is genuine draw even JR2 theatrical share comes around 70m (60M budget). With mediocre and crappy movies like these he's able to breakeven.
  10. Will it affect the OW gross of AM? Now its not releasing in Cinepolis will this eat away the gross?
  11. American Made - 49.1m

    Thats great! In Netherlands too it dropped by -18% should cross The Mummy based on 3rd and 4th week holds. Poland and Portugal are performing way better than JR2.
  12. The Chinese audience lapped up MI4 as it was pretty much entertaining without any boring moments but MI5 had serious tone (too an extent) and may be thats the reason why it grossed less than expected. Nevertheless its Decent total. Yea, i expected this to break records DOM and OS considering MI4 reception. But kinda surprising it declined domestically by 10% and stayed flat OS or increased by small margin if we consider its OS gross as 505m. I seriously hope MI6 turns out to be a juggernaut in markets like China, Japan and South Korea. Especially Japan and SK, MI4 had more than 100m+ gross in these 2 markets whereas MI5 dropped by 20-30% grossing 80m+.
  13. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

    Just asking, but wasn't Robin Hood character quite popular all over? This must have been added advantage to its success rather than Star Power mostly?

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